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  1. Well I can hear a "Sweep Echo" effect (that is the name in a POD HD500X), maybe you can try to use a regular echo, and add some filter/wah/phaser(maybe??) for each repeat.
  2. yes, the hd500x. Well, If I have to disassemble everything...I think I can live with this little issue, thanks
  3. Hey, can you describe how did you do this? my right nav pad key sometimes doesn't move properly, it is necessary to remove all screws or just the front panel?
  4. Thanks, yes the SRM150 is what I have in mind due to price. ...Well I guess that's a risk that I could handle. Thanks again,
  5. So I've been a long time user (POD XT, POD X3, now HD500x). But truth is, I've always used AMPs and a SM57 for live purposes. I have never tried any FRFR system or something similar. However, I'm about to give it a try. I cannot afford a big FRFR system, but I found a Mackie SRM150 on ebay, (less than $200), Of course, I will use this only in my bedroom for rehearsal. After that, my plan is to leave my amps home all the time and go direct to a PA. I don't know if this console should be called a true "FRFR" (like a Mackie SRM450?). I will appreciate any good/bad comments, BR
  6. Has leido las advertencias del manual de tu caliber 22? -ADVERTENCIAS (¡POR FAVOR LEA!!) EL 22 CALIBER ES UN AMPLIFICADOR DE PODER, NO UN PEDAL DE EFECTOS: Conecte la salida del 22 CALIBER a un gabinete de bocinas exclusivamente. NO CONECTE LA SALIDA DEL 22 CALIBER A LA ENTRADA DE OTRO AMPLIFICADOR, PEDAL DE EFECTOS, MEZCLADORA, COMPUTADORA, INTERFASE DE COMPUTADORA O APARATO SIMILAR. GABINETE DE BOCINAS: Solo conecte la salida del 22CALIBER con una impedancia de 8-16 Ohms. La capacidad del gabinete de bocinas debe de ser de 30W o más. SALIDA PRIMERO, CORRIENTE DESPUÉS: Conecte la salida del 22 CALIBER al gabinete de bocinas apropiado antes de enchufarlo a la toma de corriente. Si usted conecta el 22 CALIBER a un gabinete de bocinas estando ya enchufado y prendido, el 22 CALIBER puede automáticamente cortar (mute)su salida para prevenir un corto circuito en el jack de salida. En esta situación, simplemente desenchufe el 22 CALIBER de la toma de corriente, espere unos segundos y vuélvalo a enchufar; deberá funcionar normalmente. Lo que se me ocurre es que lo conectes mal, mira lo que marque en amarillo. Lo otro es que la impedancia de tu caja no sea de 8-16 ohm o que si sea, pero que la salida en Watts sea inferior a 30w. Si ya descartaste cables, fuente, etc, no se me ocurre otra cosa.
  7. There is a trick that one guy here suggested (pianoguyy). Use the CD/MP3 input and play something there. Since this is input will have the same volume level in every patch you are in, try to level the output of all your patches to that level.
  8. Check this topic: Not the same model but it can help.
  9. No, but check the volume/pan FX block. Selecting "PAN" you can control L/R channels using the exp pedal. Position matters with this one, try it before or after the mixer block.
  10. Like PG said before, you should place it where it sounds better to you... I have some additional pedals hooked on the FX LOOP, (not a reverb or a looper), my physical chain goes like this: Guitar > POD guitar Input > POD FX SEND > Analog Pedal 1, 2, 3...last pedal output > Amp's Guitar Input.......... (rest of 4CM connections...) When you add the FX LOOP BLOCK in your POD's chain, you must think what you have connected there and that logic should tell you the position of the block. Sometimes I use an additional volume pedal (my EXP 1 & 2 are busy handling OD Gain/Reverb depth) so I place the block after the mixer but before Delay and Reverb (this way I keep the trails of both).
  11. No, never tried that, but I assume it should work. Just be careful, I don't how much the iRig can resist, try it at low levels.
  12. That's good! I remember I spent years reading forums (and also this guide,and finally found my tone.
  13. After trying everything to balance the volume using the 4CM, I found that the best way is to use the FX RETURN level (inside the FX LOOP BLOCK) and boost it. (I have a Marshall AMP, and set it around +7db)
  14. For what purpose? I think it's better to consider an expression pedal to control some features on the fly, I have an M5 and use one EX-1 (line6) to control gain/reverb depth, among other things. But, yes, probably the FS-5U (which I own also) will let you control something. Will try to pair it tonight and post my findings here,
  15. Hey Man, very useful information... I have an M5, and was considering to get me a MIDI controller DMC-3 Disaster Area. Basically for patch change (up/down), and now reading this I think it is possible right?
  16. J_V_RO

    Auto Wah Help

    I use Auto-Wah a lot. Try the TRON UP model like this: LP LOW Q = 60% Mix = 60% Also, try to place it in the beginning of your chain. I have noticed volume drop issues, in some cases the studio eq could help to increase volume, adding only +6db of gain without touching other parameters.
  17. Careful with the irig! I fried my iPad's input jack due to heavy signal that my POD HD500x was sending. I replaced the input jack but never used it again.
  18. Best line I have ever read since I started with my pod XT live +10 years ago.
  19. Haha, yes... those knobs sometimes are not enough.
  20. Es mejor que windows lo detecte automáticamente al conectarlo por USB. OJO no uses un port-hub sino conectalo directo a tu PC. Si no te lo esta detectando bien proba instalarlo en otros puertos USB. Como ultima opcion dejaria lo que estas haciendo.
  21. Well I did the opposite, I kept my HD 500x but bought analog pedals like 2 weeks ago (Boss, Ibanez, EHX, MXR, EB among others) . To be honest, I am repentant/frustrated, because my POD sounds A LOT BETTER!. Thank God I did not sell my POD. What is giving me headaches in my analog rig is 1) There are no EXP pedals that can control the GAIN/MIX/TONE in the effects, I know there are some options like the EXP-OD by Ernie Ball (But that means more money and probably poor sound). 2) Analog Rig is NOISY! even when using the BOSS DS-2 (with dist/od in loop mode) you can hear all kind of noises inside. 3) NO Global EQ! and the last thing... 4)If you think "true bypass" is the latest glory you are WRONG! when using TB if you switch on your effect you will hear a big explosion which compromises your sound every time you use that pedal (MXR reverb 300 & Ibanez Screamer TS808DX, to name some) also, when switching off that effect the sound simply dissapears (no "trails" function) NO THANKS! I had to switch some of my pedals to "Buffered mode" to keep a "decent tone". So my advice to anyone out there thinking to move to analog, please DON'T DO IT! save your money and buy a HELIX or keep your current rig.
  22. J_V_RO

    HD500X updates

    Well, a new HELIX update came out today I think, I cannot remember if the HD series had several updates in so little time. (I guess not). But If you guys check amazon or other sites, people is still purchasing the 500x and giving positive reviews, I think Helix marketing campaign helped somehow to increase the sales of the hd500x. (brand exposure maybe?, don't hate me please)
  23. thanks jamiek... Well, I'm about to build my pedal board (Already have the M5) but I cannot make the test (turn effect off with the noise gate engaged) because I have no other pedals... so any help will be appreciated.
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