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  1. Thanks but the number of patches in 1 user set list is more than enough for me. I just don’t use that many. Cheers
  2. I like that idea. Anything with pilot error involved is more likely for sure. Cheers
  3. Ok, so I just loaded a bunch of my customized patches in a Factory setlist, power cycled the unit and everything came back correctly i.e. did NOT revert to factory settings. Very strange. I will just make sure I'm using User setlist from now on and hope for the best but I guess the mystery still remains pending further investigations. Might it be something like phantom power being accidentally applied to the XLR outputs that scrambled the unit? I vaguely remember mention of something like that. Hmmm...
  4. I am an idiot! I normally use the User setlists but just checked to find that I had indeed been using the first of the Factory setlists. Your suspicion was correct! The actual patches in question had been built from scratch in a User setlist but somehow I managed to get them loaded into the Factory setlist and hadn't realized. Having never actually used the factory patches for ANYTHING, it never occurred to me to check. That said however, is that normal behavior for the Helix to revert one's edited patches to factory settings without being prompted to do so even if it is in the Factory setlists? All the names and blocks in the patches were in place but the setting were reverted to factory. Perhaps a very stark case of RTFM on my part!
  5. Last 2 shows when I turned up to the show the settings in amp and cab blocks had reverted to the default settings that came with the helix. They were fine during sound check after which I powered the unit down. Powered up for the show and bingo... WTF?? Last two shows same problem only the first time it happened the unit was left powered up. Any ideas?? many thanks! don
  6. Ok, I've had enough time to thoroughly try out the GT-1000 and, while has some very good points, it falls way short of the mark as far as being a lightweight Helix replacement. Helix ease of use is LIGHTYEARS ahead of the GT, especially in live performance quick-edit situations. The GT Bluetooth app honestly buys you nothing in the live quick-edit area and has a very clunky UI. I've put them side by side and reproduced various gig type edit-on-the-fly situations and the Helix smokes the GT hands down. The GT has a faster clock and DSP grunt but that buys you more seamless changes of complex patches that any useful sound quality advantage. I know some peeps have had issues with the Helix for changes in more complex patches but I've never had anything I couldn't get around with a snapshot or two although I'm sure there would be those happier with the extra engine power of the GT, I'm not moved by it. Despite all the glory stories about AIRD, I must say I'm really not feeling the love on this one at all. Again the Helix gives me the ability to load umpteen IR's including a whole bunch of Celestion IR's which I honestly think sound better than ANY of the stock cabs on either box. The GT1000 gives you an incredibly stingy FIVE IR slots, and even then it seems like this was just an afterthought. Anyway, I could go on for ages but suffice to say I'll be getting rid of my brand new GT1000 and sticking with the Helix and HX Effects for now. The GT1000 is close, but NO CIGAR! (and, to be brutally honest, not really close at all)
  7. I have both the Helix Floor and the new Boss GT1000. Bought the Boss in the hope it would be a smaller, lighter option and it is. Both have theirs advantages but overall if size and weight are not important, I would tend to side with the Helix. The helix user interface is LIGHTYEARS ahead of the Boss which does however have a Bluetooth iPad/iPhone editor which makes up for that to some degree. The Boss IR feature was only added as an afterthought after meeting much indignation at NAMM and it shows! You can only loads in 5 IRs where the Helix can load many more. IRs are becoming increasingly important to many of us. The other huge problem with the Boss is the foot buttons only have Latch and Momentary modes of operation where the Helix adds Long Press to these two. This is a MAJOR OVERSIGHT from Boss! If you want 1 button for Tap Tempo and Tuner access your out of luck. Not to mention the man, many other uses for this feature. One very nice thing about the Boss is it is FAST! No lag time between changes. Mind you this has never been a real problem for me but I know some users have had issues with this on the Helix. The Boss does sound great as does the Helix but as I mentioned, its limited IR facility is a real bummer for customizing your sounds. There are no wonderful forums like this for Boss aside from a few small Facebook groups. I actually have 2 Helix floor units and have used them extensively in different parts of the world without a single problem. Too early to tell with the GT1000 but Boss is usually great on the reliability score. While I love having the IOS and computer editing options for the Boss, they are all BUTT UGLY looking like something designed in the 80s in North Korea! They work though, which is great. Some of the Boss time based FX have the edge over the helix I think. Dirt boxes are very decent and I have my favorites on both platforms. The built in EXP pedal in the Boss seems to have an unusually short throw which I find annoying but it functions well other than that. I prefer the Helix pedal by a long margin. I’m keeping both for now especially in the hope that Boss will increase the IR capability and add long press option to the buttons on a future firmware update. Cheers Don
  8. I just picked up a GT-1000 yesterday. Not bad so far. One VERY miserable thing is that the buttons don't have a timed press and hold setting which means I can't have a tap tempo and press and hold for the tuner on the same button as I can on my helix. The helix UI is VASTLY superior for quick editing. I'll keep playing with the GT1000 and see how I like it in a week or so. I like it's weight and size for mobility and a lot of the pedals I've tried so far are very good. Yet to get into the amps. Helix is definitely a keeper for now!
