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  1. Helix "auto-calibrates" external expression pedals (apparently). Turning the unit off and on with them plugged in probably triggered the calibration.
  2. if you have a bargain then go for it - the L3 is more full range than you need - it can also be used as a Bass Amp (serious professional bass players use them), but over-specification is better than being under-powered. It will sound great, but so will the CLR. One benefit of the L design is that it is a solid box and with my shorter height I find the L2 speaker is quite a good seat - if you are taller the L3 might be a good perch!
  3. If you are only using electric guitars - without serious drop tuning - the L3m is over specified. One of the speakers will almost never be used as it is used for low-end. The L2m will do the same thing and is what Line 6 used to demo the Helix when it first came out. I don't know about the friedman (I have 2 x L2t which I also use as PA), but the Atomic CLR has a co-axial speaker (tweeter and woofer at mounted inside each other) so it will sound better at close distances while the Line 6 has separate tweeter and woofer so when close up the high and lows will come from different positions. For the intended PA use this is irrelevant. There are many conversations on the the gear page about best FRFR , some of which involve Jay Mitchell who gave away the Mitchell Doughnut idea and consulted on the design of the CLR. I would give you a link but it is the overnight maintenance period (early morning in the UK).
  4. You did take the protective plastic off the scribble strips? It is much less obvious than on the main screen, but it is there
  5. You can do it with Reaper using the ReaVerb plugin you just need imagination. Record guitar signal and then use an IR loader (LeCab2 for 6 IR with mixing capability, or .... ReaVerb) plus any EQ or other stuff you want to add in the FX path - play until happy with sound. The swap the guitar recording for the Sine sweep and record the result into a new track, then use the convolver in ReaVerb to create a new IR from everything you had on the FX path. The process for a real room is described here (other tutorials are available if you search): Just replace the room recording with recording the FX chain you created and you are good. Best thing is that the whole thing is free.
  6. I have not had any problems with sustain on my JTV-69, but that doesn't mean that there isn't something wrong in the set-up of your guitar that isn't killing sustain. Have you tried using Workbench HD to tweak the JTV? If you are expecting it to be as loud as a Les Paul and quick swap without changing any Amp settings then it needs a boost in output level - you can change the volume of each model and even string using Workbench HD.
  7. The EQ and effects are on the input channel before the internal mix point (where all the inputs are joined together). L6 Link (or the XLR output) comes after this, so yes the eq and effects will be sent to the L3M for inputs into the L3T. But the Mode of the speaker will not be automatically changed, so if one is in PA mode and the other in Acoustic Guitar mode then they will sound different.
  8. I have the same problem with that model, and it is most obvious with the 4th string, but there are harmonic resonances all over the place. Yes you can get the fundamental with a parametric on the HD500, but once you notice it then it is all you can hear. If you are a Helix user with a DAW and can generate in IR from an FX chain, then use the DAW parametric with as many notches as needed to get it so there is no nasty resonances then you can create your own IR to fix it - and apply any other EQ that you would normally do. It does cause problems - it is the best feeling acoustic model with nice body, but when the bass player is telling you that everybody else in the band doesn't like that nasty resonant sound when you play acoustic models then you have to do something. I really think it is a problem with the original guitar being modelled and is built into the model - I don't see how it can appear in many instances of different JTV 59, 69 and 89 otherwise, and not impact on any other modelled guitar.
  9. It is possible to tone tweak L & R separately if using L2 or L3 speakers as mains as they have a 31 band Graphic EQ built in that can be individually set using the M20d. Before anybody can help we really need more details: What speakers are you using for mains? Are they set identically - the most likely cause is somebody changing the volume or eq knobs on a powered speaker. What happens if you swap the L&R cables - does the sound difference follow or stay the same? If they stay the same then the problem is with the cables or the mains and nothing to do with the M20d, but if it swaps then it is the signal from the M20d that is the problem. Is the problem on the complete mix or just one input - if it is a stereo pair Jack input then yes it can be hardware (I have this problem) - does it still exist if you swap to an alternative input channel (they are easily swapped - see the I/O Reassignment instructions in the manual). What happens if you swap the inputs L & R? If the sound switches then the problem is before the M20d. If swapping input L&R and outputs L&R results in no changes then the issue is in the M20d or in your setup. What if you create a new setup consisting of a single mono input panned directly up the middle. Still have the problem? A new set-up will eliminate virtually everything that can be set on the M20d and rebuilding a set-up is the way to ensure that nothing is corrupted or miss-set. Only after all of that should you suspect a hardware issue inside the M20d and the most likely one is a problem with connectors both the external ones and internal ones - cleaning those with first Compressed Air and if that doesn't work then a proper switch/contact cleaner is the first stage before thinking about opening up the unit.
  10. Axe FX II can act as an interface with a similar specification to Helix (8 in/out), but it is one of the features lost in the "cut down" versions FX8 and AX8.
