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  1. That is a very strange post.
  2. You can independently change amp models, or you can apply all the default parameters when you switch amp models. Topology (or Negative Feedback Loop type) can be changed independently at any time. It's important to understand that the voicing numbers (I, II, III, IV) no longer correlate to the default topologies, once you change amp models. They are more like "banks". I hope I answered your question. Cass
  3. I think it will be something that makes my Dream Rig obsolete.
  4. Hi, I wrote DT Customizer. There is a problem with saving that has appeared since iOS 7. I will fix it, but I haven't had the time recently to find the problem. Hopefully, I will have an update to fix this problem soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Cass
  5. I haven't compiled it under the iOS 7. I'll take a look at it this weekend.
  6. Cool! The more platforms supported, the better for everyone. :)
  7. Is this different than mine: http://www.cunningham-photo.com/DTCustomizer/mac.html
  8. If I understand the question, here's an answer... First, this is assuming you are connecting via the L6 Link. When the POD modeling is in affect, the DT50 will be in Channel A. And, all of the modeling parameters will come from the POD. The POD will not make permanent adjustment to the modeling parameters stored in the DT50. However, some parameters on the amp will change, to conform to the modeling specified by the POD. Once the L6 connection is broken or the POD Amp modeling is turned off, all the modeling parameters will be obtained from those stored in the DT50 Channel/Voicing banks.
  9. My first though is "Of course. Why not?"... but I haven't tried it myself. So, I'll just say "Why not?"
  10. I wrote DT Customizer. If it is crashing on the iPad, I want to fix it. I know of an issue with earlier versions. I've since uploaded a fixed version. Please let me know what version of DT Customizer you are having problems with, and what version of iOS and iPad hardware you are using. Thanks, Cass BTW, DT Customizer works well with channel B and channel A.
  11. Check this document: http://line6.com/data/6/0a06434d107f14f7b82d58d962/application/pdf/L6%20LINK%20Connectivity%20Guide%20for%20POD%20HD%20&%20DT%20Amplifiers%20v2.00%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20E%20).pdf Channel B acts as if the HD Modeling is off. I find the descriptions somewhat confusing. But, the behavior you are seeing seems to be expected.
  12. I would love to have an answer to this. The only way to do it is to program the mid commands, and use the HD as a midi controller. It's not as simple as it should be.
  13. I returned a new Black JTV-59P last week because it had a loose selector switch and a flaw on the neck. Customer service is good, but QC seems lacking.
  14. Could you please post a followup to your experience with the bad switch support ticket? I just received my Korean JTV-59P yesterday, and the 3-way switch feels like it isn't secured properly. It's loose, and it isn't seating in the lower position securely. But, as far as I can tell, I am getting the appropriate guitar models. Generally, the guitar is in good shape, but the switch has issues, and there is a mark on the neck (under the finish) near the third fret dot. I must say, I'm disappointed. I was so excited, but a new $1500 guitar should be in better shape.
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