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hi does anyone know if or how you can make the helix sound like b3 organ and use the  pedal as a controller to make it work to make the leslie go fast and slow useing the pedal?

In the modulation effects, there are the 122 Rotary and 145 rotary models. They are not actually "modulation" effects, but models of the Leslie speakers. I think they didn't put them in the cabinet menu because their parameters are more in line with the rest of the modulation effects. Just be sure to bypass any cab or IR models and use the Leslie models in their place. 


I haven't tried running a keyboard through the helix routed to these models, but I imagine they would sound pretty good. Yes, you can change the speed with a foot switch or expression pedal, but it is either slow or fast and you can change the ramp time. 

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I'm in agreement with previous posts.  Definitely the Glenn Delaune preset for sale on his website.  I've tried a lot of others and this was, by far, the most realistic sounding one for my rig.  Not only does it sound the best, but it's also the least finicky.  A lot of these types of mods are very  touchy in regard to pick technique and which (or how many) strings are played at the same time.

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