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  1. Make sure you have a ABS/EBU cable and plug it from the L6 link on your pod L6 link connection on your L2T L6 connection
  2. After our last gig I was thinking about this, possibly taking a good thick extension cord and cutting it and different lengths to get from one side of the stage to the other, from the first L3T and L3S and then passing by each of the 3 L2M monitors of course before coming back to the other side of the stage and passing by my other L3s and L3T then back to the M20D where I have a monster pro power conditioner 3500. Each stop I would install a utility box with a duplex receptacle. I'm thinking of maybe cutting the power cords of each speaker because they seem to be kind of long so that they're the perfect Lenth to come to the floor behind unit tied in directly to the utility box, then possibly adding the Line 6 link cable to the extension cord with tape. I think this would make for a pretty quick hook up just roll out the extension cord and connect everything at each stop. I think this would definitely tidy up the mess. Any questions comments or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Let me know how you guys deal with it.
  3. I use Pro Tools 10 and I like it................ a free DAW you can use is "audacity" it works pretty good and is open source software, so they are making it better all the time.
  4. I have the same problem just started A couple of days ago we were at a gig yesterday morning getting set up and I had to reboot it at least five times I pushed the mute buttons and unplugged everything but it seems like when I unplug the USB is when it was able to be back up I thought maybe because we were in a cold environment it was because of the temperature and itneeded to warm up some. Okay will be watching this one see when the fix comes
  5. Try Reloading the firmware update..... I have not ever had this problem. What I do notice with mine is if I turn it slow it takes a long time for it to turn off because it is in very small increments if you turn it quite fast it will jump the volume up much quicker.
  6. Today we played 2 gigs back to back both outside.... 1st gig I got setup did a 20 sec sound test and had a little trouble getting the iPad connected, it took about 5 min connecting and reconnecting plugging and unplugging usb stick and turning on and off wifi on iPad, finally connected and walked out front of the stage and played back the 20 sec track and every time the track played through it would disconnect the iPad and then when the track would restart the iPad would reconnect until I would stop the 20 sec track and it would stay connected... weird huh? :huh: Now the WOW!!! I didn't need to change a thing it sounded GREAT!!! :o since the last gig we did was inside I haven't changed any settings and it was perfect even out side. Got to the second gig and setup and just played. This system is so awesome!!! when I told my wife at the first gig that I didn't make any changes to the mix and how cool that was she says " isn't that why you got it?" YES!!! THAT'S EXACTLY RIGHT!!! B) What a load off my shoulders to not have to mess with that as well as everything else, just set up and play, I can't say enough about how glad I am about having this rig... THANK YOU LINE 6!!! I look forward to gigging around and not worrying about the mix anymore. sure I'll check it but that just makes me keep on appreciating what the Lord has made possible... THANK YOU JESUS!!! :rolleyes:
  7. In ProTools 10 I use audio Suite to add 10 to 15 dB of gain to each track I found that normalizing sometimes puts a little too much gain in the track so I have made a preset in pt 10 for 10 and 15 dB gain and yes it is for headroom.
  8. Okay I can see a new feature for our next firmware update which would be, a small check box when you would load a complete scene or setup you would be able to check the box that says "load with previous volume settings"
  9. Kinda the way I felt having to buy an iPad that other wise I wouldn't have, because there is no Android support and I already had one....
  10. yes it works but it must be fat 32 format..... at first I could not get it to be seen the I reformatted to fat 32 and its all good now been using it alot the past 2 -3 months. got mine off newegg for cheap just gotta be a "class 10" I did have to use Disk Partition Software - MiniTool Partition Wizard it is FREE!!! to erase the original partition then re partitioned and formatted
  11. Q: Which USB WiFi products are compatible with the StageScape M20d? A: The EnGenius EUB-9801, Samsung WIS12ABGNX (WIS9ABGN and a WIS10ABGN are NOT compatible), and Linksys AE1000 (AE1200 and AE2500 will NOT work)are compatible with the StageScape M20D. However, they may be discontinued at this time. We recommend using an Apple Airport Express and use Apple's USB to Ethernet adapter (UPC: 885909439560). It is also possible to use the USB to Ethernet adapter and a DHCP enabled WiFi Ethernet router.
