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  1. Well I was a happy user of the POD XT LIVE, but now I'm twice happier with my pod hd 500x, believe me, I takes some time. It has to do with experimentation, create patches, do a live show, cry, try again and so on... It took me almost a year to understand that beast!! Maybe this can help you... it's a little list of things that I noticed immediately when I switched to the HD500x: 1) WAH: The wah is very different, in the POD HD try to reduce the MIX to 40-50% to get "almost" the same sound of the XT, also, the full position should be at 75% maximum (the default 100% sounds bad to me) 2) FX LOOP: The XT live cannot handle connections like the four cable method. Now I am using this method and believe me it sounds so much better than the XT (You can search in the forums how to use this method) 3) Compressor: in the XT the compressors have a little impact on the tone (to my ears), now I use them a lot, for example to push some amps a little more. 4) Boost: The XT had no option to make a boost for solos, you needed to sacrifice something in the stompbox section, now you have 8 blocks to place whatever you want. 5) Output mode: After you find the best output mode to your ears, try to stay with it and do not change it often, I made that mistake a lot. Don't give up, Check this site also when you have some free time: it's not a light read but it has helped us a lot.
  2. Well, in my case I used the iRig and the experience was good... however I don't know if by doing this I fried something because a few weeks later my iPad's headphone/mic input stopped working (a horrible noise). I don't have the money to repair it now and never used it again.
  3. It's hard to tell how to achieve a good tone because everyone has a different taste/gear, that is why custom tone isn't useful!... but anyway... if you are using the 4 cable method it is expected that you will use the preamp of your physical amp instead of the AMP SIM and probably add only some coloration using other effects (like a screamer, compressor, etc) however, since nothing is written in stone... using the 4CM I do the following to create my tones: 1) Set the output mode to "Combo/Stack PWRAMP" 2) Add the FX LOOP Block and place it after the MIXER (switched on) 3) Start with an AMP, I recommend the TREADPLATE (to mention one) and adjust the controls as you wish, 4) If I find too much noise, I place a GATE as the first effect in my chain, 5) after that, I usually add a Screamer (for solos or coloration) or a Compressor, all of this BEFORE the AMP & the FX LOOP Block. 6) Delays & reverbs: I place them after the FX LOOP BLOCK. You can start with that, of course there is a lot more... check this guide:
  4. It''s more a windows problem I think. Try uninstalling the drivers from the device manager, and try again in another USB port. Check this:
  5. J_V_RO

    Pod vs Helix

    +1... in my case... I play mostly in live environments, where other things get in the way, for example the MIC position in front of my marshall amp, the sound guy, the post-effects, room, etc...higher/brighter? i think the difference will be little noticeable. I will keep my hd500x until it dies (is a young lady now :])
  6. Try to use the "low cut" setting n the CAB EDIT page, I don't think this will affect much as a Screamer, I generally use it at 120-150
  7. Well, sometimes I assign the expression pedal to control the time/mix/depth/etc in my delays, I have experimented some crazy things,
  8. Check the attached picture. Depending on what pedals you use (Wah, OD's, etc) that will be the position of the FX LOOP Block, but... use your ears!
  9. Yeah, after the amp is also a good choice... btw, I can see the name of your patches, I asume you play in a church, that's good... Even your effects looks very similar to mine, I just change the AC for an Analog Chorus,
  10. Using the four cable method I usually place it after the COMP effect... I like the speed at 0.30 Hz but that is just my personal taste... Using only one AMP I found that some modulation effects have more depth if you place them after the amp but before the mixer in the left channel (A-top). You can try it.
  11. Hablas español? Pregúntame.

