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New track using a Strat and the HD500X this time.


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Just finished a new track using the HD500X. This time I decided to try my Strat (Texas Special pick ups).


The track has Strat and Les Paul parts.


For the first Strat solos I used the Hiwatt amp. I set it as clean as possible and then “drove†it a bit with the Tube Compressor for the next solo.


The Les Paul solo which follows was the JCM800. Back to the Hiwatt and then back to the JCM800.


The middle Strat solo was also back to the Hiwatt and the final solo was the Strat on the JCM800 model.


This song has the “busiest and fullest†mix so far that I’ve done with the HD500 and I think that the tones work well within the mix. It's also amazing that this was recorded straight into the desk. IMHO it doesn't sound like it.


Hope you enjoy. I’m having a lot of fun with this unit.




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Sounds great!  First and foremost great playing and feel.  People forget sometimes that this is the most important component of great tone.  


Past that though you've done a great job of dialing in your patches!


 Nice work!

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Thanks, chuskey.


Glad you liked it. I've tried to demo as many different tones as I could but still fitting in the track.


@thomaswhudson, I hope to finish my next video in the series this weekend and will cover how I create patches etc.


Once the video is uploaded, I'll update my website with the new patches.



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