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  1. Ahhhhh this will be the problem I had too, when I used the vocoder I had the input set to mic and got no sound through, thanks lads!
  2. I think the Amplifire paired with an M9 would be a killer replacement for the HD, I'm leaning that way myself....
  3. I have the same setup and use the L6 Link, just simplifies everything, and you don't need to mess around with input gain settings etc...
  4. You probably don't have the latest firmware that has the GEQ in it :) I turned it off on mine, pointless thing, I post amp EQ my patches to get them sounding how I like :)
  5. The factory presets are almost all completely horrible, much better to craft your own!!
  6. It has an interface built in, and you can connect it to your monitors with the right cable, personally I'd buy an IR loader like an AMT Pangaea and use that instead of the built in cab sims :)
  7. jeremybnz

    Blackback Cab

    Finally trying this was a revelation to me, possibly the best sounding cab in the HD500X, I'm quite experienced with G12H30's with real amps tho', really like the sound of them :) Anyone else using this cab? I'm using the 2204 from the metal pack and it really brings that alive!
  8. Something must be wrong surely, how much gain do you need????? Is the Pad switch by the expression pedal turned on for example?
  9. I'm using the metal pack's JCM800 into the Blackback cab, tried the amp out with an IR loader in my DAW and it really comes alive, can't wait to get an AMT Pangaea to run in the loop of the HD500X so I can get this sound all the time!
  10. To be fair, not everyone is in the states, with the exchange rate at the moment it makes it pretty expensive for some of us to buy!
  11. Neunaber stereo wet reverb, about the only pedal I miss from my full pedalboard days!
  12. Thats awesome to know, thanks!!
  13. If you want to use it just for effects it's not really what it's designed for, and unfortunately does suck tone like crazy, you should really look at something like an M13 instead :)
  14. Just add to cart, automatically sets the discount in your total, no code required, finally makes it more affordable for me to buy the metal pack thanks to our New Zealand peso being so bad against the USD at the mo' :)
  15. If you had another amp I'd recommend an M13 or Boss GT100 over the HD for effects only, but with the DT I'd say go HD all the way!
  16. EB Stuff is great, but take a spare, if you break the string that turns the pot during a gig theres no quick fix....
  17. Interesting, I'm definitely more a user of the latter in my band, might have to stump up the $$ and get it!
  18. I'm sorely tempted to buy the metal pack just for the JCM800, it's what I used before I went back to a digital rig, and I use the J-800 now and I'm not 100% happy with it...
  19. I use the brit j-800 for my dirt sound, if you want a copy of my patch I'm happy to share :)
  20. Epic track man, love your work!
  21. LOL I love my setup, HD500 on PT-1, L6 link cable to L2T speaker, job done. So quick for changeover between acts at gigs!
  22. Why not use a dual path setup and pin hard left and right on the mixer? have one path with no amp or effects?
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