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  1. Why is there no manual for the Catalyst Edit app?
  2. OK the deal was I was confused by the version of PG Edit and the firmware (I was tired lol). I updated PG Edit to 1.21 and now I can see the updates. Thanks all! :)
  3. I updated to the new version via Line6 Updater because I had problems when I tried it via Pod Edit. It is now at 1.12 but I don’t see the new amps or effects. Anybody know how to reflash this thing to get the updates?
  4. I did the update and it bricked my Pod Go like you all are saying. I have restarted a bunch of times but it won't start up and the Edit doesn't see it. Kind of bummed. :( I recovered using the Line6 Updater found here https://line6.com/software/ and the instructions I found here Good luck out there!
  5. Ok I see what you are saying after looking it up in the manual again. So same questions then, should the headphone out sound the same as the main outs? Thanks.
  6. Can the headphone output be configured for use as a send to the PA? I tried it briefly once to drive my frfr floor monitor and it sounded weird, I am guessing because of the impedance maybe? I would like to use it to run to the house because it can be setup so that the volume knob does not affect it. Thanks in advance. :)
  7. I think I understand what Albert1975 is saying. When I change the amp gain on Snapshot one it also changed the amp gain on the other snapshots. How do you keep this from happening - OR - how do you have separate settings between Snapshots on the HX Stomp?
  8. Please describe your profiling process. I also own and use a Kemper and the Helix HX Stomp with outboard pedals. I have thought about doing this myself but I wasn't sure it would be worth it. At any rate, please describe what you did. Thanks! Frank
  9. Are you guys using the stock power supply?
  10. Im using an IR with the Brit 2204 but it sounds great with the Greenback 25 cab and a 160 ribbon at 2.5". Low cut around 110 and high cut from 8.8k to 10.6k depending on how you like it. I feed a compressor into the front and it it my go-to sound.
  11. To answer my own question, yes, this setting is on the HXS.
  12. IS this setting available on the HX Stomp?
  13. How about the ability to save blocks? I have gotten quite used to this with the Kemper and it would be nice to have this ability to save blocks to a file to be recalled later. One could put together a personal library of settings etc. Here's another one, how about the ability to "lock" the cabinet settings in place so you can keep the same mic settings etc, as you audition different cabinets? I find myself having to change all of the settings when switching cabs so that I can compare apples to apples. Thanks! Frank Silano
  14. I get that but how do you assign one path to get controlled bye the volume and other one not?
  15. That's just it, there is no way to rename the Snapshots on the fly on the HX Stomp.
  16. So is there a way to do this and how?
  17. Thanks! Do we know if this will be addressed in a future release?
  18. Please explain how to do this. Thanks.
  19. Just came across this topic while researching this issue. What I am noticing is that when I copy and paste "Snapshot 1" into the next preset which by default is "Snapshot 2", it overwrites the name as "Snapshot 1" leaving me with two of the same name. I can find no way of changing the name of the snapshot manually as you can on the Helix Floor.
  20. Dang I was hoping someone cracked the code and figured out how to run Kemper Profiles on Helix. Oh well lol.
  21. Great idea. I actually though about that but since I didn't have the unit in front of me I didn't try it. Thanks for mentioning that little workaround.
  22. How about an HX Stomp Plus? Basically an HX Stomp with more processing power.
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