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  1. LOL...OK, I give up. It'll either melt your face off, or it won't. Oh, what a glorious mystery... :D
  2. It's always easy to make discussions more complicated than they need to be...and that's the territory we're crossing into now, lol. :) All of what you said is true, but it doesn't really apply here. Impedance missmatches are a whole other ballgame. Mixing amps and cabs with different impedance ratings can certainly present problems. But the 50w Peavey combo and L2M are self-contained units, so this isn't an issue. And while an absolute apples to apples comparison might not be possible without getting out the calipers and decibel meters, I still say that if you're looking at 2 amps on paper, and one is 50w and the other's such a divide that you'll get a pretty good idea which one will be louder [assuming no impedance issues] without even plugging them in. But who knows...maybe I'm nuts.
  3. Well a protracted debate isn't gonna help anyone. But to declare wattage comparisons meaningless is, quite frankly...meaningless. If the number never mattered, every spec sheet in the world would read "Power: We don't know, and it doesn't matter anyway.". I've owned a million pieces of gear over the years too, and in the typical guitar amp range of 25w to 150w, yes there is wide variation in perceived volume that isn't always linear with wattage, especially when comparing tube vs. solid state. But the day I meet an 800w PA amp that can't out-thump a 50w combo, tubes or not, I'll eat my hat. And given the tendency of people to complain around here, if the Stagesource line were so anemic that it can't beat out an amp with 1/16th the rated power, people on this forum would be screaming from the rooftops about it all day long...Line 6 would never hear the end of it. That, and Peavey 2x12s would be impossible to find, and the price would triple... ;)
  4. Most forums will have some wretched, PC-driven, lawyer-authored means of protecting the delicate sensibilities of users from "bad" words. Hence this stupid "lollipopping" auto edit function. Thank you, oh benevolent Line 6 patriarchs, for protecting us from ourselves! .. :P
  5. ok, but we're still talking about 800 watts vs 50 watts...thats quite a difference. We've all played through 50 watt tube amps that can melt concrete, and will embarass their 100 watt or even 150 watt solid state counterparts, but I can't see it being an issue in this case. These things are really PA speakers that can function as guitar amps. If its not the loudest thing in the room, it would be of no use as a PA, which is its primary function.
  6. Can't say for sure it it'll work with the Mini, but it does work with my 5th gen. iPod. Some of the tones are great, but the battery life when running even just Mobile POD and Sonic Port is LAUGHABLE. Get's even worse with garage band going at the same time. Now I'm sure that the iPad mini has a larger battery than the iPod 5, but I don't know by how much. From fully charged, I can drain it dead in less than 2 hours, and the iPod is only a few months old, and doesn't get used all that much. It's also kinda ridiculous that Mobile POD can't run in the background, so you're not forced to have the screen on all the time, which is any device's biggest battery drain. So don't be too upset that it ain't working with your phone...I suspect the iPhone battery is of similar capacity, if not the same as the iPod. iPad Mini results might be a little better, I suppose. It's a great idea, but the Sonic Port really needs it's own power supply. Relying on the iOS device is simpler, but not terribly practical...and they sell this thing as a gigging tool as well as recording. As long as you don't mind charging your iWhatever between sets I guess...but as a all-in-one DAW/amp/interface, it doesn't really work, unless you don't mind stopping your gig/ recording session in the middle because you ran out of juice.
  7. What I'm talking about is not under the bridge, or related to circuit boards or's on the top surface of the bridge itself, between the front of the low E string saddle and the post where the bridge pivots [directly behind the post actually]...I'll try and take a pic of it. Should have done it at the time before I put everything back together.
  8. Well I've never played through one, but the L2M is an 800 watt amp...if it can't bury a 50 watt combo [tubes or not] in terms of volume, then something is very wrong with the Stagesource line.
  9. Good luck with it...seems like soldering straight to that board underneath the bridge would be much easier. Not sure what would be gained by stripping and splicing wires together...then again, I'm no expert. Anybody know why this wouldn't work?
  10. Dunno about the tweezers...that was somebody else, lol. If the graphtech's are hotter than the jtv piezos, i'm wondering if that would exascerbate some of the issues that people have had with piezo "quack"...we all keep lowering string volumes to compensate, wouldn't this make it worse?
  11. The 69 has a small circuit board fitted to the fron t of the sustain block right under the bridge. Each piezo lead is soldered to it. Is this what you were referring to? If so, seems like this is the easiest route...
