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  1. I had another listen and your right dammit Still its a weird way to say 1999 dollars, guess I'll just get the Firehawk
  2. Bearing that in mind though there is still quite a lot missing in the Firehawk when compared to the hd500x (looper, various effects, mic input, routing options, dual amp patches etc) here in the UK a brand new 500x is only £20 more than the Firehawk, I'll still try the Firehawk out but I think the balance in price between the units is way off. If I was a new customer that hadn't already spent a lot of time with the hd500 I'd probably overlook the Firehawk once I compared specs
  3. Yeah totally, I'm not holding my breath, I reckon he made a mistake about what was included or just dropped the comment in to see who was paying attention lol
  4. Are there any plans for an android version of mobile pod?
  6. Here is the video, skip to 17 minutes for the package price Line 6 Demo Firehawk FX And Variax Standard Guitar:
  7. I was scouring the Internet for news on the Firehawk to quench my insatiable thirst for details and I came across a YouTube video posted by gear zombie, it was a recording of a line6 demonstration at namm and at the end of the demo the demonstrator said the variax standard, firehawk fx and stagesource l2m were available as a package at $999 I'm assuming this was a mistake as you would be getting the speaker for free? Please reply quickly if it is true so I can alter my pre order
  8. I heard about a week ago that a looper was still a possibility, I've not heard anything since then, not having a switch isn't really an issue could just assign it to a long press on the bank down switch
  9. A few days ago they said they are still adding effects etc so a final list just isn't complete yet, it sounded like the longer it takes the more effects will make it in, I can't wait for mine to ship but I guess I will wait for more effects to be added
  10. I'm in the same boat, I pre ordered the unit and now I'm holding my breath to see what effects make the final cut, I've got fingers crossed for a looper and some kind of bit crush effect
  11. I thought modelling had already beaten analogue! I mean I can experiment to my hearts content with different chains, using 100's of effects I could never afford with a ton of amps I've never even seen, and I can record a face melting solo in virtual silence while my children sleep upstairs
  12. If your gonna contemplate getting a tt and shortboard I'd consider waiting a month and getting the Firehawk fx for about the same price as the tt and floorboard
  13. I didn't realise you could save to the cloud, so I could save a bunch of sounds that are close to what I'd use and tweak later without cluttering up the pedal?
  14. Yeah the footswitch, it's not as hard as it sounds, if you found a local guy who makes up guitar leads and stuff he'd probably sort it out for relatively cheap but really my main point is you can get the unit and see how it plays out for you and if eventually you decide that ampswitching is really important you can find a way round it
  15. There's always a way, I've done several mods on my Zoom G5 pedal, adding switches and such, you could in theory wire your channel switch cable into the vacuum switches on the Firehawk so that patch 1 is clean amp channel patch 2 switches to overdrive amp channel etc obviously you void your warranty etc but I had my Zoom for 6 months and the lack of a tap tempo footswitch was still bugging me so I just added my own, I reckon the finalised details for the Firehawk won't be too long coming out so maybe just keep checking the line6 website for a manual
  16. I downloaded the amplifi app to try this out despite not owning an amplifi unit and I can't wait to use the feature with the Firehawk, it's so fluid and quick at finding tones and it seems as though you can audition the tone before choosing whether you want to save it or not, great for finding a starting point to sculpt a new tone
  17. It seems halfway between amplifi and hd500, though I'm hoping it is capable of comparable tone to the hd500 and a lot easier to program
  18. Over on the gear page forums one of the line 6 product managers has been keeping us up to date with the progress of the Firehawk, apparently they are still cramming in amps and effects and he couldn't confirm or deny the implementation of a looper, he did say they were still hoping to have it in shops by end of march but no firm date set
  19. I use a fender mustang iii v2 should be about your price point they cost about £200 here in the UK, I've used a hd500 and a zoom g5 into the fx return of the amp on a regular basis, it sounds great at low volume and gets really loud if you ever need it, it has an mp3 input for jamming (not sure if you need that or your fx100 has you covered?) but also it has amp models and fx built in, I programmed some basic clean/crunch/solo tones so that should my floor modeller ever fail me I can still complete the rehearsal or gig, it's a great amp for the price and has a nicer look than a powered cab or monitor. I had an alto 12" powered cab before getting the fender but I found the high frequencies were very shrill and not warm amp sounding at all, I'm sure you could eq your patches to your liking but I like that I can program on headphones and then when I play it through the fender it sounds pretty much the same as long as I turn the cab simply off
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