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  1. Thanks man! I am just wondering if I will have problem using for example, a Behringer Uphoria UM2 as the sound card.... I mean, if I'll have problems with driver or anything related to compatibility.
  2. Or even you could try Hx Effects L out -> Tech 21 input
  3. Well, someone will say it is not the right thing or whatever, but I had great sound using Helix's Amps with my poweramp Rocktron Velocity and a 2x12. I guess you could use 1 of the send/returns to use this patch sending the signal to your amp fx loop return (using only the poweramp).... I guess you could give it a try....
  4. Hey, yes that is the correct or the most updated version. But I faced the same problem, then I had to download the firmware and proceed with the offline update. Worked just fine.
  5. @lavaspin Man, can you show me what kind of adapter is it? I would apreciate it! Tks!
  6. I donĀ“t see why you would want the X/Y option (just like axe fx), since we have the snapshots... Set one to channel 1 of your amp and using snapshot 2, set the configuration for the channel 2. I would say that the snapshots feature is a lot more interesting than a X/Y option, since you can have all the parameters change using them...so you could simulate 8 amps using Helix .... It is annoying to set all the parameters to snapshot feature, but onde you have done it.....forget about X/Y ....unlimited options!
  7. Hey Phil... Just controlling in some presets a rack (Korg A2) - program changes.... I will try to make a video showing the lag...
  8. Hi guys... Just some doubt...Is it normal a "lag" when changing snapshots in HXFX? Doesn't happen all the time, but happens a lot....takes like 1-1.5sec changing from snapshot 1 to 2, for instance... I dontĀ“remember it happening to my Helix floorboard or the LT version... Anyway, any hep is appreciated! Cheers!
  9. Hi guys... I am trying to record some songs using an audio interface and that's what I am doing: Interface input A -> Vox AC15C2 mic'd with Shure SM57 Interface input B -> comes from the R (out) from HX effects I would like to use an IR just in the R channel, not in both. In Helix floor and LT I could do it easily but in HX Effects, seems that the L+R outs are mixed. Is there a way to use a IR just for the R channel, insteade both at the same time? Thanks !
  10. Is it possible to make available for us a simple patch? I would like to download it and listen to it in my rig....
  11. It is very easy to setup. Just set the midi channel and the program number you want to recall when switching a preset or a snapshot. I control my old Korg A2 just like this, using my HX Effects, as I did with Helix floorboard and later on with my other Helix LT.
  12. I Had a Rocktron loop8 connected to one of the loops in my Helix. All controlled via MIDI. One of the best setups I have ever had...
  13. I do have a few U2 presets in my HX Effects, bust as said before...depends on guitar and specially amps used. *How are you guys exporting the presets? My HX Edit is not allowing to do that...always an error message on screen (PC).
  14. Thanks Phil...I just realized what I was doing wrong... Thanks for the info!
  15. Hello guys! I am using JSON viewer to view the effects blocks and setting to "import" my old Helix and Helix LT presets into HX Effects unit. I remember in Helix floorboard that I had many parameters in the same effect block changed by a snapshot. Example: Changing BASS, DRIVE and LEVEL for solo in the AMP block. Now I see that I can only use one parameter per block to be used with the snapshot feature. Examplo: DRIVE BLOCK, I only can set one parameter, in the 808, I can only assign GAIN or TONE or LEVEL, but not 2 or 3 at the same time. Is this a hardware limit? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance! Leo
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