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  1. For end user it is for sure that there is no other way to update the firmware. But for the L6 staff, surely, it is possible to update via other methods, specially over MIDIxUSB cable/connectors, as it is widely known and used for so many years, specially for those (and I include myself) who have/had vintage racks (Korg A series, Axe FX up to Ultra model etc). But I do understand that it could demand a specific knowledge to do so and for many users it wouldn't be 'recommended".
  2. Hey guys, anyone selling a helix native??? If so, please send PM me!
  3. Rocktron Velocity 120 and velocity 300. Used both and both sounded great! A lot better than using in my amp's return and I used so many different amps.
  4. Oh c'mon man...I love Timex's :D
  5. Well, I had the HxFx with my vox AC15C2 and was very happy with clean, crunch and dirtorted tones... Well I love class A amps....so, the chances were good to like this setup lol
  6. If someone is intending to sell the license, please, send me a PM!
  7. hello I can't change snapshots.Via Reaper, when using the Snapshot index I can mannually change the snapshots, moving the knob in the track... But when trying to use Hx Effects to be my midi foot controller, It doesn't seem to be "communicating" with Repaer properly...
  8. Did someone try to change snapshots in v1.5.0? I am using Reaper, but not being able to change presets / snapshots.
  9. Hey guys, Helix Native now supports sapshots, so, is there a way to change the snapshots using a midi foot controller, but not link it to any MIDI track? I mean, is there a way to use Helix Native, without having a track and select pre-defined presets/snapshots? Could I use it as it was a "helix rack"? I am using Reaper as DAW, but can't figure it out to change presets and/or snapshots... *I am using my HX Effets as midi foot controller in this case...
  10. Hello guys... I am trying to setup my "rig" but can't make it to work properly. I'm not trying to control 'n' parameters or anything, I just want to change snapshots in a preset. I set a preset in my HxFx and configured 6 switches to be my 6 snapshots. I set them to send CC#69 with values from 0 to 7. When I hit any buttom, if I am listening in Reaper, it shows Micdi channel 1, CC 69. But no values.... Obviously, the snapshots are not being changed in Helix Native. I feel something is missing in Reaper configuration to make ir work properly. Can someone give me some help? Thanks a lot!!!
  11. Heu guys... Can someone help me in setting reaper to change snapshots in Helix Native? I am using my HxFx to send the CC messages. I am sending CC69 values 0-7....But as I can see Reaper is receiving the messages, but nothing is happening in Helix Native... Any help is appreciated!
  12. Guys, can you help in changing snapshots in Helix Native? I set my HxFX to send the cc messages, Reaper can receive it properly as I can see, but nothing happens in Helix Native.
  13. Guys, hi! Can someone give me some tips on how to control snapshots in Helix Native? I am using my HX Effects and a Maudio Midisport Uno usb cable. In the Hx Effects I can set whatever I want, but I am facing problems to get the right CC and values for snapshot change in Helix Nativa...I am using Reaper. Can someone give some tips on how to set that? I just want to be able to change snapshots, just that. thanks a lot!
  14. Hey datacommando, how are you man? Well, I used to record through USB using my Helix, my Helix LT and my old Axe FX II. Now, with only HX Effects, I connect my vox amplug in the L out and straight to my audio interface then to Reaper. As simple as that. Now, answering the questions, I would like to have some powered monitors with maybe 8' or 10' (just a matter of taste, but if there is a good one with small sub, it's ok). Don't really like the small speaker's sound. For the price, don't want t spend more than $22-250... I heard goos reviews on Alto speakers, but not very known here in Brazil. Thanks a lot!
  15. Hi guys! Yestarday, I finally gave it a real try and uploaded some of my Helix, Helix LT presets to the app....and I must say, I got impressed. I didn't think it was going to sound as good as it was before...even with headphones. Now what I need to ask you guys: what pair of monitors can I use to have some more "volume" in the room? I am not a pro, don't play for a living, just like to record some stuff and upload to youtube sometimes... So, what monitor could I use? Any recommendation? Thanks a lot guys!
  16. I got the same error.... So for backup, I have to export individual presets.... *I got it to backup. I deleted all the presets, did the factory reset and reinstalled the firmware. Then started to upload the presets individually. Got one faulty preset. One block was in the path B but it was "floating".... There was no connector to it and from it. Deleted the block, saved the preset. Then tried to backup the unit and it worked fine. I loaded the same preset to the previous firmware and it was correct (tha path)... I don't understand what might have happened to the preset when it was loaded to the new firmware...
  17. Using the instant access in the menu config. Set to recall a PC or CC message and define the midi channel you wnto to send it.
  18. Global Settings -> Switches -> Page2 -> Snapshot mode = Latch It was in MOMENT, putting in Latch, solved the problem !
  19. Guys, I updated the HxFx with no issues... But then I had a crash, a preset was corrupted, I could see it in the Hx Edit, but the unit froze. I had a global reset (FS3 + tap) and now, I can't acces the snapshot mode. When I press the BankUp and BankDown, I enter in the snapshot mode, but they keep "blinking" in the screen...If I choose any of the 4, I go back top the preset mode. Sometimes, I am facing this kinda the issue in the preset mode. When changing banks, I can't access the preset I want. Is it a bug or is there anything else I could do? Tks!
  20. I've been facing this problem for the last month....
  21. Someone quoted about AxeFx... Did someone here, try to get a tone from AxeFX and was very happy with it just dialling it for a few minutes? I had the the fractal for several years and you spent a lot of time on it. Never saw anyone complaining about it. With Helix, I can't understand the expectation for something PERFECT out of the box. Gotta learn how the controls work, how they sound. That's the way modelers are nowadays. I could give so many examples of knobs in the axe fx that I could turn and could hear no difference in sound. Ok, I am not a pro, don't make music for living, but we gotta stop blaming the unit. Even the loved AxeFx sound terrible if you don't make "adjustments". We gotta be happy with what we have so far...
  22. I use 2 Boss FV50H, with no problem. I always used ernie ball pedals, since they were the "only" recommended for some units I have, but I realized that it's all marketing stuff... You can use any pedal and it will work fine.
  23. Hello mate... Do you know if there is a "roadmap" for the Helix life? And if there is, if it would be good (or not) to show all of us.... Cheers! Leo
  24. Phil, good morning! But if it was possible to save global blocks of effects, that would solve the problem, wouldn't it? Edit: I think it would help a lot, specially the ones who uses Helix as stomps.
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