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  1. Change your USB cable or borrow one and try again. I had the same problem and with a new one it works fine.
  2. Tube Drive & Screamer. For me they fit in almost every AMP Model. For lead tones and Heavy dist, I use the modeled amps instead of pedal effects.
  3. Hello, I have the metal pack for a POD XT LIVE, I want to swap/trade/exchange it with somebody that has the metal pack but for the HD series (Hd500/Hd500x), We can do it using the "gift" option, Anyone? BR
  4. Hello my friend, I have a Marshall MG 100DFX ("Almost" the same). I use this: 4 Cable Method Mode - Stack Power Amp 1/4 Out - AMP Stomp/Line - Set to Stomp Input - NORMAL The loop is after the "Mixer" and after the "AMP". Like you, it's preamp on preamp but sounds good. Also, in the mixer, I increased +3db on each path, you can check this video that for me is the best out there
  5. J_V_RO


    Instead of using a PEDAL, try to use the CLASS A-30 Model AMP with the GAIN knob at 100%. Believe me.
  6. Hi! I know this will sound a little crazy but here I go...(Besides I don't have money! :D) Anyone out there who has (or had) a Metal Pack for a POD HD500x and now has an POD XT LIVE who wants to "SWAP" the older metal pack (HD) for the POD XT LIVE Metal Pack? I bought the metal pack for the XT LIVE a few years ago, but now I have a POD HD 500x. Since I cannot use the older pack in my new POD I'm open to "give it as a gift" if somebody can give me as a gift the METAL PACK for the HD500x. (We can do this using the "GIFT" option, please check file attached ...) We both can save $49.99! If anyone is interested... please inbox or reply this post, Thanks, No bullying please :)
  7. J_V_RO

    Volume Setting

    Hope this helps: (1) how should I set the volume for both devices so that both will be at it's optimum level? I use the 4CM for some clean PREAMP Models... The Master volume of the POD must be at 100%. The volume of my AMP is Around 40%-60% (Too much will color the tone), the VOLUME knob (POD) can be adjusted as you wish. (2) Will the POD master volume act as the overall master volume for both amp and POD? The MASTER VOLUME of the POD will give the full color of the AMP/PREAMP that you are modeling. We all suggest that this knob should be at 90% - 100%
  8. Hope this helps: - POD "MASTER" knob at 100% (The channel volume on the POD can be adjusted as you wish) - AMP GAIN knob around 30%-40% - FX LOOP level at 100% (both AMP & POD) I never use the volume from my AMP at 100% because it affects my tone too much. (I have a Marshall MG100DFX), I'm always 40% - 60% of the volume. If you set the volume of your amp higher then I suggest to adjust the drive or gain of the effect that you are using to avoid unwanted sound. That's my experience. Good luck.
  9. Hello, try tron up with these settings: LP LOW Q = 60% Mix = 60% You can add an EQ after to get more rich sound.
  10. Hello! Can anyone help me? I have a POD XT LIVE and I bought the METAL PACK like a year ago, now I Own a POD HD500x, and I want to transfer that pack to my new POD, I already registered my gear but the license manager doesn't show me this option, Is this possible? How can I do this? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I need help! Yesterday my pod xt live went crazy! The "Clip" indicator turned on and my pod is making all kind of noises (explosions, echoes, a little bit of everything!) I thought it was a cable so I replaced all of them but NO. I have my XT LIVE since 2008 and I never experienced something like this, I tried to update the firmware, but nothing happened. I'm connected through the FX Send and Return of my amp. I disconnected all the cables and turned on my XT with nothing plugged and the clip is still on and I'm sure it's making the same noise. It's time to say goodbye to my pod? anyone? please!! (YOU CAN HEAR THE NOISE ATTACHED) Thanks for your help.
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