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  1. ^this. I run a Stagesource L2T and we're a LOUD band, master at half on that and half on the HD :)
  2. Even AxeFX etc have this issue, like the others have said, you need to try fit it all in one patch unfortunately :(
  3. What you need to do is use the left 1/4" out for the combo amp, and the right 1/4" out for the other amp, create a amp setup with no amp on one side and pan that hard left in the mixer, set up the second amp with a preamp model and pan that hard right at the mixer, job done!
  4. Hmmm can't say I've noticed that at all, in fact I love how quiet this rig is with the L2T!
  5. The HD500X's better footswitches are the win for me, especially if you play live and switch patches or effects a lot, the HD500 ones were always way too flimsy :)
  6. Ahhh right, that should fix your issues, the L6 link is brilliant!
  7. Master volume control knob on pod set above 0? also volume pedal in fully down position? headphone testing like DD suggested should tell you if those are to blame :)
  8. I was under the impression that whatever amp settings you have on the HD just change the configuration of the DT when you have it connected via L6 Link, so in theory you could use the same patches for live and DI?
  9. "Feel" is for cork sniffers, if you like what it sounds like coming out of your rig thats all that matters, you're unlikely to get a sensation of feel anyway if you're playing live, by the time your mic'd signal has gone down 50m + of cable to and from the desk and blasted at you from the foldback ;)
  10. Your videos were fundamental in me getting a great sound out of my HD, can't thank you enough!!
  11. Had this issue with mine too, was the only way at band practice I could see to get around it, couldn't find a menu item anywhere to change it to PA mode.... but then noticed the * on the display when I changed it on the L2T, sorted!
  12. The Peter Hanmer videos were the bazinga moment for me, download his patches from his site and tweak to adjust, also make sure your output is in studio/direct mode to get the maximum benefit of a FRFR setup :)
  13. I'm very happy with mine, I ditched my handwired tube amp and $3k + worth of pedals for it and a stagesource L2T, I invested the time in getting it to sound as good as what it replaced and now I'm really happy, was initially disappointed as it didn't sound anywhere near as good, but like others have said, just takes some time and following some of the tutorials out there :)
  14. I have my L2T set at halfway on the master, and HD500X at halfway on the master too, both seem perfect and we're not a quiet band :)
  15. Anyone here tried one of these with their HD?
  16. As a general rule with volume pedals on a traditional pedalboard setup you'd put them after your overdrives / distortions / fuzzes so you don't lose any gain when the volume pedal is lower, obviously this won't fix your situation, but it's a good general tip :)
  17. Maybe you need to try the volume pedal calibration?
  18. Get the L2T, for the little extra money the versatility is amazing, I'm using mine with a HD500X over the line6 link, but I can also use the other mixer inputs to run a mic or other devices into it, fantastic!
  19. I do mine with headphones at home because the kids are usually asleep when I have time to play with my rig, but it all gets tweaked at band practice thru my L2T to perfect it :)
  20. All the inputs are usable at once apparently, haven't tried tho', and yes, the mixer controls have no effect on the L6 link :)
  21. Only two decent options for using with a modeller IMHO. 1. Matrix or other clean power amp + guitar cab (cab sims on Pod disabled) 2. FRFR monitor, e.g. Line 6 stagesource L2 / L3 or Yamaha DXR12 or similar (cab sims on pod enabled) I have a stagesource L2T with my HD500X and it's killer!
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