  12. Wish I could agree with you. Honesty has little to do with it. Its all about the love of power. Truth is...and i'm paraphrasing someone here, just can't remember whom... is one of few endeavors in which it is possible to achieve wealth and power with absolutely no merit whatsoever. If they wanted to help, they'd join the peace corps, or the fire department, or they'd go be a physician in some third world cesspool. They want money and dominion over the lives of others, while producing nothing tangible...other than bills for room service and helicopter fuel (that I pay for).
  13. Think of it like writing your might feel better, being "part of the process", as it were. But your letter will only be read by a staffer who will send a form letter response, whilst your elected representative is off playing golf, diddling interns, and pretending to give a damn about the economy. ;)
  14. OK...mountains out of molehills time. I was changing string on my 69, had all the strings off. When I was wiping down the bridge, I noticed that directly behind the pivot point by the post nearest the low E string there's a small raised semi-circular "bubble"...for lack of anything better to call it. Its part of the bridge itself, nothing stuck to it. It's symmetrical...doesn't look like damage or wear. Could be a flaw in the chrome, or maybe its supposed to be that way? I rarely use the tremolo bar, and no dive-bombs when I do. Doesn't seem to be causing any problems, and you wouldn't notice it unless you were looking for it. Could easily have been there since day one. No tuning stability issues or anything like that, so I'm inclined to let a sleeping dog lie. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this.
  15. It's because with input 2 set to 'mic', there is no signal reaching the second amp path. Its looking for a mic signal that isnt there. So if you have amps A and B panned hard left and right, the right channel will drop out under those circumstances.
  16. So I guess it's not a's a "feature", lol.
  17. Just to be clear, is it that initially everything is connected fine, green lights on the USB interface etc., the download starts, and then the connection craps out? If that's the case, the only suggestion I have is make sure the battery is charged enough. If you can't get a connection in the first place, and you have a cord in the 1/4" jack, then the USB interface may have died. Some have had issues with that.
  18. The only thing I'd say is you might want to look at the 120 or 150. If your nephew progresses quickly, starts jamming with a drummer, etc....those 75 solid state watts might not cut it for long. You dont want him to outgrow it too fast. It'll just cost more money in the long run.
  19. I don't think thats an option. But lowering the global string volume should have the same effect. No need to adust each model individually. You might even find that you like the models better. Many have lowered the string volume to get rid of the piezo 'quack' or 'plink' that is sometimes heard with hard picking.
  20. Well I'm a little younger than you (42), and it's mainly my generation spearheading this nonsense. And I won't even discuss how most of my age group functions as "parents"'s embarassing. And Facebook can go Tweet itself, and vice versa. I have neither, and wouldn't if they were paying me.
  21. If a modeling amp "models" in a forest, and there are no tone-snobs (yes, I'm one too, so don't go getting all offended, all ye who read this post) there to hear it, does it sound convincing?
  22. That's a great idea...never would have thought of that, lol.
  23. 1) Locking tremolos drive me nuts. You shouldn't need allen wrenches or screwdrivers to change your friggin' strings. 2) If you're a Fender guy anyway, get the 69, you'll feel right at home. Nobody needs 24 frets anyway, it's just a conspiracy driven by the companies making the fret wire... ;) 3) I've tried my 69 in an official Fender case, fit like a glove, but I refused to pay $179 for it. Most strat cases should work. When you get here, order whichever one you want from (No, I don't work for them, just had very good experiences dealing with them). You'll have the guitar in 2 days, and they give you an extra year on top of Line 6's warranty. Whatever big chain music stores remain are a nightmare to deal with, as the staff rarely know anything. It's just like Congress, but with a drum room. I once had an agressively pierced/tattooed individual (who has probably never lost his car keys, because they appeared to be hanging from his nose) tell me that the MIDI foot controller I was looking for (which was 3 feet away in a display case) "did not exist". . I haven't set foot in one in years.
  24. Really? I see it daily. To a large extent, this is what our society has become. Completely polarized on nearly any topic. Even things that begin as discussions invariably deteriorate into name calling, and one or both sides claiming they've been "offended". And all because the generation of runaway narcissists we've spawned will never be convinced that they are anything but 110% "right" all the time. Even if the issue at hand is entirely subjective and a matter of opinion. And NOWHERE is this more obvious than on an internet forum. Read any one you want...doesn't matter if the topic of discussion is plumbing supplies or tennis shoes. People always behave the same. All the above is encouraged by the media and the gov't. The media likes it, because controversy = ratings = advertising $$. The politicians revel in it because it gives them something to scream from their bully pulpits, and a guaranteed audience lining up to bark like a seal in agreement. Here endeth the rant.. :P
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