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  1. part 1 based on the famous "01A Son Of Plexi" factory preset + spank-5 model (quick on the fly comparison) part 2 is under construction (focused on a-riff-by-riff comparison). part 2a uploaded (focused on variax mags-riff-by-riff-comparison) part 3 is also under construction (focused on guitar-volume-knob+pick-attack-sensitivity comparison).
  2. true! i'm working on it on part 3 of helix+jtv vs hd500+jtv comparison...
  3. bravo! excellent job Aris !
  4. 0. Download latest firmware file 2.62.00.phf from 'n save on ur hard disk. 1.Turn on safe mode (Power down, Power on + Down Arrow) 2. Update the latest firmware from file 2.62.00.phf 3. Reset all settings (Power down, Power on + Left Arrow) 4. Calibrate everything (Power down, Power on + Right Arrow)
  5. Workbench HD Version 2.12 / Released 2/18/15 Workbench HD Workbench HD Version 2.12 Released 2/18/15 Works with: James Tyler Variax POD HD Pro POD HD Pro X POD HD500 POD HD500X Variax USB Interface Adds support for Variax Standard OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 ( 20.50 MB ) Get Download
  6. i can image the lucky ones tap-dancing while playing 'n singing! wonderful show :D
  7. et alors voila! 690 !!!! :D :D :D
  8. et alors voila! 787 !!!! :D :D :D
  9. This is a quick on the fly sound comparison btwn helix + hd500 using a jtv69s spank 5 position. Patches used: All r based on the famous Son of Plexi factory preset. Patches were set on the fly with minimal effort; if i have time I'll further tweak them 2 a full match with the helix sound... I think with a little bit of global eq'ing, it wld b difficult 2 blind-recognize which is which :)
  10. jandrio

    Helix routing

    4 stereo paths.
  11. good luck 'n keep on ...poding 2 both of u... hope u post some vid/sound samples...
  12. here is a new SH vid: the 1st SH vid posted yesterday on this forum:
  13. ok, think i'll run helix in the fx loop of my hd500 :D
  14. only if wireless vdi is served on the helix menu...
  15. change the pickup using a new patch instead of using the selector...
  16. additionally check out patches on foll link: HD500 + JTV 69s demo vids with patches u can find detailed tone analysis under each vid description.
  17. ok boys, give some ...sympathy 4 the (d)evil.....
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