  9. Yes, i think they ignore this at their peril.
  10. Title says it all. Unless I'm missing something obvious (and I REALLY hope I am!!). I just purchased a bunch of fabulous Celestion IRs however, using them in Helix is INCREDIBLY difficult as I can only see a fraction of the file names. Any clues? many thanks Don
  11. Wondering if it would be possible to use a TRS splitter cable into a Helix external Expression pedal jack and use it to connect two more momentary foot switches to control things or will this connector only work with an expression pedal? Thanks!
  12. Thanks Mike. Also just wondering if it would be possible to use a TRS splitter cable into the external Expression pedal jack to connect two more momentary footswitches to control things like loopers via MIDI?
  13. I use Apple Mainstage as a looper and use a Line 6 FBV2 to control the various functions of the Mainstage looper plugins. What I would like to do is somehow use the MIDI foot switch capabilities of the Helix in place of the FBV2 and get rid of my FBV2 unit altogether. It would hopefully be something like hitting the Looper switch on the Helix but instead of the foot switches controlling the Helix internal looper, they would be controlling the Mainstage loopers via MIDI. Any thoughts greatly appreciated!!
  14. We'll, it's not exactly my Big Sky but the verbs a nice enough I find. Hoping L6 will give them some attention when the smoke clears on more pressing fixes/issues.
  15. Just wondering if anyone has updated to OSX 10.11.4 and if that has had an impact on connectivity issues with the helix? One of the noted improvements is for connections to audio devices. I'm always a bit chicken to jump in early on OS upgrades so wondering if there are some braver folks out there that might have jumped in. Cheers Don
  16. Hi, did you ever get this sorted out? I had the same problem which turned out to be the strange problem of the Helix and Usb communications where issues can manifest in weird and not so wonderful ways. The problem was solved by firstly downloading THE LATEST installers and ALSO downloading the actual firmware update file and select it for the update process (don't let the updater stream it in real time from the web server during the update!) Secondly, I connected the helix via a Elgato Thunderbolt hub. Line 6 says NOT to use hubs but for me this has been the ONLY way to get solid USB connectivity with my Helix. Cheers! Don
  17. I've tried a bunch of powered speakers with my Helix and found a pair the EV-ZXA1's the most pleasing so far. Way too much boom with larger bass drivers made them very hard to control at times. The small EV's sound absolutely fantastic with an absolute minimum of tweaking and they are extremely easy to lug around. Plenty of volume too with more bottom end than I'll ever need out of a guitar. Well worth a look!
  18. Despite what line 6 says about NOT using hubs, I ended up using an Elgato Thunderbolt hub. That did the trick for me after absolute crap USB connection directly to the MacBook Pro, latest El Capitan OS. Good luck!
  19. Oddly enough I solved this extremely annoying problem by plugging my Helix into the USB port on my Elgato Thunderbolt hub which works perfectly. Also this strangely fixed my problems with USB audio craziness. I know Line 6 specifically advises AGAINST using hubs so your milage may vary (wildly!) Cheers Don
  20. Thanks for the reply fukuri. If that is the case then perhaps a 'press and hold' feature might be a good one for Line 6 to have a think about. i could think of many handy uses for this in addition to the one I mentioned. The TAP/TUNER switch obviously has this function already so it can't be that hard to implement. Thanks Don
  21. I normally use a Diamond Tremolo floor unit and one thing I really like about it is the ability to hold down the TAP Tempo switch which doubles the time of the tremolo. Press and hold it down again and it's back to normal time. Would there be a way to accomplish this with the Helix WITHOUT having to assign a separate foot switch? i.e. 1 foot switch turns tremolo on/off but hold it down and you get double tempo/rate. Hold it down again and it's back to normal tempo/rate. Thanks! Don
  22. It's totally doable in Logic! I've done it with Helix and Apogee Ensemble (Thunderbolt) as well as all kinds of other combinations of audio boxes. The only problem, as noted elsewhere, is that the Helix USB audio implementation is somewhat flakey and needs a good overhaul. SOON I HOPE!
  23. Would love to see a model of the Boss Blues Driver!!! thanks Don
  24. Are the 1/4 inch outputs at line level -10 or +4 ? Thanks! Don
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