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Program change in Daw


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Hi. I have a feeling I know the answer already but is there any way to change helix patches from within the Daw? I can't seem to find anything dealing with midi channels so I am assuming it hasn't been added yet. If anyone has any luck doing this please let me know. 

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I can do it with Reaper. Not familiar with other DAWs

You can probably save states or presets of a plugin with your DAW.

Not the Native presets but "general" presets of a plugin.

In Reaper I save those presets and I can link MIDI program changes to change those presets/saved states.

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Yeah, @mrmojo, exactly how to in Reaper (or any DAW)?


You can certainly change Snapshots, but Helix Native hasn't implemented direct MIDI command support (such as preset changes) yet. I expect that feature to come eventually. Until then, Snapshots (and block and parameter changes) are powerful when used to change guitar tones during a song ... you can even change amps via the Snapshot if you design a dual-amp preset. If parameter changes and Snapshots not enough, you may need to use two instances of Helix Native.

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For now, you could save each preset you like AS a preset in REAPER and then use PC changes to change that, though its kind of convoluted and likely would require SWS MIDI to ReaControl Path plugin to do it easily under automation. Inspired by the Helix's snapshot features, I started switching the REAPER Live Pedalboard Project from SWS Live Configs to LBX Stripper, which may have a way to natively automate the presets, I'll ask

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Hey guys,


Helix Native now supports sapshots, so, is there a way to change the snapshots using a midi foot controller, but not link it to any MIDI track?

I mean, is there a way to use Helix Native, without having a track and select pre-defined presets/snapshots? Could I use it as it was a "helix rack"?

I am using Reaper as DAW, but can't figure it out to change presets and/or snapshots...

*I am using my HX Effets as midi foot controller in this case...

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On 6/19/2018 at 5:57 PM, pipelineaudio1 said:

Here's the REAPER Project file pc automation.rpp?dl=0


Hopefully that can explain it better than I do, I'm pretty bad at the reaper midi concepts

Can you repost your link somewhere to help me understand how to set program change? Thanks

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