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Why I love my JTV-69S

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I was just looking at the guitars hanging on my wall. They include a modified JTV-69s (new neck, new pickups), a ‘67 Les Paul, a very nice Tele, a ‘92 Strat Deluxe with the same pickups as the JTI-69S, Amalfitano SVL Daytona and a very nice black Epiphone Sheraton-II Pro.  With all those guitars, the one I pickup the most is the JTV-69s, and (until recently) was the one that got the most gig time, by far. So I thought about the reasons:

  1. The neck I added with stainless steel frets is the best fo the bunch, with the Strat Deluxe a close 2nd with the same frets
  2. Those SVL Dyatona pickups are pretty nice
  3. its the lightest of the bunch
  4. I use the models a lot, even gigging
  5. There’s no noise with the VDI cable


The models don’t sound nearly as good as the real thing, but they’re a lot closer than a guitar you don’t have in a mix or live gig.


The only issue I have is that the JTV-69s doesn’t have the sustain of the other guitars. In fact, I find the sustain through the VDI cable isn’t is good as through the 1/4” direct cable for the magnetic pickups. The A2D conversion In the guitar seems to loose a little while eliminating the noise.


So anyway, I think its interesting that of all those guitars, the Variax is the one that tends to get the most use, but isn’t the one that gets the most appeal.


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I have, I still don't think they sound or feel like the real thing. But every guitar is different, and they do sound pretty good.


I do wish I could address that sustain problem.



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