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  1. What about the input Z Setting? I normally set mine to 1M, I remember I was hearing some strange noise once... and I accidentally had changed it to 3.5M. This setting is more associated to "taste" or true modelling (taking the impedance of the first pedal if set to AUTO) but you should consider it also.
  2. Yes, there are a lot of topics related to the mixer and what it does. Check this one: Also, when you have some free time check this guide: You will find that there are a lot of things that you could do with the MIXER (none of them are wrong or right). Some use it as a boost to level all the patches (placing it at the end of the chain), others have panned the signal to center, others 100% L/R, etc... If you are using the four cable method with your tube amp, I can assume that your chain has no dual amps (or two paths), you have a single chain setup, if that is the case, the mixer has little relevance because there are no splits/special routes in your chain. My suggestion there (how I use it) is to leave it default (100% left - 100% right), you can increase the levels a little if you want (some people say that the 4CM has a -3db/-6db loss and you should compensate it in the mixer, but I don't do it and it sounds fine to me), you should consider that if you increase those levels the next effect (or amp) in your chain will be boosted, and can cause undesired/desired result. With the FX LOOP, is about placement can boost the RETURN if you want, to match levels of your amp and the POD, (I don't do it). With the 4CM think about the FX LOOP as your physical AMP Preamp stage... Like I said before, there are no rules, your ears should guide you. I suggest you can check the POD GUIDE posted before, it will help a lot to understand how the beast works.
  3. Could be, in my case, using the 4CM I usually place the FX LOOP block after the distortions/OD's, but BEFORE the Delays/Reverbs. Something like this: Gate > Comp > Dist1/Dist2 > AMP>Mixer>FX LOOP > Delay > Reverb. In the end, your ears should guide you.
  4. Thank you all for your responses! I will definitely buy it! (Waiting for next payment day only...) I guess snapshots is probably the most versatile option inside of the beast... I will do more research about it, thank you all
  5. Hi! I am planning to buy a Helix. I did some research about the following questions but I am not 100% clear, maybe someone can help?: Using the "stomp footswitch mode" how many switches can I control/assign? 8,12? Can I still use the BANK switch by pressing both at the same time in this mode? For example, can I have patch 1A in "footswitch mode" and patch 1B in "Preset Mode"? In Path 1A, if I select the output: ͢ (to expand my chain) I will be able to add more blocks in Path 1B, this means that Path 2 dissapears? Also, how many effects can I assign on path 1A and 1B? (I know there is a DSP limitation, but in the best scenario, can I have 16 for example?) I cannot find a "Mixer" block in the examples I've seen on youtube (this block existed on the HD series), it has finally dissapeared? (thank God) Thanks!
  6. Well, not necessarily a Wampler OD pedal, but I use sometimes an L6 M5 on the FX LOOP (sounds crazy but I pair it with my hd500x, mostly to save DSP). Sometimes I use overdrives (placing the FX LOOP Block before the AMP/MIXER) or Delays/Reverbs (moving the fx block after the Amp/Mixer).
  7. Hi @pfsmith can you upload again the pdf file? thanks
  8. so, the Helix does not have an auto wah (envelope filter)????
  9. Or... you can try this Ebtech Hum X Voltage Hum Filter, which "apparently" solves the HUM problem. I am planning to buy one... I heard that it affects the tone a little, but I am considering to give it a try.
  10. Primero descarta que no sea un problema con alguno de tus cables. Si no, podrias intentar conectar la guitarra no al GUITAR INPUT sino al AUX por ejemplo y ver si por alli recibes sonido, solo tendrias que cambiar en la configuracion general (presionando view varios segundos) en Input 1: AUX, o AUX+GUITAR+Variax. Esa prueba te serviria para ver si el jack de guitar in tiene algun problema. De lo contrario, probaria un reset y carga de software de nuevo, por medio del line6 monkey, solo asegurate de tener una copia de tus sonidos.
