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  1. Totally agree. In my case, it is incredible how my sound feels better and natural when playing at home... live...I always have to use the GLOBAL EQ (thank God it exists). The LOW CUT is something that has saved me a lot of troubles when playing live. I use an SM57 mic in front of my AMP to send my guitar signal. Try to use the LOW CUT at 80-100hz to filter that bassy sound. Probably you will need a little more.
  2. The POD FX SEND must be connected to the IN of the ES8. The OUT of the ES8 should go to your AMP's Input or PA. If your AMP/PA has a FX SEND, you should connect this into your POD's FX RETURN. Is the same idea of the 4CM using the ES8 to control your analog effects.
  3. Hola, cuando no es un ajuste de contraste generalmente esos problemas se atribuyen a problemas de adaptador o de corriente electrica. Yo que vos haria una prueba, llevo mi POD a la tienda donde la compre y pido que me presten otro adaptador para probar (Si ese funciona bien entonces pido una garantia o compro otro adaptador), o bien, pruebo mi POD en casa de un amigo para ver si no es tema de corriente electrica. Saludos,
  4. On the looper block, use the "Playback" control to adjust the volume level. (attached)
  5. I was on the same situation as you a few years ago when the POD XT LIVE came out, and now I am a happy user of a POD HD500x and use both of them! I was thinking a few months ago in replacing my HD500x for a Helix, but personally (just me) as far as sound/modelling is, I could not find a big difference (The led colors/labels, more DSP, etc is ok... but will not improve my tone exponentially). It takes time to know your POD and find the sound you want...but once you know how to do it, everything that you have in mind can be achieved. Another thing that you should be aware is how you will connect your POD once you have it. For example, I use only the 4 cable method and make some combinations between my real AMP and the modeled AMPs of the POD. In real life people use no more than 1-3 AMPS, I cannot think of an artist with more than 5 AMPS behind him...making the change for every song, so probably you will find an AMP that works good for you, and you will make only small modifications... like cab, drive, EQ, etc.
  6. Hey Rino2, I remember your other post, sorry I could not reply... Check the attached picture as reference. As pianoguy said, you must use the 4CM. After that, try to move the FX LOOP BLOCK where it sounds good to you. You can mix POD Effects and your analog effects to make interesting things.
  7. What I do sometimes is that I assign the GAIN level of the AMP on the EXP 1 controller. In that way I save one block. It doesn't work 100% as a volume pedal, but It can help.
  8. Yes! oh, and I forgot something... Remember that your AMP tone will be mixed with the TS and the other POD effects when the fx loop block is ON. When I use the 4CM, I try to place the FX LOOP after the MIXER. Try different positions until you find what is good for you,
  9. Oh I see! Maybe someday when I have money I will buy Analog Pedals and try those combinations, but I am not considering to replace my POD (only by a helix!) because I like all the effects I have. Good luck!
  10. You're welcome, Now regarding this: You mean you have other analog pedals? If that is the case you can place them after the TS using the same diagram as reference. The FX LOOP BLOCK will control all the pedals you have placed there. Don't forget that you can combine the analog effects and POD effects. The sound will depend on the position of the FX BLOCK. Regards,
  11. I use the 4CM a lot. And I think the attached diagram may help you. (Sorry for the poor quality, I edited the image!) Even when I don't use MIDI or have the experience, I think you can control the FX LOOP Block (on/off) using MIDI commands.
  12. I also miss the Auto-Wah. Even when it's the same based model (Mu-tron), tends to sound very different.
  13. Hey, If you see this in your rear panel you can definitely use the 4CM (check attached) Now, regarding the settings (back switch, line/amp, etc...) I use the 4CM in a Marshall Amp, and my settings are: - FX Loop switch set to "Stomp" - 1/4 switch set to "AMP" - Output mode: "STACK PWRAMP" - In my chain, I have the FX LOOP block after the "MIXER". - My MIXER, has a little increase of +3.5 DB in both paths, and also, they are panned to center. When using the FX LOOP a small decrease of volume is normal, you must turn your SEND LEVEL knob to 100%.(In your MESA Duece) There are a lot of combinations that you can find here in the forums using this method... So it's not written on stone!
  14. Hello, the one above is almost the same, but I think you are probably talking about this one: BR
  15. It depends. STACK PWR AMP is recommended if you connect your POD into an AMP. What happens is that you will loose the Cab/Mic Simulation. (I use a Marshall AMP with the 4 cable method, and my setting is always STACK PWR AMP) If you use only the PREAMP MODEL is because you have a good amp (or your classic preferred amp) and you don't want to loose that sound at all. That is why the PREAMP models are available, to not color your tone at all with MIC/CAB/A.I.R/E.R. etc. Now, if you want to record something, it is not necessary to change to Combo, Studio, PWR AMP, etc. It depends on how are you going to record your guitar. If you go to a professional studio, the guy there will suggest to put a dynamic microphone in front of your amp to get the real tone (A SM57 MIC for example). But if you record in your home using the USB cable, probably you will need to switch to Studio/Direct, to get all the AMP Sims/MIC/CAB/etc. You must keep in mind that every time you switch the output to Studio/PWR AMP/Combo, etc... your sound will change!!!! this means double work for you because you have to adjust your patches or have a copy of each one in different output modes. I think you can do it using MIDI, I don't have the experience on that but you can check this post: Regards!
