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  2. ricksteruk

    USB IN 1/2 Destination: Lacking AES/EBU option!!

    Yes the routing options REALLY could do with a spruce up! Been waiting nearly 2 years now (since submission of my Ideascale - that even DI himself upvoted!) and we have had many amps added that sound almost exactly the same as the other amps - but not these sort of crucial improvements to usability. My pet peeves 1) we cannot assign Send / Return blocks to USBs, 1/4in, XLR, Digital 2) Path out - I would like a Multi that did XLR and USB/1/2 - not the 1/4in jacks as well, or just XLR and Digital. Or even better a "user multi" where you chose what outputs were included. Surely those are easier to code than an amp model?
  3. michaelk4

    How do you use the remote app for the spider V?

    Well this happens on both my iPhone 8+ & iPad 4. I've tried it with both wifi & 4G & I keep getting the messages. The only way to get rid of them is to delete the Spider Remote app & reinstall. Problem is the patches that were "deleted" return & now there are TWO copies of the patch in "My Tones".
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  5. I have the same amp and have it set up the same as you -- except I am running a mono cable from the Helix to the Channel switch on the back of the amp. I don't have any hum or any issues with extra noise. Try ditching the Y cable and use one cable for the channel switch. If you don't have any hum, I would guess that your Y cable method is causing a ground loop issue. FWIW, I use the Helix's Simple EQ block as a boost instead of using the Mesa Solo switch.
  6. BBD_123

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    + 1 Also quite tired of people blaming Helix for their own limitations as users.
  7. pianoguyy

    Bass - POD HD500X into Fender Rumble 500

    Ok. Good. We've had people thinking that it was exactly what I described - an on/off button. Well... yes and no. You should have your tone ready to go, and then the sound guy just amplifies it and adjusts it for the room. But, too many groups have 4 individual tones instead of 1 band tone, and then the sound guy has to adjust everything to be something completely different than what you individually intended. Also, most cabs are going to be mic'd, not XLR'd. That allows for the pa tone to hear what you hear. But the point of it is - when you are designing tones, you at least want to have some semblance of what they are hearing. If your amp/speaker/cab is part of the tone you hear, it needs to be part of the tone sent to the pa. I looked up your amp. There is another option: Create your tones with amp models. Use the Pod's XLR direct to the PA. Use the Pod's 1/4" into your amp's fx loop. This does 2 things 1. it allows you to monitor yourself while being separated from the pa - such as if you needed a little extra volume, you could turn yourself up without messing with the volume of the pa. 2. it bypasses the "tone" section of the amp, allowing you to use it as just a power amp. It won't be a 100% exact clone of what the pa gets but will be much much closer.
  8. rd2rk

    Helix and other equipment

    We still don't know what model of Katana you have, but they're easy to sell. We still don't know what kind of board you have, but you should sell it soon - they're getting harder to unload. We still don't know if your computer is even up to the task. You can get a decent set of monitors for $500. Better/cheaper if you can find a good used pair. As I said, your home stereo is probably better than the Katana for monitoring. Pay for your monitors by selling the Katana and 2i2. The Helix can be used as a basic interface. Run your other analog instruments (guitar?) from the guitar player's pedalboard or DI (or the Katana Line OUT - unless you've got the K50, which has no line out - in which case SELL IT NOW!) to the Helix AUX in, and put that on a separate path from the 1st guitar so you can add amp cab and effects. The AUX in is NOT 1M impedence, which is the reason for something between the guitar and Helix AUX. You could (if the Katana is the 50) also use the Katana's Headphone out. Either use a stereo to mono adapter to the AUX in or use a pair of Helix returns instead of the AUX in. If you must record the whole rest of the band at once, run the mixer out to the Helix AUX in (or returns) on a separate path. If you're using a Drum Machine and synths, you can save analog inputs by using the MIDI drum machine and synths that come bundled with Sonar. Your DAW can only use one ASIO driver at a time. It's either the 2i2 or the Helix. Sell the 2i2. For your purposes it's no better than the Helix (if it's first gen, not as good as the Helix). In any case, you want an interface that can double as a mixer, and that's why I suggested the 18i20. They run around $600 (2nd gen), less if you get a GC discount (15% off = $510 and tax). If you spent $1000 on the 18i20 and monitors and got $400-500 for the Katana, 2i2 and mixer, that would be an investment of $500-600. In the meantime, if you want to use the 2i2, in Sonar, to select a different driver you need to first DESELECT the current driver's inputs and outputs. You can then select the other driver. Other questions? BE SPECIFIC!
  9. silverhead