  11. I remember I did this with a POD XT LIVE, I have the cable so I will give it a try tonight... :ph34r:
  12. You can use this cable also to reflash the firmware, instead of using the USB jack in your POD, you use the MIDI L/R outputs and connect them to the USB port of your PC.
  13. I had that problem years ago...the way I solved it: Bring my amp to the church and use a SM57 MIC (physical) to amplify my sound. Now the sound guy can control my mix in the console, my monitor volume, etc. I don't have to deal with changes on my sound from my house to the church. Usually I set my patches at the same volume level (house-church) and everything seems to be fine.
  14. Yeah, gain is around 40%. Mid/Treble at my taste. Almost never touch those knobs. My amp is solid state, I think that is why I can mix both preamps and get richer sounds.
  15. I use the 4CM and use a "mix" between my physical power amp (a Marshall MG 100dfx) and the modeled AMP's of my POD HD500x. For example, I keep the FX LOOP BLOCK switched "On" all the time (after the mixer), I choose the amp I want (an AC-30 full model for example) using the output mode "Stack PWRAMP" and the switches in "Normal" & "Stomp" position. This way I almost "never" fight with fizzy/harsh sounds. It is supposed that the 4CM benefit is that you can use your physical preamp and use the POD for effects only, however I found that I can use both preamps, so for me theory is not useful... my ears are!
  16. I had a POD XT LIVE, Now I'm pretty satisfied with the HD500x. What do I miss? The AUTO-WAH only, somehow the modeled on the HD500x sounds kinda different (even when it's same MU-TRON III), anyway check this video to get the right EQ dial. (BTW this guy has probably the best reviews of the HD500x)
  17. yeah, I guess the problem (maybe) is that I am so used to LINE 6 Products that the fact of considering the use of another brand is hard for me, probably the best tone I achieved so far is inside the HD500x. (After an XT LIVE & X3). Well, It would be nice to see the next evolution of the 500x anyway (in the same "POD" line) br
  18. So what is going to happen to us? ... I mean one day my hd500x will stop working, and I am not sure if I will be able to afford a Helix, (kids on the way!) So unless we have a HD600x I probably will have to move to something else
  19. thanks dude... in fact I did my full research yesterday night and this is correct, br
  20. Hi, I'm planning to buy a volume pedal to use it with my POD HD500x. I want to mention that I am using the EXP-1 and EXP-2 options already, (Basically EXP1 for Drive/Gain and EXP-2 for Reverb/delay MIX with the L6 EX-1 expression pedal). So a volume pedal is needed for my current setup. I know that I can switch to another patch without the delay/reverb and assign a volume pedal, or make a sacrifice with the EXP-1.... bla bla bla... but for my needs It is necessary to include it! So basically I will place the EB volume pedal in the FX SEND before it reaches the input of my AMP (I use the 4 Cable method), the question is, knowing that the impedance of the FX LOOP output is actually 1M, should I go with the 25k or 250k pedal? I tried to google this but no one is clear about it... Can anyone help? thanks!
  21. Nope, It doesn't process data. It's a regular 1/4 jack... at least on the amp I own, I thought maybe with that cable I could do the trickery but I think that's not possible.
  22. Q: If I had this MIDI - TRS Cable...Can I use the midi OUT in my POD HD500x for Channel Switching (Clean-Crunch) in my AMP? I have an Orange AMP without a MIDI conector for the pedal, it only uses the standard 1/4" jack for switching, but I was thinking that maybe this cable can do the trick. I don't want to use the voodoo switch, Payne midi-lab, etc, just the cable and set MIDI Commands on the POD. I know that the amp will not understand the MIDI message, but perhaps the signal that will receive can do the switch?? anybody has tried this?
  23. I know this has nothing to do with this thread (because it's the helix and it's a different topic, etc...) but if you check this video comparing line 6 modeled vs analog pedals looks interesting (around minute 1:30 is the screamer). I don't think there is much difference between the modeled screamer in the hd and the helix...
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