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    FRFR volume

    I had a big problem when I switched from my tube amp and pedals setup to the HD500X, just wouldn't cut thru and I kept turning up to compensate but it just sounded like a muddy mess, was majorly disappointed until I got that sorted, and now my bandmates say I'm too loud LOL!
  2. jeremybnz

    FRFR volume

    EQ is pretty important in a band situation, it may not seem as loud because the frequencies are overlapping with the other instruments, I run a L2T with mine and half on master on that and half on master on the HD500X and it's HEAPS of volume with my band :)
  3. Are you running the epsi in the loop?
  4. You need to assign one of the expression inputs (exp1 / exp2) to the volume pedal block :)
  5. The balanced XLR outs should be a similar level to a microphone, a half decent mixer and PA setup should have no issues at all!
  6. Peters videos helped me a TON! Was not intuitive at all, and to be honest I had no idea about how to EQ anything before I watched his vids!
  7. In monitor position it definitely cuts the low end, quite noticeable at band practice :)
  8. If you can afford the helix, I'd get it, unfortunately here in New Zealand it's $2000 more LOL so I'm sticking with the HD500X for a fair while longer :)
  9. Had first experience with this live when my band opened for Between The Buried and Me the other night, went HD500X -> L2T -> FOH, worked really well, and got compliments on my tone, also could hear myself more clearly than ever before, very pleased with this setup!!
  10. Try Ola Englunds patch for the HD500X: http://www.oep.se/YOUTUBE/Line%206/Ola%20Fireballs.5xeyou can use the patch converter if dragging and dropping it into edit doesn't work, just remove the cab sim :)
  11. NB: It needs to be a serial effects loop or a parallel one where you can set it at 100% mix to use it effectively as a power amp only.
  12. I use the multi mode on footswitches to turn one effect off and another on sometimes, very handy and means I can keep to 4 footswitches for effects and 4 for patches :)
  13. Wow, what kind of stuff are you guys playing that you need to do so much tap dancing? Is it the lag between switching presets that keeps you from using that mode?
  14. Another JCM800 user here, we A/B'd it at band practice with the Soldano and everyone agreed the JCM was the winner, my patch doesn't sound great on it's own, but in the mix with the rest of the band it sounds awesome :)
  15. Yep, had the same problem years ago when I had a HD500 before I went to tube amps etc, spent all my time tweaking and never getting a decent sound, now I'm in a band and have a purpose it's much easier to just build patches for our songs, I only use 3 patches now :)
  16. Nice! Going to do something similar, I have a short cable with IEC socket on one end and 3 pin plug on other which I will mount into the board :)
  17. Nice one! I've just recently switched from boutique pedals and handwired tube amp to HD500X / L2T combo, and after a fair bit of hard work have got it sounding 99% as good, pretty pleased, well worth persevering with!
  18. I have mine on a Pedaltrain PT-1 with Hardcase, works great and theres a bit of extra room for cables etc.
  19. Wondering what the consensus is for a live performance situation, I use my L2T for stage volume, should I go to the desk from the output on that or from the stereo XLR outs on the HD500X?
  20. jeremybnz


    Some great tips in this thread, going to test them out, really struggling to get a good tone that fits in the mix with my band :(
  21. jeremybnz

    FRFR ?

    Horses for courses, if you want the sound you get in your headphones from the HD running it's amp sims and cabs then a proper FRFR speaker is the way to go, if you want the sound of a real cab and amp then get a cab and amp :) For simplicity I've gone with the stagesource L2T and HD500 after years of lugging around a tube amp and can and large pedalboard, loving the portability of it and with some tweaking based on advice from here and meambobbo's site it's sounding great!
  22. Any updates on this from people using the Logidy EPSi?
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