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    Pod HD and EMG

    Thx for the answer I was very close to string and with distortion everything seems overboosted Tried away for string and yes it' s more grainy , dynamics and shining I've never noticed this with a real amp... unless the muddy sound :D
  2. kpsion

    Pod HD and EMG

    Dear all , i use POD HD PRO with EMG 85/81 pickup for high gain stuff Did you noticed that EMG pickup height should be lowered to keep tone clarity and "air" using with amp sim ? br
  3. Compare input direct in preamp and by the way combo, and inputing to pod plugged in power amp.... Line should be correct setup, and i've found that 3/4 master volume on pod leads to preamp output equivalent...
  4. so i've received my mooer radar..... and definetly this kills !!! Before buying this gear i was pretty convinced, with experimentation, that Cab sim in high gain stuff was clearly a weakness of pod hd Tests with Mooer radar proved it, with default IR everything sits in a mix without excessive tweaking , and sound find some feeling, expressivity.... i'll try and make soundclips comparing both
  5. And do you confirm it's like night and day ??? ;) From my experiment , using wathever good cab sim , avoid the harsh thing you find in almmost every cab when doing high gain stuff Even boominess and bass is way more controlled. Global result for me was a really naturrally sound
  6. Hi to me yes as pod handle two commands in the same time( swith on + off.....) Using bypass volume control, plus volume pedal to morph sound could help
  7. Hi I've noticed this behaviour, personnaly i'm not sure it's possible to modify Pod edit seems to take precedence over stored preset until you switch off pod, an edit mode..
  8. Your usage will be the driver Direct in a power FRFR speaker will be good for a pure guitar rig With a mixer + amp+ passive speaker or mixer with actie speaker, could be great for a whole ampless band, maybe too much gear to replace only a guiter amp
  9. Hi I'll do for mooer radar as i believe cab sim is the weakness of pod Tried putting my audio interfaces in pod fx loop , with IR and yes this does the job , really really good ;) You 'll have only one cab sim unless you use a midi capable unit that can receive program change message when changing preset. But here price will increase, Torpedo cab might have midi implementation (not sure), torpedo live and... but budget reaches 800bucks
  10. I keep on bypassing every block, to make sure it doesn't amplify too much or decrease the signal Blank patch is great to find unity, in a tube amp i found 3/4 Master is the sweep spot, equivalent to guitar plugged directly in the amp
  11. Haha i'm about to move on this stuff :D Plug in FX loop of the poD, How do you like it , once again :) , this is really important. I'm struggling for years now with pod and keep on having the feel that my sound sounds need to but tweaked. It 's a all time long work... so recently i've made a try plugin my audio interface in and out in pod fx loop and using IR, cause i was convinced Cab sim it's the most important weakness of the pod. Result is really impressive with IR, a real organic sound like Axe .... is possible. Do you confirm ?
  12. You can use expression pedal to control delay mix You can have a preset saved with delay off, so activate the delay when needed in the preset, and press the preset button (ABDC) to recall the preset with delay off (as saved) Should do the trick
  13. I'd like to add my thought on this (and the video) This is a complete non sense, if Tech 21 thing is presented as an FRFR system, micing this setup is absolute bul******t If pod is studio direct with cab sim (them mic sim) , what's the needs to remic a virtual mic ???????????? Lot of demonstration use the remicking thing , despite this FRFR is just a monitoring for player. Also in this way i believe now that using FRFR as a live amplification system is weak as this will simulate a loud micked amp, not a live amp, that 's a bit different
  14. Hi guy One parallel question i've have and never tested (sry for lazyness ^^ ) If like this case Jacks output are intended to be used in stereo or double mono (Path A and B here) And XLR is plugged only to Left Does the audio summing occurs ? Wihic output have precedence ? Or are they completly independant, jack stereo, xlr mono or reverse)
  15. Hi Are you sure connexions are consistent , i mean i had trouble with a presonus audiobox 22 vsl, which as only mic and High z input XLR are either Mic level or line via swith Jacks Instrument leval (Amp) and line level which is +4db higher if i'm correct, via switch also And one point i've found on my gear (so might be not general) master sweept spot unity gain seems a 3/4.
