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  1. I do this, but when I save it reverts back. Glitch maybe? Thank you
  2. I am running two paths, different amps etc. If i have a Wah on both, and want one at 100% with toe up and the other at 0%, and vise versa toe down, how do I do this? When I change parameters and save it always goes back to 0-100, not 100-0? Make sense? Is this a global control setting or something I am missing?
  3. So I am on 2.5, ready to go to 2.6. However my computer had crashed and needed to reinstall all my programs after repair. So I have no Helix edit at this point. Should I download 2.5 and save everything, then download 2.6? Last upgrade finally went smooth, don't want to screw this up! Thanks for advice, is there anything else besides edit I need to install again?
  4. I am curious about this well. That is one of the few functions I have not spent much time with. But I have experimented with a few patches and got good results. I noticed Scott on the Helix Channel messes with the setting. Seems like most people just leave it on auto, in the end I guess it's what sounds good
  5. twystedriffs

    4 osc noise

    did the update awhile back. just noticed when I add a 3 or 4 OSC, it plays a loud note just adding the block. unuasable. the same models in the factory presets work fine, just in new patches? rebuild? which buttons are used for that? thx!
  6. I wonder if the legacy version of the helix model would be less dsp?
  7. I agree with the snapshot settings as stated above, the other thing that I do is if I feel it's going to be a noisy patch, I turn it on and design my patch around it, as opposed to designing my patch and then turning it on and hearing a difference
  8. I wonder if the new update can sound like message in a bottle finally? ;) I just finally did 2.3 a few weeks ago, and am enjoying it very much, so whenever is fine by me. still want a phase Im not hearing, verbs will be great, though I dont have much problem with these. love some kind of quirky petal, better key or synth or weird delay.. its all good whenevr whatever
  9. Choice of speakers aside, stick with monitor/frfr and give it two months. you will go through an amaze phase, then regret and wondering if it was right, then you will find bliss.. its a great forum, and a great machine. few tips, turn hum and ripple all the way off for starters, then add sag for more blusey stuff or leads, less for heavier sounds. read about cab cuts and adjust those, esp with lower tunings. have fun and good luck!
  10. Last time I updated was 2.11 and somehow my helix saved everything except my snapshot data. was a huge pain to redo 50+ patches from scratch so I have been gunshy to try again. But I am very anxious to update, and have some time before next round of gigs. so I saved my setlist to my pc, then imported into empty slot just to see if they saved correctly this time. The names of the songs were there, no data what so ever though, empty signl paths..I bought some of Glenn's patches awhile back, export setlist, imported to new slot, same thing. Why wont my helix save things correctly? I did save an individual song, and it worked fine. So should I just save individual songs, update, then reload individul? no setlists or anything? And would I then have to save my IRs and load the same? Ugh, glad they updated this process for 2.3, just want to get there safely, I would pass on updating forever if I had to redo all my snaps again!!
  11. I have done a few similar patches. Obviously DSP is the main thing. I have one I am very fond of where I run two paths with regular amps and effects, then a third path for a clean overtone. I do not put any amp on that path, just a IR or cabinet some Reverb and delay.
  12. I ran my x3live into the front of dual powerblocs and 2 4x12s. Could add a little extra gain and eq that way. As much as I love my helix, Ill put that rig against any still! My helix still can't do everything that rig did. Of course there are new things it can do as well;)
  13. That being said I use a stereo rig and have for years. The trick for me is just a pan things just slightly left and right. It definitely thickens and spreads without getting that awkward phase or loss of signal on one side.
  14. twystedriffs

    Alto ts212

    I bought two Alto ts210. And love it. I put them on a pole behind me for stage volume. I tried one and was not happy but I've always been a stereo guy so once I added the second one I was in heaven. I have not tried some of the more expensive yet either but it seems to be translating to our QSC main system very nicely. I haven't noticed a volume difference between the XLR and quarter inch personally but I haven't really tried. I do however hear a lot of extra hiss when I use a quarter inch and I don't know why. Maybe it's the extra volume? But they are super quiet with XLR. I keep them turned at 12, and my helix right around 12 as well and it's pretty dang loud
  15. I do this all the time! I live having some delays and mods on the clean side that spill over while keeping things tight on the driven side. I'll have to look and see a few of my fav combos.. also, if you use stereo paths for dual driven sounds, if you dont use to much dsp you can have a 3rd path just clean signal.. add a can or ir or some effects there too..
  16. I saw the original diagram, never knew they corrected it. My dual CPB rig with the X3 kicked major lollipop. I made a patch with the single harmonizer on helix that was insane. Sounded like a one man Iron Maiden. Unfortunately runni g direct made that patch sound very cheesy. Hardest one I have had to replicate to frfr.
  17. I ran my x3live into the front of dual powerblocs for years. The little extra gain and eq sounded amazing. Tried the same when I went to helix. Into the front sounded awful, into the left inputs in the back did the trick. I found in some posts and a schematic if you used 1/4 to rca and used the rca inputs you will bypass the internal cab simulation of the powerbloc. Wasnt that big a difference to me. I finally bought two alto ts210s and havent looked back. But some things sounded amazing through the crates and not so much frfr. And vise versa. Had to remake all my patches, but the ease of gigging without 2 4x12s and the extra depth of cans and IRs seems to be worth it for me. I am curious to plug up the big rig again now that ive been frfr only for about 4 months.. think its just what you get used too, had great results both ways
  18. Thanks guys for the feedback. I want them to be happy, maybe make a convert;) ill try the hiwatt too. Good call. Ill just set up a few patches and let him choose!
  19. Yeah, one nighter. No idea what his pedal board consists of. So I figured I would insert him before the amp, and have a few different cab options set up. Also, can I run a stereo path of amps and use the same send/ return before each amp? Try to give him a big sound, but simple? Am I on the right path here? Sounds to simple to be true..but such is the helix!
  20. So my Police tribute is opening for a Red Hot Chilli Peppers tribute on the 4th.. sweet I know;) we are providing backline, and the guitarist is cool using my helix. He wants a fender twin amp model, and will use his own pedals. I have never run anything but my looper and talk box through the sends. And advice on using ourboard pedals to make sure I set him up good? Thanks!
  21. When I got mine, I ran into Crate powerblocs pushing 2 4x12s.. Im a stereo guy. Sounded great, turned the cabs off and had great success. Had a bunch of gigs coming up so went with what I had. Then I was gonna do some recording so plugged straight in, added some cabs..wow!! Different world! Ordere 2 Alto ts210s and havent looked back. For a few weeks O was on the fence, you have to adjust your ears to it, and it takes a bit more tweaking. But the added depth of cans and ORs and the clarity of the amos and effects is a whole different beast. Sounds great live, and I dont miss lugging a bunch of heavy gear around one bit!
  22. Thanks Peter.. Guess it was a bad patch cable. Was only running it mono so wasnt getting anything! Sweet;) now if I can only get my talkbox working. I have a couple crate powerblocs around, thinking I may have to use one of em to push it! Todays experiment...
  23. Well, I have send and return cables to the jam man, and put in a send block, it is on.. what am i missing?
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