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  2. brue58ski

    Talk box using Helix Mic

    So I got a 9 volt and tried this. If you have the mics that came with it, they only work OK at best (I know you said you don't have them but or anyone else) . A separate mic works/sounds much better. I just put the mic (SM58) in path 2 and it worked pretty darn good. I did have to boost the mic level in global settings. I put the FX send between the separate amp and cab and set the growl on the Free Speech as low as it would go. Didn't use the Free Speech output. To switch between the two I just linked each path's XLR output level to snapshots and turned path 1 (amp path) all the way down and path 2 (talk box path) all the way up for one snapshot and visa versa for the other snapshot. I was really impressed with the way it sounded. I only had it turned up to "bedroom" volume so I can't comment on any feedback issues with that. I did have a little bit of feedback issues with the Free Speech's included mics but with the SM58, no feed back issue at all. Again, this was at a loud bedroom level. Hope this all helps. I would say you're on your own now. Thank you for your thoughts Spikey. Now it's just a major inconvenience. No pain. Thanks again.
  3. zoxhet

    POD HD 300 problem

  4. Hi Any body else having issues after updating firmware to 2.82. I'm using a HElIX LT recording in Cubase 5.1.1. Everything was fine before update from 2.81 via 2.81.1 to 2.82 and now songs which were fine before when using Helix USB Audio before the update are maxing out the CPU making it impossible to record anything. Any ideas Regards Brapford
  5. Today
  6. Old post I know but this is an interesting point as it perhaps applies to a whole range of electronics devices, not just the Variax. This flies in the face of what I have usually done. Unless I am trying to save a few bucks on an older standard (they are usually less expensive) as long as a cable claims to be backwards compatible I tend to opt for the latest and greatest with the highest possible data transmission rate so I will be prepared if and when my devices get updated. My understanding is that the later CAT standards widen the operating range but do not place older devices "outside" of it. If that is the case I may have to change my cabling upgrade strategy. I'm curious, did Steve Lampen have any technical specifics as to why a later CAT* standard would not perform as well as an old one matched to an older device?
  7. hurghanico

    POD HD 500X Driver Version fail installation

    Could be.. ..but even if it was really possible without problems to make the PC speakers monitoring the POD in real time, it wouldn't be at all an advisable solution, actually quite horrid I would say. If instead of using decent monitors you have to use PC speakers (or better say speakers for PC), at least use external ones and connect them directly to the POD. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  8. HonestOpinion

    Helix II

    Hmm, that looks like a breadcrumb. Sounds like you have been playing with polyphony toys in beta. Seems promising as DI was talking about this potentially coming to the Helix months ago. :-)
  9. phil_m

    Helix II

    Not going to be an issue...
  10. cruisinon2

    Helix II

    Fair enough... and that would certainly be a compelling reason. However there's one absolute certainty that would go along with that: legions of royally pissed Helix owners who'd have to either pony up for a new unit, or forego polyphonic pitch shifting. It would be a PR nightmare... so I'm gonna vote "no" on that too.
  11. andymguitar

    Helix FRFR options

    Sascha, thank you for an incredibly comprehensive reply! I'm not concerned at all about the lack of volume, the issue I have with my behringer is that I just feel that there's a bit of clarity missing. The speaker was around £120 to be fair, so maybe that's to be expected! I think I will see if I can try out the Alto or Headrush, and see if it's an improvement. When I trialled the LT in the shop they set me up with a Power cab (of course!) which sounded amazing on the Line 6 presets, I'm hoping with my own presets which I'm really happy with and a better speaker it'll all fall into place. Nice tip about the global eq too, I'll try that out.
  12. hyq1122

    Spider V Remote no internet access detected

    on my two computers, they have the same problems
  13. Kevin-M

    Helix II

    One thing that might make sense for new hardware is if they go down the path of polyphonic synth/pitch shift and the current processors can’t keep up
  14. I will try redoing the firmware and see what happens if anything. Thanks!
  15. cziebold


    I have been using a GK3 on my JTV89F for about 3 years with no issues. I just trimmed the backside of the rear pickup ring and this gives just enough room to install the pickup. In my case I epoxied the pickup to the edges of the ring to eliminate any movement or shifting. (I have 6 guitars of all types with GK3's installed) Has worked great.
  16. That is exceedingly weird. You would have had to turn the individual string volumes for those two models down to zero, and then saved them to the guitar.... it's obviously having a brain fart somewhere. If it were a piezo problem you wouldn't have sound on those strings on any of the models. Try re-flashing the firmware... that's really the only thing you can try. If that doesn't fix it, then it's service ticket time.
  17. cruisinon2

