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HD500X to Helix Floor


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26 minutes ago, croSSed said:

Has anybody here upgraded from the HD500X to a Helix Floor? If you have, why did you make the switch? Was it a true upgrade? What is better about it? 

I'm thinking about making a switch. Thanks.



I wasn't happy with the HD500X for many reasons, mostly sound.



Do it!

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Yes in 2017.


Was using the HD500x for a few years, constatntly tweaking patches and never happy.


Walked into a music store and tried a Helix then saved for 6 months to get one - the diference was phenominal.


Since then paired the Helix with Variax and PowerCabs (or DT25s) and very happy. Even though I had to start from scratch making patches, what I'd learnt was easily applied.

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Just now, croSSed said:

How does the Helix sound connected direct in recording or PA? How does it compare to the HD500X in this way?



I've had mine since 2016. I use it a LOT.


OK, try it this way.

You already have the HD500X.

DL the Helix 3.0 manual.

Is there anything the HD500X does that the Helix doesn't?

Answer: No.

Is there anything the Helix does that the HD500X doesn't do?


Is L6 releasing regular improvement updates to the HD500X?


Will they ever?

Not likely.

Will they continue to release improvement updates for Helix for the foreseeable future?


Search the TGP Digital and modeling forum Helix thread for posts by @Digital Igloo and @benadrian for hints about their plans.


Bottom line for minimum use scenario (plug in and play):

It sounds better, it's easier to use and it's all around more powerful.

There's NOTHING about the HD500X that would justify keeping it, other than you already own it, you're totally happy with it and you can't afford a Helix.


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Besides the better amps, much(!) better overdrive/distortion pedals, it is just much faster and simpler to get a good sound out of it.

Keep the POD HD500, it is a really flexible MIDI Controller. You could just buy the HX Stomp (if you do not need the missing features between Stomp and Helix) and control nearly everything with the HD500.

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9 hours ago, croSSed said:

What is better about it?

I’m surprised that you have to ask the question. There is so much information, and demo videos, all over the internet showing what the Helix is capable of. Although, maybe you are looking for some reassurance from users, because it’s quite a big investment.


O.K. I started out with this Line 6 stuff way back with the old original red kidney bean POD, later in 2006 a POD XTLIve (with the Gold Bundle extras), then the POD HD500 (and POD Farm) in 2010, and ultimately, late in 2015 the Helix floor. Let me say that this thing is a world away from where Line 6 began with modelling.

It may look like the flight deck of the Starship Enterprise when you first spark it up, but it’s really easy to find your way around and create great tones right from the off. Plus, in the time I have had mine, there have many, many firmware updates adding stacks more stuff - free.

You say that you are “thinking about making the switch” - don’t think about it - do it, you won’t regret it.


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My first Line 6 product was the POD XT and I've had every amp sim version they've had since. The XT, X3, HD500, HD500X. I also had a Vetta amp. The Helix is what I've been waiting for amp sim wise. The X series amps sounded processed, like a studio engineer tweaked the sound a bit. The HD500 series was the opposite IMHO. So raw it took forever to tweak and the just at the point of breakup thing that amps have still wasn't quite there yet. They are now. I was always waiting for the next Line 6 amp sim to come out hoping the amp sims technology would give me what I'm looking for. I'm not waiting anymore. It's here. Can it be improved? Of course. That's true with everything. But it's not a given that I will get the next iteration Line 6 comes up with. I'm VERY happy with what I have. Get one.

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21 hours ago, croSSed said:

Has anybody here upgraded from the HD500X to a Helix Floor? If you have, why did you make the switch? Was it a true upgrade? What is better about it? 

I'm thinking about making a switch. Thanks.

I had saved for a few months several years ago to purchase the HD500X.  I had the FloorPod Plus and the band I am in wanted to give the sound person more control and less mis matched stage balance.  So I go and purchase the HD500X about three weeks before the Helix come out.  While I had no problem with HD500X I realized I should jump in and get the Helix since Guitar Center said they'd give me my full refund for purchase on the HD500X.  I had made about 15 patches that I liked for the HD500X but I still returned it and purchased the Helix.  At first I had some issues due to the overwhelming amount of ability the Helix has.  I am very glad I made the switch. 

  1. I mean, yes I like the color and the clarity of the visual display panel is clear
  2. the HX Edit program has been a boon for me
  3. It is much easier to create and then tweak the patches I make
  4. It is very intuitive of I have to make changes during practice or a show as I work directly with the sound engineers
  5. The updates are quite impressive whether  slight bug fix or a complete additions of FX blocks
  6. The amazing helping hands I have received in this forum or on YouTube or even when running into someone else using the Helix is not only impressive, it is quite valuable to the added information I can glean as well as share
  7. I should say the number one thing is that the Line 6 support team is responsive and quite collaborative but that is regardless of the product you may own
  8. The way it works as a stand alone or with a valve amp or SS amp is quite useful though more and more with the F/W upgrades I am using is as my on stage rig.

There is more I can say however most of the others have said it or touched upon it.  In the end it is your choice though I can't think of a better choice to upgrade to.



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On 2/24/2021 at 11:54 PM, croSSed said:

Has anybody here upgraded from the HD500X to a Helix Floor? If you have, why did you make the switch? Was it a true upgrade? What is better about it? 


There is ZERO comparison between the two.... tone or features! IMO, it's not open to debate :) 

Like you... I was on the fence for a while. After I made the move my only disappointment was not doing it sooner. 


If cost is a concern even the Helix LT is a huge upgrade coming from the HD500. Under the hood it is the same as the Floor model. I did a feature comparison and ultimately decided I did not need anything the floor model had to offer. The biggest hurdle for me was the lack of scribble strips on the LT... but once I learned about performance view and saw how effective it was I decided to save some dollars and grabbed the LT.  I've never regretted that decision... but it's a personal decision. YMMV.  


In my 40 years as a working musician, I've never been happier with a single purchase than I have been with the Helix. 

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