  16. You are right. In fact, one of the reasons why I left the POD XTL was the boost problem. Another thing that maybe you can try is to have the Compressor level/gain at the highest possible value and slow down the channel volume, here: I remember my clean channels got a little "distorted" by doing this, Good luck buddy!
  17. Hello, I had a POD XT LIVE in the past, I remember I did the following to get extra boost: 1. I used the VETTA JUICE "STOMP" with zero compression and full level/gain (don't remember the exact name of the knobs!) This push the AMP model GAIN a little more. 2. The same but using the BOOST+EQ. I don't know if you want to push the modeled AMP gain a little more or just want a BOOST for solos, if you want only more gain any of the two options above will work. To increase level for solos I remember it was a little more complicated. Check this thread, it might help: Regards p.d. Now I have a POD HD 500x :D
  18. Hola Amigo. Te sugiero intentar lo siguiente: Prueba utilizar otro cable USB (Yo tenia un problema similar y al cambiar el cable funciono bien) Has conectado antes tu POD a esa computadora? Si antes funcionaba bien y ahora no, intenta desinstalar desde el panel de control de tu equipo el controlador del POD HD, luego conectalo otra vez y espera que instale el driver. Prueba de nuevo. Si lo anterior no funciona ,intenta instalar nuevamente la ultima version del software de tu POD. (Probablemente necesites otra computadora para hacer esto) Esto lo puedes hacer desde el Line 6 Monkey. OJO puedes perder tus tonos asi que consideralo como ultima opcion si no funciona. Prueba de nuevo. O bien intenta conectar tu POD en otra computadora, puede ser problema de los puertos USB del equipo que tienes. He sido usuario de POD HD/XT desde hace mucho tiempo y he tenido algunos problemas que he solventado con lo que te puse arriba. Ah, otra cosa, normalmente aca solo en ingles te contestan, pero si necesitas algo mas con gusto te ayudo, BR
  19. So the HD500x doesn't have this problem using the "STOMP" position?
  20. Ugh... Yes I remember that topic. I have a pod hd500x. I use the 4CM and input "Same". In the mixer, I add +3db in each path.(I think I'm loosing gain/dB because of the fx-loop block) For me everything sounds good. I place the fx Loop block right after the mixer. I tried the input 2) Variax, and if I am using a single amp chain, everything is cool...
  21. mmm, can you share an example? I remember to hear "explosions" once in my POD XT LIVE, it was a failure of the memory and I could not repair it. First, check if you have any "clipping" in your chain, could be a high output volume or something,.. gain, etc. BR
  22. You can try this: 1) set tap tempo sync to "Preset" in the System Settings. 2) In each patch, set manually the tempo to 120 bpm and save it.(I remember this is on page 6 of the setup -midi/tempo) 3) If during a song, you change the speed with the tap tempo button (because it's necessary) you don't have to worry because if you change to another patch or go back the speed will always be 120. (note: you must avoid to save the patch if you change the speed) Personally, I prefer to sync the tempo to "preset". BR
  23. As suggested above: 1) The best is that you use the L6 LINK Connection, or... You can try to use the 4 cable method. (Search it on youtube). Use output STACK PWRAMP, switch to "STOMP", 1/4 input should be "AMP", add an FX LOOP block after the MIXER. Add +3db on each path of the mixer (to level your gain). And start trying... 2) It is not necessary to create a "base" tone using EQ's. You can start only with an AMP. After that, if you need to color your tone you can use an EQ. Check this video: You can try the "Parametric EQ" to start, it is very simple (Even when the knobs are in %... if you check the video above you can understand more). If you are reading the MeAmBobbo guide, you may also check this section to know how to set your EQ in the way you want to sound: BR
  24. Hi, I use the 4CM and the following aspects can lower the sound/gain/db and you will feel it as you described: 1) Guitar IN-Z: I suggest you check and use 1M. 2) In the Mixer, when using the 4CM, I suggest to give +3db in each path since the FX LOOP looses a few Db (-5Db or something... you can google this and you will find a lot of explanations) 3) Guitar input: 1-Guitar 2- SAME. Another big issue to discuss. While a lot of users suggest to use "VARIAX" on input 2 (to get less noise/hum) this somehow can cause of drop of db's if your first pedal of the chain is not a MONO effect. I suggest you use "SAME" option. (Again, you can google this and you will find a lot...) 4) Check again if you haven't moved the FX LOOP BLOCK to a different position. This affects a lot your tone and the volume. Remember that the FX LOOP BLOCK is your AMP's PREAMP, I placed it after the "MIXER" and sound goods to me (but this is just me, you can do it your way) 5) Check if your AMP has a "MIX" knob for the effects LOOP, when using the 4CM it must be at 100% That's basically... This is how I use my POD (just me!) BR
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