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  1. Keep in mind this thread is from 2017 and the legacy effects were not included until version 2.5... released earlier this year.
  2. There is no magic "punch" knob, and every compressor works differently so what works on one could be the opposite on another. Check out this thread... it may offer some guidance.
  3. When using an amp model (full or preamp) with an actual amp (input, effect return, or power amp in) the only thing I would consistently do is make sure the cabinet/mic simulation is turned off. IME.... cab sims into anything that isn't full range is where the most unpredictability is. I'm not saying it can't sound good, I'm just saying it becomes unpredictable. IMO.... I would never use two of the same thing. Amp preamp or Helix preamp... not both Standard guitar cabinet or Cab/Mic sim on the Helix... not both Fortunately... as long as your amp has an effects loop the 4 cable setup will allow you to do whatever you need.
  4. Really? Should be easier than that. If you are moving the effect position in the signal flow, the switch should never change. If you are changing the switch, can't you just do a swap? Touch (don't press) and hold two switches for a couple seconds.... confirm the swap. This only changes the switch assignments (and should retain your settings) but does not alter the position of the effect in the signal flow. NOTE: I use an HX Effects not a Helix... but I believe the basics are the same.
  5. This is what I would do, but there are many ways that are just as valid. 1: HX Effects "Send 1 > Tech 21 Input" 2: "Tech 21 output" > HX Effects "Return 1" Now, insert a MONO "Effect Loop 1" block anywhere in the chain you want the Tech 21 to be. Normally it would be after dirt and compression, but before delays and reverbs. But this is all up to you.
  7. This really shouldn't happen... it may be the loop level settings, but could be something else going on. What happens if you just scrap the 4 cable setup and run the HX into your amp? Does the distortion sound right then? Everyone gets hung up on the 4cm, but rarely (extremely rarely) do I ever see anyone running a traditional pedal board in that manner. IMO... get the unit sounding the way you want "in front of the amp" then (only if you feel you need to) attempt the 4 cable method.
  8. "Output to amp" is not correct. Guitar to Input... Send 1 to amp Amp Effects Send to Return 1 Output to Amps Effects Return Obviously... make sure Effects Loop 1 is setup as a block in the HX Effects. The diagram above shows the correct routing... but in 35 years of gigging I have never disconnected the ground from cables... and never suffered from my choice :)
  9. There is an official statement about this .... it is a sticky at the top of these Helix forums. Look for the title "HX Effects Audio Artifacts"
  10. If it sounds good in headphones then you must be running CAB simulation. You have to turn that off when you go to the amp.For absolutely no cabinet simulation you need to set the HD to Studio Direct mode, then turn off the cabinet in the amp model. If it still sounds really bad... tweak the "modeled amp settings" in the pod. Don't just expect the headphone settings to work. If it still sounds really bad... something may be amiss in your global settings.
  11. When you say you are looking at buying the HX... do you mean the full blown Helix, or the HX Effects? This is how I view the HX Effects in particular...but it would be the same with the Helix but with more capability. Every preset you build is like building a different pedal board. You can keep them similar, or as drastically different as you want. When you choose a preset it's just like placing a new pedal board with a saved default setting at your feet. Now you have two options (both available) once you load the preset Stomp Mode: You can turn effects on/off just like a real pedal board Snapshot Mode: Access to 4 different "defaults" for that particular pedal board. (The HX Effects has 4 snapshots, I believe the Helix has 8) As already mentioned, the "intro > verse > chorus > solo" approach is best achieved by snapshots.
  12. What a great suggestion... I have a few of those sets in my string box but no longer have the guitar I bought them for. Now I have some experimenting to do :) I have a colleague that uses his variax mostly for acoustic... he sets his up with a light set of bronze wound and it makes a huge difference on the acoustic tones.
