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  1. I'm pretty sure volume = 0 is the wrong way to do it as it puts the guitar in sleep mode when powered by the battery.
  2. There are many of us who don't use PODs. I plug my JTV directly into my Vetta2 and call up presets using a Behringer FCB1010 MIDI pedal, and based on the Vetta forums, there are many other people who use this setup. I don't like any PODs and Line6 foot pedals because they only give me 4 or 5 presets per bank and I like having 10 presets per bank.
  3. Ah. good point. I tend to use the single coil models (Strat) and 12-string models (Rick) more than others so maybe it is just those models whose output is less which may also be true if I were to switch between those actual guitars.
  4. Phil - My biggest issue is that I've had to create an entire new bank of 12 presets (whose volumes are significantly louder than those I use with the magnetic pickups) just for using JTV59 guitar models. Even with the piezo volumes at max levels, they are not as loud as with the magnetic pickups. I don't want to lower physically the mag pickups because then I lose that gritty sound I like with the screws as close to the strings as possible. Sorry to steal the thread, but I agree that gigging with the models has created performance issues I wish I didn't have.
  5. Sanity check... The setup is thus: Variax USB box connected to USB on computer, other side of USB box connected to Variax via VDI cable, 1/4" guitar plug plugged into Variax, a charged battery in Variax, and the correct Java version (1.6 and 1.7 should work - I use 1.6 update 20 and 1.7 update 25) required by Workbench. When connected correctly you will have a green light on the Variax side of the Variax USB box. In Workbench ensure you can select the Variax USB interface. if it's not selectable, something is wrong with your connections. Could be a bad USB cable, bad VDI cable, a damaged Variax USB box, or even bad Windows USB drivers or USB port. Also it seems your best off by having version 1.9 of the Variax firmware installed.
  6. I have a similar issue. I wouldn't call it a "dull" string. I would say the G string's volume is simply not as loud as the other strings. Since all the string volumes are at max in my case (and which is the default), it's probably a good idea to achieve unity gain (all volumes the same) which means lowering the volume on the other strings to match the volume of the G string when the G string is at max volume. Then again, maybe your problem is indeed a dull sound which may be a faulty piezo pickup.
  7. I always have my amp turned off when I connect the guitar via VDI or 1/4" cable. That procedure is standard for connecting to powered amp equipment so as not to cause pops, squeals or whatever that could potentially blow speakers and damage amp circuitry.
  8. I haven't had a chance to work on this issue. What I can tell you is that I could not create the tuning using Variax Workbench. I didn't try doing it manually using the guitar only so maybe that's the trick. I just figured if Workbench can't do it, it couldn't be done. The tuning I'm trying to create is E1/E2, B1/B2, E2/E3, B2/B3, E3/E3, G#3/G#3. I don't recall on which model I was trying. Probably the Rick 12-string, bridge pickup.
  9. "Offset", which is what Virtual Capo provides, is not what I want. I need the capability to tweak the pitch of all strings in a 12-string model. I spent an hour trying to make it work and could find no solution. I simply could not alter the pitch on 6 of the 12 strings.
  10. Exactly. I can change 6 of the 12 strings in Workbench but not all 12. Hence I cannot get the alternate tuning I want.
  11. Then please tell me how because I tried creating an alternate tuning (open E tuning: E1/E1octave B1/B1octave E2/E2octave B2/B2octave E3/E3 G/G) on my JTV59 for a 12-string preset and couldn't do it. The 12-string *INCLUDES* an alternate tuning already which is for 6 of the 12 strings.
  12. Oh yeah, the problem with 12-string is that you cannot do an alternate tuning because the 12-string is already an alternate tuning so you cannot have 2 alternate tunings.
  13. It is normal. On any "standard-tuned" 12-string you play in a retail store, you'll hear that the two B strings play the same pitch and the two high E strings play the same pitch.
  14. When I update the entire set of models and alternative tunings it takes about 1-2 minutes. Updating single presets are very fast. I'm fine with it as I'm happy to have the capability.
  15. For $99 you can buy the Line6 power kit that powers the guitar without the battery. Search recent threads. There is a kit number in one of them or search Line6's store. Or you can use a VDI cable plugged into a Line6 device (Vetta amp equipped with digital insert, Pod, etc.). No, it is not normal for the battery to drain overnight. Not sure why that would happen if you didn't leave the 1/4" jack plugged in to the guitar.
  16. Here's a suggestion - use this forum and just put "DREAM RIG" in the thread title.
  17. As already said, all the JTV Variax models come out of the box with alternate tunings and you can create your own. Just be aware that when you select an alternate tuning, you have to turn off the magnetic pickups (which occurs by default when you select an alternate tuning but wanted to mention in case you run both VDI and 1/4" outputs) or you'll get some very funky results... which maybe you'd like !
  18. A perfect example of something from which all Variax users can benefit, not just DR users. If you guys get your forum, I'll just have to bookmark two Line6 forums.
  19. White on the model selector means you've entered model mode (as opposed to magnetic pickup mode). Green (I thought it was blue) on the model selector means you have also pressed the alternate tuning knob so that you can select an alternate tuning as well.
  20. Dude - RealZap is telling you to forget about the year thing. There are lemon guitars in every year. It's not like Line6 is trying to make bad guitars. Guitars have been mass-produced now for years and because of that the quality that was there when they were hand-made is no longer financially feasible. It's not just Line6. Have you tried a Gibson or Rickenbacker lately? Many of them suck. Post the details of your problem and let the Line6 support team do their thing to help you. Leave out the attitude and stick to the facts. Problems get solved much more efficiently that way. Sorry to bring the hammer down, but I've been reading your posts and slamming Line6 is not the way to get their help.
  21. I agree with phil_m. Splitting off into another forum might mean we in this forum miss out on questions about individual components from which we might benefit. I follow so many forums already that I prefer not to add another one. I'm fine with reading about DR questions in this forum.
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