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  1. Last you said new firmware was slipping into March... where I work slip into next month means week 1 of month! Is silverhead disclosing solid information?
  2. Digital Igloo said somewhere that there is no difference between switching off at the socket or using the built in power switch. All your remote is doing is switching off at the socket so it will be fine.
  3. The regulations are part of Cities and are global - the restriction on exporting at EU level is because EU is one "market": But it is not a complete ban - otherwise how would Line 6 get the guitars from Korea into the UK in the first place? Export licences can be obtained and aren't that expensive - so they could export if they really wanted too, but the process is a lot more complex and time consuming than it used to be.
  4. It looks to me as though that A string solder joint might be a bit dodgy - it looks very dull... ;)
  5. No they are not magic cables - and yes you can use any old ethernet cat 5 cable. As long as you don't move around too much. The RJ45 connector is designed for static use - it is made of plastic and is fairly weak construction. Now apply significant load to it - in any direction - say attach a 10 kg weight to the network cable hanging out of your PC and drop it several feet. What just happened? If you are lucky - it all held and the cable pulled out because the plastic strip was strong enough. Far more likely - and this is why you didn't really try this is that the RJ45 plug and/or socket broke. If it was the socket and it was mounted on the motherboard of you PC then you need to get the soldering iron out or buy a new motherboard. This example is exactly the same as you connecting your JTV to Helix with a simple ethernet cable - it works fine if things are static such as sitting in your music room. Things are not so great on Stage or in the Rehearsal room or Studio when somebody else trips over your lead or you forget and walk too far while wearing the guitar. That is how you break the sockets on your $1000 Guitar or $1500 Helix, or with a partial break get intermittent connections. The one included with the guitar is only intended to be used to connect the guitar to the USB dongle used for Workbench. The USB connection is simple pull to release so the chance of doing any damage is very slim and if damage is done then it is to the dirt cheap dongle. At the end of the day I am only pointing out what Line 6 will have built into their Warranty as damage caused by misuse of the equipment - if you break the sockets in guitar or helix by using the incorrect type of cable then it will be very obvious and they will not cover the repair cost so it will be on you to pay.
  6. I would add that excessive highs and lows from an FRFR speaker may be because it isn't really flat response - many PA speakers are "optimised" so they sound good for their most common use... i.e. Disco and other pre-recorded dance music and will have a boost for the highs and lows. Even the Line 6 L series speaker have this, but fortunately you have to select the PLAYBACK mode while REFERENCE / P.A. attempts to be as flat as possible.
  7. Ben Adrian posted this on the TGP Thread where they compared an Fourier transform of an IR with the result of a frequency sweep through the same IR loaded into the Helix IR block without any filtering and online digital signal paths: The identical response indicates that it is not the Helix IR processing that is causing differences. Ben also in another response checked the code and said that the filters are supposed to be second order on both Cab and IR blocks but didn't dig in further because it wasn't something that he coded and I am sure that we would all prefer it if he was spending his time developing new models. But that doesn't mean that the high and low filtering is working correctly or that some other component is not changing the sound - all that the measurements show is that the IR convolution process is giving as close to the ideal output for the IR as can be seen through the test process. It is quite possible that the other IR Loaders all include a degree of high cut filtering that Line 6 in the interest of a perfect signal path hasn't included. Perhaps the same comparison for the DAW based IR should be attempted
  8. Put a gain block before the Amp model to reduce the level going into the amp, and/or use the Pad option on the guitar input. I use a gain block because I have a JTV and there is no pad option for VDI
  9. It's just a shame that EHX haven't taken on board MIDI for patch or parameter changes - the xxx 9 pedals are desperate for that level of control, but EHX either want you to bend down and fiddle while on stage while in the middle of a song, or want you to buy as many units as you want different sounds. For the money, floor space and complexity that requires you would do better to buy a Roland VR-09 and plug it into an FX return on Helix
  10. Sorry but you can't run 6 tracks into the M20d over USB. The M20d appears as 18 input channels over USB to a computer (19/20 are main mix), but only 2 outbound channels (L+R on channels 17/18) active when Laptop is added to the stage. The only way you can do what I think you want is to copy the 6 tracks onto an SD Card with the same numbering and names as the tracks that are recorded when you record in a Setup. Then you can can use the recording menu to select the recording and play it with the other channels all still responding to live input
  11. I have never seen that. We regularly record rehearsals when we are in the loud room using the M20d, but I use an SD Card to record. If you haven't accidentally jogged the playback speed in Cubase then you might try using an SD Card - I reserve the USB port for Wifi
  12. STOP right there... That cable is a programming interface cable not a proper VDI cable - unless you bought secondhand and a proper one was included. When we say VDI here we mean a cable that has Neutric XLR style metal plugs on both ends. The cable that comes with the guitar is only for use connecting the JTV to the USB interface box for Workbench and Firmware upgrades. You need the proper VDI if connecting JTV to HD500 - if you don't have the solid connection then the slightest tug in the wrong direction can wrench the plug in the socket and break either, which would give you faulty socket or cable. Want you want if you don't want to buy a Line 6 VDI cable is an Ethercon cable - they are the same thing - Cat 5 type plugs with Neutric shields that will solidly engage at both ends. Lets hope that you haven't damaged the sockets in the JTV or HD500
  13. I don't think anybody can help here - except perhaps Line 6, and even then perhaps not then. According to the list of presets from Firmware 1.03 there is no factory preset of that name. That video is a preview and predates the release of the Helix by months so was either using provisional presets or worse was using ones that Sean put together just for that video. I remember from somewhere the Sean often didn't save his demo presets because he would just recreate what he wanted when he wanted it.
  14. Why not just use an Expression pedal that is set for the range you want say 70% to 100% gain? Push down on the toe to boost and heel for normal volume, and you do get the in-between settings for when you want to fade back. Plus you can always see what state it is in by the physical location. If you do want a switch then 10k ohm is one end of the range and shorted out 0 ohm is the the other. Helix can handle the inversion if needed, but you can't see the state of most switches unless you have the parameter that it is controlling visible by being the currently selected effect. The FS-5L is an exception because it does tell you the state - through an LED and battery on board which gets around this problem, but you still need a customised cable to make it work: The FS-5L has two positions Open which is infinity ohms and Closed which is zero ohms. If you take a simple 1/4 Jack cable where you can open the Jack up to get to the the wiring (or make one yourself), and solder a 10k ohm resistor between the Tip and Sleeve tabs of one of the Jacks, then it will give 10k ohms to Helix when the switch is Open and 0 ohms when it is closed which is exactly what Helix wants.
  15. Just as well that the Line 6 M20d Mixer doesn't have scenes the store a predefined set of mixer and effects setting that can be instantly recalled. No wait - yes it does, and has had since it was launched in 2012 - which is a month before Fractal implemented it on Axe FX in FW9: Of course neither of them were first with the concept Just saying... :P
  16. Please excuse the stupid questions...but sometimes you do need to ask: Have you changed the strings? :huh: Have you done any editing in Workbench that could have dulled the models? Have you predefined a lower Tone knob setting? Beyond that, then pointless as it might sound - try reinstalling the Firmware (you must accept the factory presets and then re-install the backups of your customised patches that you made from Workbench). Then we can consider other physical changes that happen over time - perhaps there is dirt around the piezos that can be cleaned out. My JTV 69 is over 5 years old and I would actually quite like to make some of the acoustic models to sound a little duller - more like an acoustic in the room.
  17. Mine was also a little too stiff but it took seconds to loosen. You need to turn the tension adjuster on the right hand side of the Helix - the included Hex Key is 8mm. or 0.3inch
  18. Rewolf48