  11. I don't have an iLok and I wouldn't get Native if it required one. I don't make any money of consequence from my music and with a family the budget and time is much more limited than I like. I have to draw the line somewhere - any purchase has to have significant advantages over existing gear - it took nearly two years to upgrade from HD500 to Helix - and the $99 price point is perfect; I can justify that as I can justify a Reaper licence, but I don't generally spend money on VST and VSTi because my use is limited and payback non-existent. I use free and bundled ones and try to make do with the limitations. Any higher price for Native then I don't buy it. If I have to buy an iLok for it then I don't buy it.
  12. Thanks Phil, Do you know how easy is it to activate/de-activate a device? I have no intention of breaking licencing limitations but I can see me needing it active on 3 machines at once (Desktop, Laptop, Work Laptop) and I am wondering how if Native only needs to connect to activate how it is de-activated to free up this licence. Does that need to be a action on the machine (normally) with a support call if that device is no longer available (broken)? I am sure that this will all be explained in the FAQ when it is launched :) At least it doesn't require an iLock
  13. By that I mean can you install it on a memory stick or portable drive as I can with Reaper and many of the VST plug-ins? I means that I can plug into any (same OS) computer and work on a project at different locations - or more importantly for me that I can copy my "virtual studio" from my home machine to my work laptop when I need to go on trips - it would allow me to carry on working without installing a load of private stuff on a work laptop. Thanks
  14. I am not sure what you are asking for. M20d doesn't have exchangeable presets - that I know of; perhaps if a backup is made it is possible to extract them from the backup files. But then each gig is different with different performers if not combinations of musicians. Each vocalist is different and needs tweaking, each guitar amp and mic combination is different. Even with a single band the combination of inputs is changing regularly as instruments are changed. Will the drummer bring a Cajon or Djembe this week? Can you be more specific about what you are looking for?
  15. Pod HD as in 500 or 500x will work fine. As for latency there are so many variables. I suggest trying it with any VST you want using your computer - I tried using leCab for its IR loading with amp modelling on the HD500 and there was some latency, but I was running 6 IRs in parallel on a low spec laptop.
  16. No solution - the Bank Names are the defaults for a Variax Standard/JTV and match the printing on the knob. I hadn't looked at the Shuriken banks before but they are very different and I can see why that is confusing as Tele, Spank and Lester are completely offset. The solution would be enhancement of Helix to detect Shuriken and use the correct names - ask for this on Ideascale: Personally I rarely use the knobs to set the required model - I find it much easier to just move the controls on the guitar and Helix follows what you are doing.
  17. And don't forget to make sure phantom power is turned off... I have had my L2t miked up before, and my FBT MaxX before that (and that really does look like a plastic PA speaker with very obvious horn). It just isn't worth an argument for a short set when the PA guy is more concerned about why he can't get a signal from the main vocal mic or where that low level feedback is coming from. Ask once about direct and if they say no then just let them do what they want. Unless you are the headline act of course. Last time my L2t was miked was using Helix and as we came off I was complimented on the great guitar sound, so it can't all be bad. The reason that time was "so that we get the same thing that you are hearing"... by sticking a mic somewhere between a woofer + tweeter when you can't see where the speakers actually are???
  18. Mine will make a noise if you knock or tap it with a very high gain patch, but nothing significant - touching the strings in a similar way is much louder
  19. Are you sure you and Phil are not on the Helix Native Beta test program? :)
  20. L6 Link is more about simplified wiring than quality - you can use a single cable feeding into a daisy chain joining Left Mains, Monitor A, B, C, D and Right Mains with all receiving an independent mix - without it you need to feed those speakers using separate cables which is a lot more cable. The downside is that the first break in the daisy chain takes out everything after it!
  21. Your Midas M32 has significantly more inputs and outputs, motorised faders, digital connectivity, and a much higher price. The M20d is really only a 12 Mic + 4 Line input mixer with 4 aux outputs and is a significant step down; it is good for a small band that runs their own PA but once it gets complex you start running out of inputs or monitor channels quite quickly. The L6 Link option does simplify cabling in that you can run all of yours speakers in a single chain but you can connect them together using L6 Link anyway - so assuming you are running 2 x L3t + L3s on each side as mains then you can connect L3t to L3t to L3s using L6 Link and only run cable to each side so the advantage of M20d in this situation is actually quite minimal. If you are running in mono then L6Link all the speakers together and just feed one speaker from the Midas. If the Line 6 mixer family had been maintained or enhanced - such as a way to increase inputs and outputs it might be different, but I recommend that you keep the Midas.
  22. Not allowed to send abroad? I can understand if there are local distribution channels, but it is not good if they don't provide the service. If this was a Helix in the US it would have been shipped back to base, repaired and returned to you by now. Have you tried opening a support ticket? Even though you admit it was your mistake that doesn't mean that they may not expedite solving the issue.
  23. I expect that it is hard to find because there is little demand for them. I have broken the flap from the VDI socket on my JTV69 and haven't bothered replacing it. They are a special order item even from the main US spares provider: Note - Full Compass don't accept international orders on their website, but will discuss it of you contact them directly.
  24. I use Line 6 Link to my monitor (L2t) and haven't had a dropout.
  25. También conocido como Ethercon [if google translate got it right] Neutrik do have a Cuba agent:
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