    Free patches for all amps

    While I am a moderator I think I will leave the decision on where this post belongs to Line 6 because I think it falls in a grey area. The title of this area is Promote Your Patches and that's what I think you're doing. However, I believe this area is intended to be a space where people can promote the patches they are selling rather than offering for free. Since yours are being offered for free there's nothing against you placing this post in the general Helix forum. The other promoters here can't do that under the Terms of Use, which is why this special place was created. Your post might also get more visibility in the general forum because people visiting here expect to be paying. Anyone looking for free stuff may not come here. In in any case your generosity is appreciated.
  10. I have connected Helix with four cable method to Mesa Single v2. Also I have connected 1xTRS+2xmono ( Y-cable) cabels into helix ext amp and Mesa Single Rectifier's rear pannel channel and solo. I can get the switching work but, then, Infernal buzzing and humming starts. I killed the humming with Behringer microhd hd400 but theres comming this electrical buzzing noise from inside the Mesa when swtiching the clean channel's "pushed" switch on!! Is the Helix even compatible with Mesa single rectifier when changing channels (ext amp) or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for advise.
  11. ptran43

    Bass - POD HD500X into Fender Rumble 500

    Sorry I wasn't clear in the original post. I would be creating patches that do not have amp/cab models, and would only use these patches when connected to the Fender Rumble. Wouldn't this be true even if I went straight from bass guitar to the Rumble? At that point, it's up to the sound guy? I'm very new to live sound, so don't have any experience in the area.
  12. cruisinon2

    Musings on Helix after 2 years of use (non gigging guitarist)

    There's only so many ways to keep saying the same thing. The answer is the same as it has been all along....EQ. What sounds magnificent outside of a mix will often sound irretrievably awful (and/or disappear) in a mix. The converse is equally true. But that's got absolutely nothing to do with volume, or Helix... never did, never will. When you have multiple instruments, inevitably there is frequency overlap... they're competing for the same sonic space. It's a delicate balancing act to get it all right. The rig is irrelevant... you'll eventually run into the exact same problem with a different modeler, a 1x12 combo, or a wall of Marshall cabinets.
  13. pianoguyy

    Bass - POD HD500X into Fender Rumble 500

    Turning the amp models on and off isn't a simple on/off switch that can be used "for the times I do/don't have an amp" Also, any 'tone' you create with an amp model is going to be based around the tone of the model, therefore it will be tonally devastated by the removal of the model. The better thing would be to create tones for an amp without an amp model and tones for ampless with an amp model. In addition, using XLR out of your amp is not going to give you the same tone out of the pa. Your bass speaker/cab are going to be included with what you hear but not what comes out of the pa.
  14. PierM

    Volume drop connecting Helix to PC Plus via L6 Link

    You could raise the Level acting on the output block
  15. This explanation could not come at a bettter time. THIS is what I struggle with, with Helix. I have a Rush patch I setup that is a 2 amp patch - has a Hiwatt 100 for cleanish stuff and a Marshall for the riffy stuff. I have both patches balanced well in volume. I really only use my Helix to jam along to the original recordings via USB. I find that I can play along with a song like Limelight or Tom Sawyer or whatever, and the marshall tones kinda cut through the mix based on the volume I have the original recording coming through, but the second I pop over to that Hiwatt, which I had previously balanced, my guitar just POOF DISAPPEARS and I feels like I'm playing some completely soft, limp thing. This is what I can't get sorted with Helix.
  16. cruisinon2

    Helix and other equipment

    Your biggest hurdle is monitoring. The Katana is a dead end. You cannot run an entire band through a single 12" guitar speaker and expect anything but mud. For starters, it lacks sufficient frequency response for bass, keys, synths, etc. Nobody will be able to hear themselves, or much of anything else... it'll just be discordant noise. If you can't fund everything at once, then at the very least get the other interface suggested above, and the rest of the band can be responsible for showing up with their own headphones. That way everyone can dial in the mix they need...if you can't hear, you can't play, and everything is over before it starts.
  17. Dwf2008

    Helix and other equipment

    Hey guys, I’m sorry if my last response seemed a little cheeky. It certainly was not my intent but in retrospect I can see why it might seem to be. I also apologize if my original post was lacking in detail. And long term yes, there is more/different equipment to buy, but funds are not unlimited and going out and spending a couple grand on more stuff right now is not possible. So, maybe the first question right now is how can I make the best use of the equipment I have which by the way has been accumulated over more than 20 years. My original thought was maybe the helix (which I just purchased last week) could also do the work of the 2i2 for the second guitar. Thank you for all your longer term suggestions.
  18. Hello, I have a 2013 Spider Valve 212 Mk II and the FBV Express MKII. I've been walking through the menus and read the advanced user guides for both but cannot locate how to use the pedal to control Flanger depth, anyone know how? I've never used the computer interface, maybe with that? Thanks in Advance, Chris
  19. I have had similar experience, and I think I know why. First the experience. The other guitar player in my band uses a Les Paul and Fender Blues Junior. That's a 15 W amp with 1x12 open back cabinet. I use a JTV-69S and Helix with a Powercab+. The constant feedback I get is that he's too loud and no-one can hear a note I'm playing. So I have to really force myself to turn up (while also trying to do my part to keep stage volume down). Now clearly a Les Paul is going to cut through the mix better than a Strat because of the double coil pickups. But I don't think that's all of it. I think the primary issue Tom is experiencing is headroom. If you tone match a Helix/Powercab+ with a 50W Marshall 4x12, you can get very close. The cleans will sound the same as well as the high gain tones. But the difference is headroom. That Marshall can't get its tone at low volume, it needs to be cranked and loud. But Helix/Powercab can get a good tone at low volume. So what tends to happen is that we run our Helix patches with lower Master and higher gain to get the distortion we need, while controlling the overall volume with channel volume or Powercab volume. This gets a great distorted tone, but has very little headroom, even if its putting out the same dB level as the Marshall. It's the headroom that delivers punch, pick attack, articulation and feel. It's power in Watts and speaker cone area that pushes this across a large room. I suspect if Helix were setup with the same headroom, power and speaker area, the outcome would be more similar. Note however that a FRFR needs to have roughly twice the power of a guitar amp to deliver the same distorted volume level. This is because the FRFR has to be run clean and a clipped signal is essentially a square wave which has 2x the area under the curve (which is power). A guitar amp rated at 50W is actually delivering 100W of power when it is heavily distorted.
  20. feffa86