  12. here id a wifi setup video
  13. The EnGenius EUB-9801 is the one i use I got it from ebay, if you tap the "i" in the top right corner in the pop up menu pick network, if you select stand alone all you need is your wifi stick if you pick, (With an existing Wi-Fi Network is selected) Select a local Wi-Fi Network if you’d like to join one. Tap the Network field and a window will open to enable you to select a network and enter your password. do the same with your iPad then start the remote program on your iPad and it should find it. Wi-Fi Remote Setup M20d’s Wi-Fi support allows you to connect one or more iPad® devices simultaneously, for complete remote control over all M20d mixer functions via the StageScape Remote app, which is available for free from the iTunes App Store. Each iPad® can control different screens or different parameters independently of the touchscreen on the M20d itself. A USB Wi-Fi adapter is required, to be connected to the M20d’s USB port. Recommended adapters include the EnGenius EUB9801, LinkSys AE1000 and Samsung WIS10ABGN. It is also possible to use Apple’s USB to Ethernet adapter (available worldwide from Apple) and a Wi-Fi Ethernet router. See for the latest available info on Wi-Fi adapters. Configuring M20d for remote control is easy. Just follow these four steps: 1. Connect a USB Wi-Fi Device to the M20d This is the most important step. A USB Wi-Fi device must be plugged into the M20d’s USB port to enable the StageScape Remote app to connect with the M20d. System Settings 9•3 2. Customize the Unit Name (optional) The Unit Name is the name the M20d broadcasts as a network name, also referred to as a network SSID. By default, the M20d will set its Unit Name to “StageScapeM20dâ€. You can edit the Unit Name by tapping the name field and entering new text. When entering text for the SSID, some alphanumeric characters are disabled. 3. Select a Wiireless Channel (if Standalone is selected) Select a Wi-Fi Channel from the Wireless Channel dropdown menu. 4. Select a Wi-Fi Network (if With an existing Wi-Fi Network is selected) Select a local Wi-Fi Network if you’d like to join one. Tap the Network field and a window will open to enable you to select a network and enter your password. 5. Security PIN Make a note of the four-digit Security PIN. The StageScape Remote app requires you to enter these digits when connecting to your M20d. Note: The M20d automatically generates the four-digit Security PIN specific to your device. The PIN cannot be customized. Now you’re ready to configure Wi-Fi settings on your iPad®. this is all from page 9-1 though 9-3 of StageScape M20d Advanced Guide
  14. YES!!! And YES!!! You can do this both ways and there is a button for you to select this whether you want to do a network or not...
  15. Or with out a cable, setup 2 inputs with the sax mans mic 1 for flute and 1 for sax then do this to swap back and forth, I/O Reassignment On occassion you may find that you need to reassign an instrument to a different input, or a stage monitor to a different output. Suppose you have ideal channel settings for Input 1 prior to connecting any microphones or instruments to the M20d, and it happens that the instrument intended for Input 1 has been connected to Input 4. You may be inclined to swap the physical connections of inputs 1 and 4, but that may prove to be impractical in a critical live performance scenario. In a situation like this the M20d provides I/O Reassignment, using the touchscreen UI. This feature is also accessible remotely using the free StageScape Remote app for iPad®. To reassign jacks in Setup Mode using the virtual I/O Panel, follow these steps: 1. Select the Stage Icon for the input assignment you wish to reassign. 2. Tap the I/O Panel in the Main Toolbar to zoom in on it. 3. The selected Stage Icon’s current input jack will be highlighted. 4. Tap the input jack to which you wish to assign the selected Stage Icon. 5. The selected Stage Icon’s input jack is now the jack you tapped in Step 4. Note: only presets with the 1/4†badge can be swapped or assigned to Inputs 13-16. Tip: If you tap an input jack to which another channel is already assigned, the inputs of that channel and the currently selected channel will be swapped. Tip: You can also reassign outputs for Monitors A-D using this operation.
  16. I'm assuming you have updated your unit to the latest firmware but this was a problem even before any firmware update was available the problem being the recording was not stopped before the unit was shut down so that the tracks did not finalize and will not be able to be recovered as far as I know maybe DB or someone else at Line 6 can talk to the coding guys to come up with a program that could repair them.
  17. Hi use a standard non-external powered USB hub I plug in my and ingenious wireless Wi-Fi stick and an other eight gig SanDisk flash drive with songs on it and play the music off of it and record onto my SD card
  18. Try reloading the 1.20 update, it may not hurt to go ahead and download a fresh copy of it for doing that. mine sometimes seems a little slow to react to my touches on the screen I got a touch pen and that seems to work a little better but I have left the original screen cover on which could be my problem but I didn't want to take it off until I got a screen protector for it.
  19. Same thing happened when I updated to firmware 1.10 when I loaded the firmware it restarted two times and then just sits saying M20 D is starting, now been waiting for over an hour still says it, last time I turned off the system and turned it back on and seemed to work okay. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue I will try and reload the firmware update after I reboot, after reboot the M20D came on went back and ran the update again update went through successfully and completely without having to turn it off. Wondering if anyone else's same problem
  20. We noticed this as well we did our first inside gig last night and then played there again this morning sounded like it was a whole lot louder on the monitors and on the mains...... When I saw this thread I immediately thought it was about the level of the wave files which when I drop them into ProTools have to add 10 to 20 dB of gain to get them up where my 11 rack levels are we use electronic drums and bass plugged directly in to the system as well as my 11 rack, The main mix is even lower than the rest. I must say however that the mixes and the sound quality that I am able to get in ProTools with very little tweaking his phenomenal!!!
  21. I was excited for about 2 sec.... then I saw there was no link at the top of the page :( can some one who saw it look at you off line files to see if you can bring it back up?
  22. I have done this through my eleven rack on a bass preset and it sounds good with a L3t and an L3s together
  23. . Understand your frustration same problem after upgrading the firmware but I erased all the set ups that I had started completely over, today we recorded practice in Made 26 recordings or takes, there was only 11 actual songs and everything recorded fine. the only thing I can add is are you absolutely sure you Turned off the recording before you turned off the power.
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