    Helix and L2T

    It isn't modelling a cab alone - it is modelling the signal from a microphone listening to a cab and that can include a lot of higher frequencies that are present when close up and on axis. The Cab model includes the ability to apply high and low cut to suit your taste. Getting it to sound best a live volumes simply comes down to creating the patches at live volumes and ideally in the context of a band mix. If you are doing this already then you need to be aware of the room in which you are doing that editing as that can also impact on the sound you perceive so you really want a larger and neutral (dead) sounding space in which to work. Audience is a very good at absorbing sound (in the physical definition). If the room you are in has odd resonances that impact on you sound then that is when you use Global EQ
  19. The switch being hard to engage is a known issue due to the pot shaft being slightly too short - gently lever the knob off and insert something to pad it such as a small bit of paper, then put knob back on. Battery not fully charging is likely to because it has degraded over time HD500 not powering over VDI is a different issue and could be down to a number of things from the wrong power supply on the HD500 (not enough current), a faulty VDI socket at either end or a faulty VDI lead. Hard to say without knowing more.
  20. Shouldn't this be under Helix not StageScape/Stage Source? If you can keep it all within 10 switches you can do a MIDI Loopback (connect a MIDI Cable between MIDI Out and MIDI In) and program Switches not assigned to Effect switching to send the MIDI messages for Snapshot switching giving you both at the same time in any arrangement. You can customise the switch labels so the say what they are doing.
  21. Rewolf48

    Helix stand

    Design Guy (in the TGP mega thread) said that one of the reasons for the curved sides on Helix floor is so that it is easy to wedge the guitar lead/VDI under the edge of the Helix when playing live to avoid the cable getting snagged. Another reason of course is that it makes it easier to pick it up when you have to clear the stage in 60 seconds so the next band can set up
  22. Line 6 Link was really about the Dream Stage concept M20d + 4xL3m + 2xL3s + 4xL2m where you take one output from the M20d and daisy chain the other 9 speakers together. Or you take 2xL3t and loopback I am not convinced that they necessarily thought all of the variations through properly especially when it comes to stereo and feeding from Pod HD or Helix. One big hint is that they didn't include a Pan control on the Mixer versions even though a stereo pair is supported I agree with you that using L6 link and the mixer should probably come out of both speakers, but they might have been thinking that it works better assuming that somebody else is also plugged into the other speaker if the sound comes only from the speaker next to the musician. It might be worth an IdeaScale suggestion, but nothing has happened around the Stage products in a very long time.
  23. Can it be triggered from a MIDI keyboard/pedal board using Note On/Off?
  24. Rewolf48

    Helix case/bag

    One thing to add though. I put my Helix in with expression pedal at the top not the way BSD512 has it - this lets me lower in and pull out just using one hand with fingers around the Expression pedal while the other hand holds the backpack down.
  25. Rewolf48

    Helix case/bag

    I also got the Novation Black 25 backpack - sorry Line 6: I needed something but the budget wouldn't stretch to the official backpack and you didn't offer the free backpack with Helix here in the UK (I did buy mine in December). It was £34 from Amazon and therefore is less than 1/3 the price of the Line 6 one, so my expectations were not very high, but it fits in fairly cosily (I am sure it will stretch), has enough protection for the minimum abuse I am going to let it get, the 15" Laptop sized pocket can hold all the cables and my two EV-5 expression pedals and there are even a couple of side pockets that can hold a tin of beer each. What more do I need?
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