    Helix and other equipment

  21. rd2rk

    Helix and other equipment

    I'm late to the party, but here's what I think you should do. First, you're setting up a home studio, and have grand aspirations but no grand design. Dump the 2i2 and the mixer. Get an 18i20. This replaces the mixer and the 212. There are other brands, but that's what I'm familiar with, and what the following suggestions are based on. You don't need the MIDI interface either. If you need a boatload of MIDI ports, get a MIDI Solutions MIDI Hub. Don't try to mix everything thru the Katana. Why do you even need a Katana, you have a Helix! For straight guitar, any modern FRFR speaker will sound better with the Helix than the Katana. I had one. I sold it. Get some studio monitors, at least 6". Even if you run everything thru a home stereo system it's better than the Katana. With the above configuration, you can record EVERYBODY, from separate inputs, on separate tracks, including the members you haven't hired yet. EVERYBODY can have their own CUSTOM headphone mix (yes, that's EASY to set up with the 18i20). Now to the computer. You need AT LEAST a current gen i5 with 16gb memory and ssd drives. Plug the Helix and the 18i20 into the COMPUTER, NOT A HUB!!!!! If it's a desktop, use the REAR USB PORTS! The front ports are most likely a HUB! Dump Sonar, it sucks. It was my first DAW, and it pains me to say that, but Bandlab hasn't fixed it's core problems. Get Reaper. For 65 bucks it'll allow you to fully maximize ALL of the above equipment, it's very dependable and does pretty much everything any modern DAW does, and better than many much more expensive DAWs. "But it's not ProTools!" ProTools sucks. Expensively. Get Reaper. Lastly, save us all a lot of time. Don't just say "I have a car!" Tell us if it's a Prius or a Lotus. It makes a difference when we try to make suggestions. I'm cranky today. My coffee hasn't kicked in yet. I need to go chase some kids off my lawn......
  22. feffa86

    USB IN 1/2 Destination: Lacking AES/EBU option!!

    I have also posted a suggestion that's, imo, closely related to this one. It's already in review but I'm posting it here nonetheless: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Add-a-Digita-output-option-in-the-global-settings/948742-23508
  23. I'm trying to get my bass guitar setup for live use. I've got a POD HD500X and am planning to get a Fender Rumble 500 to use as a stage monitor. Am I able to turn off the amp/cab sims and use the POD for effects only? My thought is that I could then use the XLR out from the Rumble to go to FOH/PA. Not sure what I'd need to select on the 1/4" out switch and the output setting in the menu. I'd like to use pitch shift (so I don't have to bring extra guitars or re-tune as often) along with some compression and maybe a bit of distortion, reverb/delay. Any other aspects that I've overlooked??
  24. datacommando

    Helix and other equipment

    You are starting to come across as one of those people, you know the ones I mean - "all the gear and no idea". What "cruisinon2" stated is correct - you could simultaneously use both A and B signal paths in Helix and utilise the 8 USB channels to record into your DAW. The set up you are describing is complete chaos and impractical. Having multiple players without headphone and/or a proper monitor system is lunacy. You really haven't thought this through. You need to sit down a draw a diagram of all the equipment you want to use and figure out a flow chart for how it could all work. Initially when I read your first post, I actually though about creating a rough guide chart for you to use to include your drum machine and Emulator, but after seeing you responses to the comments here, I thought no! I don't particularly like to say this, best thing you could do is is go and RTFM. Oh, yeah! Helix into a 4 port USB hub! MEDIC!!!!!!!
  25. cruisinon2

    Helix and other equipment

    This was the question you asked, so that's what I answered. Now you're posing a different question entirely... none of us are mind readers. Giving out bits and pieces of what you're trying to accomplish will make it very difficult for anyone to help you, nevermind the fact that what you're trying to do is beyond cumbersome. Recording an entire band live, with no headphones, and nothing to monitor through except a 1x12 combo guitar amp is simply not feasible...
  26. phil_m

    HX Stomp and MIDI - some insights

    So it can be used as part of a larger MIDI rig...
  27. Just gonna leave this here, if it is prohibited, may the moderators delete it. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4r7gucctc4ydkye/AACzuVidRrsSbORyqG72fpwSa?dl=0
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