  13. I run a fairly complex setup similar to what you are doing. My patches will not work for you, but I will give you an idea of how I set it up. I designate my left output for the guitar amp, and the right output for the PA. It doesn't matter if this is reversed, just decide on this before you start. If you use the XLR output for the PA you need to put a dummy plug in the 1/4" right output. I just use a DI with the right 1/4" out. Acoustic patches.... created the patch and pan everything to the right so it only routs to the PA. Electric patches... at the end of my chain I split the path. The right side will get an amp sim of choice and is panned hard right to go to the PA. The left side does not get an amp sim since it is routed to my amplifier. With #4... if you want to run an amp sim into the amp (or into a power amp input) you can certainly do that. But I do recommend you choose the "no cab" option for a cabinet. With that basic concept, you can create and route any tone to any location. Some sounds go direct, other sounds go to the amp, some go to both. It does take time to balance all of the signals but the mixer in the HD allows you to make those final volume adjustments along with the hard left/right pans. FWIW I use my HD for electric, baritone, acoustic, banjo, dobro, mandolin and pedal steel - so my routing and patching pushes the HD beyond it's limits and requires added A/B boxes. BUT as complicated as it is I am able to accommodate everything with one device rather than running separate setups for each.
  14. It was a long time ago that I installed the vintage pack... I don't remember off the top of my head, but I do remember it being more complicated than I expected. Maybe the info here can help you out.
  15. I wish.... Sadly, here in Canada the Helix LT is $600 more than the HX Effects and the full Helix is $1300 more. Sorry to the OP... I don't mean to take this off topic.
  16. The HX Effects will support 2 independent EXP pedals which can be assigned to anything you want in any given patch. But yes, they have to be purchased separately.
  17. My own opinion is that the HX Effects is a perfect option. The effects are outstanding and you can set it up as simple, or as complicated as you want. You also get to experiment with effects you may never consider.... whether you use any or not is your choice :) Take a look at this video.... Ritchie Castallano is the guitar player for Blue Oyster Cult and is an avid Helix supporter. In this video he switches his father over to the HX effects from just a couple of pedals.... it's a nice little "simple" insight into the HX Effects that you may find interesting.
  18. This is a very practical approach... and is what I started with. However (and this is strictly opinion) the Bandit is just an SS power amp with little to no characteristics of it's own. I found that using the full amp model (which includes output tube/transformer modeling) with the cabinet turned off gives me the richest tones.
  19. I often use a Bandit ... great workhorse amps! Which version of the 112 do you have, there are many. The suggestion above will certainly work... but I approach it a little differently. Connect a 1/4 out to the Bandit Effect Return if it has one. If not, connect to the Power amp in. (I prefer the effect return because it gives you access to the presence, resonance and reverb on the bandit - depending on the version) Leave the HD in Studio Direct Mode... any other mode uses a "live cab" simulation that I do not like! (that's just my opinion) Choose any amp model... but TURN OFF the cabinet (choose no cab). That gives you a full features amp model, with no cab/mic simulation at all. The bandit itself becomes the cabinet. NOTE: 4 cable method is not needed when connecting directly to the effect return or power amp on the Bandit.
  20. Until this gets fixed.... if you are on Windows try "CTRL > F5" to do a complete reload of the page. I find this works almost every time.
  21. I was actually asking if "HX Edit" (on the computer) is up to date... it should be 2.52. If it's an older version it may not be able to understand the code from the latest firmware on the machine. Try a different USB port. The general rule is to not use a USB Hub, and stay away from any "front ports" as they are often just hubs themselves. In other words, try to plug in to a primary USB port on the back of the computer.
  22. The VDI port allows audio and will provide power and Variax patch change but I believe that is where it ends. As far as I know the older Variax guitars will not control the Helix, and you can't use the Helix to connect to Workbench. I did a lot of research on this as I own a 300 and an HD500... I ended up getting an HX Effects to extend my HD, partially because of the lack of compatibility with Workbench...
  23. Others may disagree... but in my opinion, LIVE should be a mono signal. The room itself will create a stereo image naturally. Keep in mind, that unless an audience member is sitting precisely in the middle of the two speakers about 10' or more back (depending on room size)... not only will they not hear your glorious tone, they will actually be missing half of it. Here is food for thought... The vast majority of touring acts use mono systems. They want everyone to hear everything... not just the people with the optimum seating.
  24. Ahh, the joys of a good multi effects. Buy the latest model because it has everything you need and you don't have to carry extras pedals around any longer. Then you realize it can't do "abc" well enough so you begin hooking up the provides "loops" with added gear. Soon you begin to look like "The Edge" Repeat 1 through 3 in an infinite loop! In fairness, that is why there are loops. If you need something the unit is not capable of (to your satisfaction) there is nothing stopping you from adding it.
  25. If you are new to modelers, just prepare yourself for a learning curve... they take a while to figure out when you are new to them.
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