    Helix II

    The DSP bit wasn't L6's idea, as I recall... the old chip that ran the 500's was no longer available, so they were forced into an "upgrade". Why they chose to replace the footswitches is anybody's guess. Regardless, I wouldn't expect any changes to the Helix hardware anytime soon unless their hand is forced again. Once production is tooled-up, changing the recipe costs money. Without a compelling reason to do so, it really isn't in their be$t intere$t... and I seriously doubt that an incrementally "better" chip that wouldn't make a noticeable difference for the vast majority of users would qualify as a good enough reason. If the current "brain" becomes unavailable again, OK... otherwise, it's a waste.
  18. My JTV89F (Floyd Rose Bridge) is acting weird. The high E and B strings do not work on the Tele & Strat modeling settings. However all strings work fine on all the other modeling settings. Don't think I can blame this on a bad piezo insert since the Les Paul and other settings all work on all 6 strings. Checked setting on Workbench and found no anomalies. Transferred standard modeling settings from Workbench to the guitar to make sure all updated but did not change anything. Any help out there?
  19. garycapshaw

    Helix Bug Reports

    Trying to update top HX Edit 2.82 on Mac with most up-to-date Catalina. I don't load the disk image. run it and get and error "“HX Edit.pkg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software." If this is a known problem, I can't find it in the forum. In any case, I can't update.
  20. phil_m

    Pod HD Pro (No X) Lifespan

    Probably quite a long time... Line 6 is still updating drivers for products going back to the PODxt, and that came out in 2002.
  21. Greetings! It is time to retire my Focusrite interfaces because they are no longer supported by the Mac OSX update. (Long story of firewire and adapters for years...64bit etc...) I bought a Line 6 Pod HD Pro years ago, and it sat on the shelf because it didn't really suit my needs... However, I am able to "re-use" it now that I have lost support for my sound card! To you old school Line 6 people...or even someone higher up...? How many years can I "expect" it to remain compatible with something like OSX? Is ten years sort of standard for a sound card lifespan? Is it maybe longer because it uses USB instead of... say... a rotating line of "speedy interfaces"? :P I know we ALL want to KNOW how much time we have left! But that answer isn't always available! Any info would be appreciated! Thank you! :)
  22. guitars69

    Can't get into Stomp Box mode?

    It appears I'm mistaken. It's 2.81. Sweetwater did actually open the box and update it prior to shipping though. Just not sure when that happened. I'll back up and update tonight, and hopefully that will be that.
  23. silverhead

    POD HD 500X Driver Version fail installation

    The POD communicates with your computer over USB using the industry standard ASIO protocol. This protocol requires that the same audio device is used for both input (recording) and output (playback). Hence you can't assign the Playback device to be your PC speakers while continuing to use the POD as the recording device for your DAW. There are some drivers (e.g. ASIO4ALL) that simulate an ASIO protocoal and allow you to assign different input and output devices but they are known to cause problems when used with fully ASIO compliant audio devices such as the POD.
  24. psarkissian

    No Mod Locking Tuners for Vax Standard

    Also, be sure the strings have a 12 to 15 degree breaking angle between the string nut and tuner post hole.
  25. rd2rk

    Snapshots and Command Center Crashing

    Attach a copy of the preset and I'll have a look at it.
  26. cruisinon2

    No Mod Locking Tuners for Vax Standard

    There are several things to consider: 1) The diameter of the hole that the tuner sits in. 2) The position of the mounting screw on the back of the headstock. 3) Some tuners have a small post that protrudes from underneath which serves as an anchor, in lieu of a mounting screw...some older Sperzel tuners had these. This would require drilling a small hole to accommodate the post. This is less likely to be the case though, as the ones you picked clearly have a mounting screw. #2 is often a problem. Even if they otherwise fit, the position of the mounting screws is not universal... they can be anywhere. You'd have to see if the ones you want have that mounting screw in the same position as the stock ones...if the stock ones have them at all. If not, you'll be drilling and/or filling holes.
  27. pfsmith0

    POD HD 500X Driver Version fail installation

    Hurghanico, but if the POD can be used to rout audio to your DAW you should also be able to rout audio to the PC speakers. I would think calling up Recording Devices (right-click the speaker icon) and selecting the POD and then call up Payback Devices and select your normal speakers should work. Unfortunately I am not in a place to test this out right now. I know I was able to do this many years ago but abandoned it because latency was pretty bad, if I remember correctly.
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