  16. Thank for the feedback, yes i find this help with having a normal guitar sound Boomyness seems to be introduced by poweramp simulation , even high are a bit clearer One thing still make me nuts , how do you achevie this shiny high a tube amp has , do you use an eq trick To me , high mid and high still seems to be too much , like every frequency are here and not one dominant in high that would provide an articulated sound
  17. Hi mate Nothing really exotic!! Pod HD pro x -> in a power amp (Peavey classic 50/50, Rocktron velocity 300, Electro voice magnum 44) via Line level on 1/4 jack -> 212 cabinet I use mainly treadplate, let say eq and presence , drive at noon With cab sim on and studio direct mode, it's awfull .... normal :) With cab sim on and stack power amp , better but sound is still shrill, not pleasant to be heard With cab sim off and wathever mode , still better but still shrill and unpleasant I use mid focus eq to tame low end boomy as hell, and extreme synthetic high 0to 10 freq, 15 Q for HP, and 90 freq and 20 Q for LP At this step sound is pretty much in the ballpark But if i crank volume , it's harsh as hell, i mean even if it's hard to describe, tube amp seems to have two dominant freq, one in bass one in high mid Here i feel like , with pod , it's honky, like every frequencies are here, and if i play far from cab to hear projected sound , it's unatural...
  18. Hi all What a title ^^ !! True but it says what the topic deals with. I'm a pod user for 3 years now and if plugged as a soundcard with cab sim and so on i manage to get good tone. One usage still make me nuts : used as a guitar amp... I've tried lot's of thing, and end up to one conclusion , in this usage pod is way too much balanced in frequency, mainly on middle and low mid. The only solution i see is some drastic cut with graphic eq -9db at 440hz and - 3 or 6db at 1.1khz This before, of course, thinking about global eq to correct lended cab, room acoustic ..... This way i achieve something more natural a real guitar amp, is that something people using it as "guitar amp" also noticed ?
  19. Hi all I was about lo launch a new topic related to this subject so in a sustainable approach ^^ i had my concern here. Ok i do too Pod HD Pro 1/4 jack in either EH Magnum 44 pedal PA, Peavy classic 50/50 tube PA, Rocktron Velocity 300, not so often i plug it in my bugera 333xl power amp -> 212 Harley benton V30 ish cab But one thing is constant as soon as pod is plugged is power amp i have these annoying overtones, plastic, digital... i've checked physical connection amp level for Electro harmonic, line level the rest I've tried preamp only which tend to rasp Full amp , master lowest a bit better with or without live cab But this is constant, i always have to eq after amp to find a natural tone, i've found to scooping the low mid , help to have a more tube amp like, with one big dominant in the bass and several dominant in the high. Is that same for you ?
  20. Hello are you sure it's cab sim or live cab (a barely close equalisation of sound to fake your physical cab) ?
  21. Yes i completly agree, i should have added : it tend to make Pod hd soud like lolipop in front of blala, despite this is not the case Pod HD allows versatility and looking around to replace it i've never found a competitor really better on all features. But at least for guitar amp... we are talking of software development !!! so they could have focused default behaviour on guitar spectrum it's just parameters and software variable. But to recenter on the subject Global eq should really be seen as a general global adjustement so logic usage is tweaking to accomodate a lended cab, a colored bad FOH....
  22. +1 i always, nowadays, notch around 100hz too clean up sound, and avoid this boomy percusive sound , pod hd has by default, sometimes i filter a bit hard when plugged in a guitar amp. By the way this is always a nonsense for me Line6 as left such "hifi" ish default sound equalization, it's counter productive plus from a business perspective, it tend to feel like pod HD sounds like sh*** in front of other modeler that are more guitar spectrum focused. I end up using only parametric eq nothing else , and this is another mistery for me, why Line6 do not implement at least a dual band parametric... But this way this sound great Personnaly i won't recommend using Global eq , unless you want to compensate room acoustic, cabinet you are plugged in , or amp Even for Reverb quality, i d prefer eqing directly after amp, so this sound is reverberbed or fxed, whatever processiong you put after
  23. Hi i would say no Just make sure you profire , route inputs signal to Master output (mixer software) if you hear pod with headphones , if pod works with monitors connected to pod xlr or jack output, then your audio interface do not play by default input to master output
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