  12. J_V_RO

    Patch for 4cm

    Nice amp man...! yeah, there is a lot that you can do using this careful of not falling in the "trap" of trying to improve your tone every time you play, sometimes is better to enjoy and have some fun with your best patch
  13. J_V_RO

    Patch for 4cm

    I use the modeled amps on the POD. Sometimes I make a "Mix" between the modeled amps and my Marshall AMP 100w. (leaving the FX LOOP block switched on) When the amp is in lead channel I don't use full distortions, I tend to use stompboxes just to color the amp tone a little, for example a screamer with a little gain only and the output leveled... sometimes I just place an EQ in front of the AMP to alter some frequencies.The combination of all this is what makes your sound interesting. This is just my preference, you should find what's better for you.
  14. J_V_RO

    Patch for 4cm

    I use the 4CM. My chain usually goes like this: Gate > Comp > Wah > Modulation> Dist/OD > EQ > AMP > FX LOOP > Delay > Reverb
  15. si ya se probo todo, el reflash, reset, otro cable, otra PC... etc, creo que lo mejor sera que lo lleves a un centro autorizado de reparacion,
  16. I am using 64 ohm, in a pair of Sennheiser headphones.
  17. El monkey no tiene el POD en la lista midi porque tu pc no lo ha reconocido, eso pasa porque como se esta reiniciando el POD tu PC no logra detectarlo... iniciando en modo SEGURO deberia de reconocertelo (como lo puse en la opcion 2). Otras cosas que podrias probar es cambiando el cable USB o bien probar en todos los puertos de PC e inciando el pod en modo seguro, o prueba en otra PC. Si aun asi no lo logras, tocara llevarlo a un centro autorizado de reparacion, He leido que a veces ese problema de reinicio constante/loop, es porque el adaptador de corriente no funciona correctamente, no se que tan cierto pueda ser eso, pero si tienes un amigo que tenga un adaptador similar pidelo prestado y prueba, solo para descartar eso.
  18. Creo que eso es porque tu PC no lo ha reconocido aun. - Cierra todo lo que tengas abierto en tu pc. - Conecta ambas puntas del cable en los 2 puertos midis de tu pod. - Conecta el cable USB a tu PC - Enciende tu POD, deja que windows haga el proceso de instalacion del driver. Debe reconocer el POD a traves del cable MIDI y hacer la instalacion. Cuando eso haya acabado ya puedes abrir el Line6 Monkey para realizar el update.
  19. La primera opción debería mostrarse al encender el POD dejando presionado la flecha hacia la izquierda (<). Intenta de nuevo. Yo tuve el mismo problema, pero con un POD XT, se reiniciaba, no me reconocía el USB y no podía actualizarlo . Cuando lo di por perdido recordé que se puede hacer el update de flash pero con un cable MIDI-USB (checa esta imagen del cable: ) esa opción fue la que finalmente me funciono, pude actualizarlo y volverlo a usar (aunque finalmente migre a un HD 500x) Ese cable es caro y no se si te funcionara, trata de que alguien te lo pueda prestar para hacer la prueba. Suerte,
  20. Lograste resolver tu problema? tienes varias opciones, en todas puedes perder tus presets pero creo que vale la pena intentarlo: 1) Reset Global: Enciende el POD dejando presionada la flecha de navegación a la izquierda. Alli entraras a un modo seguro y volveras al PATCH 1A. 2) Actualizacion de software: Si lo anterior no funciona, alista tu cable usb y tu PC. Luego enciende tu POD presionando la flecha de navegacion hacia ABAJO, luego te tocara hacer la actualizacion, conecta el cable USB y abre el line 6 monkey para hacer una actualizacion de firmware.
  21. A little decrease of volume is natural when using the FX SEND/RETURN of the POD... I'm not sure how exactly you are connecting the external pedals but you can try to connect them like this:
  22. You can use also the 4 cable method. Do you have an AMP with FX SEND/Return?
  23. In my experience... I spent like $99 for a Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones and they work fine... I would recommend (just me) a pair of headphones of 64 ohm or more.
  24. Yes, but it's also on the GLOBAL EQ Setting, check this: (The link is not working....) copy/paste: Global EQ is used for compensating for the wide disparity in acoustic environments on tour or when traveling from studio to studio, and is applied to all setlists and presets. Global EQ features three fully parametric bands plus variable low and high cut filters. This feature is not available in the HD editor programs used via computer. To access Global EQ: Press and hold the VIEW button to open the Setup Menu. Using the four-way, cursor right until you see the Global EQ screen. Turn Knob 1 to select the desired EQ band (Low Cut, Low, Mid, High, High Cut) andturn Knobs 2, 3, and/or 4 to adjust the selected band. To bypass or enable Global EQ, press ENTER. NOTE—Due to L6 LINK’s flexible routing, Global EQ is not available at this output.
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