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    Playing Live, Headphone Out, Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth, Ideas Anyone?

    ^^^ this ^^^ I use a P1, mounted on my pedalboard. I made a headphone extension cord which I tied to my guitar cable. During rehearsal, I use stereo mode with both XLR outputs of the LT to the P1. During a gig, I use mono mode, which allows me to make my own mix of mono monitor signal and mono signal from my LT. I wouldn’t rely on bluetooth because of latency, range and dropouts. I’d be rather be tied to my cables. Most acceptable IEM systems do cost a lot of money. For ear phones you also want the types that block (most of) the stage sound. I found the KZ ZS10 are rather good, and cheap. They are a lot better than my Shure SE210. On the picture, you can see my setup, the P1 is in the right hand upper corner.
  2. marco_jacobs1975

    Helix and Phantom Power

    I play durectly connected to FOH when gigging, usin a wired Behringer in-ear system. Because of the phantom power issue, I added into my band’s technical rider that my LT requires a DI, to be part of the scope of the FOH. My XLRs are used by my in-ear, at least one so I can do my own mix. In my opinion the DI-box serves as a galvanic seperation, just in case something happens to either my LT or the FOH system. Safety first, as the places where we gig do not all have state of the art electrics and sound engineers sometimes connect power distributor to the next one, to the next one and so on.
  3. marco_jacobs1975

    Variax 500 support?

    By what I have read, I’m afraid there isn’t an option to edit the Variax 500 with the Helix. The Helix doesn’t provide these services for Legacy products. For that reason, I kept my old POD XT live. Maybe get one of these? They should not be that expensive any more, and you get a backup unit for your Helix. Though the sound quality isn’t on the same level obviously.
  4. marco_jacobs1975

    Post pics of the pedalboard you use in addition to the Helix

    Here’s mine. The Morley is used as 2nd expression pedal. In the corner you see a Behringer wired in ear beltpack which I have strapped to the board. I use a combined guitar and headphones extension cable with it. The case is a Stonecastle one, biggest they had. It’s a shame that they have stopped with their business. Great cases made from plastic so relatively light but yet sturdy enough (I had and have no need for a real flightcase).
  5. I go with the forementioned: if you have the budget, get an LT (or just save a little longer for it). The LT offers a more intuitive UI compared to the stomp, more signal routing capacity, has more switches and an integrated expression pedal. I bought mine as a replacement for my POD XT floor, and I am very happy I did make the move. No more hauling with heavy amps for me.
  6. marco_jacobs1975

    Helix LT Snap Shots/Screens?

    Have you tried pressing bank up+down (F1+F7) together and holding them for 2 seconds? That way you can cycle through different options for these bank swiches. It shows the mode on the screen, with a yellow exclamation mark signal next to it. In performance view I’m using the mode switch F6 to choose between 8 stomp mode and 8 snapshot mode. When I press bank up or down, it starts flashing 8 presets. So it should work.
  7. marco_jacobs1975

    Expression pedal compatibility list (with mods)?

    I use a Morley PVO, it’s an optical type. Just connect a TS-TS cable in the input of the pedal and the exp-jack of the Helix. You need to reverse in the software as it is recognised as 100% at heel down and 0% at toe down. Only thing that bothers me a little is the non-linearity. But a simple mod fir that can be found online: you have to adapt the opening through which the light shines on the light receptor. Have not done that yet, still on my to-do list.
  8. marco_jacobs1975

    New forum layout suuuucks

    Regarding the log-in item: I also get logged out when using the back to forum link. And when I try to log in, I get the “cookie question”. And then on clicking ok, it redirects me to the Line6 page, right out of the forum...
  9. marco_jacobs1975

    Helix is it worth it?

    I am a Helix user since february of this year and I haven’t touched my amp since. Before my Helix LT I used a PodXT live pedal, together with a Fender Blues deluxe on the clean channel. Now I use my HxLT with a set of Shure in ear monitors. I use a Behringer personal in ear monitor amplifier which receives my Helix XLR outputs. And then a mono signal from the 1/4” outputs to the mixer. This works great for rehearsal. For gigging this setup might very a little regarding the way the FoH wants my signal. I can switch my IEM amplifier from stereo to 2x mono and mix my guitar signal with whe monitor signal from the mixer, or just receive a stereo monitor mix. Works great either way. The only thing getting used to is that your guitar sound is much more “studio” feel than a direct amp sound. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing in my opinion. I love my current setup and do not have any reasons to go back. Might try 4cm as I still have my amps. But for gigging, I like the fact that I don’t have to haul all this gear. Just my guitar, fx board case and a backpack for additional cables and small stuff. As for the default presets: they weren’t worth trying (my opinion). Just buy some presets online as an example and start from there building your own.
  10. marco_jacobs1975

    Anyone use headphone out + bluetooth transmitter = In ear monitors?

    I’m using a wired Behringer Powerplay P1 for my in ears. Short XLR cables from my Helix to the powerplay which is mounted on my pedalboard. And then a DIY snake with guitar cable and headphones extension cord of approximately 6 meters. This enables me to monitor my Helix in stereo during rehearsal, use a stereo send from the monitor mixer or receive a mono signal from the monitor mixer and mix it with my own guitar signal when gigging. I figured that, when using my Helix, I have to use the pedals frequently, so wireless doesn’t add anything. My 6m cable gives me enough walking distance.
  11. marco_jacobs1975

    Use Morley PVA as expression pedal

    Not so much a question, but a finding which might beneficial for others: the Morley PVA (optical volume pedal) can be used as an expression pedal for the Helix. just connect the expression pedal jack to the output of the Morley using a normal TS-cable.Turn the minumum volume knob to the maximum position. It looks as if the Helix does an auto calibration (fw 2.53). For me, the advantage that the Morley has over other expression and volume pedals, is that it uses an optical circuit instead of a potentiometer. So no mechanical wear. BTW: the 9V dc is used only for the the optical circuit, further signal path is passive just like standard expression pedals.
  12. marco_jacobs1975

    Use Morley PVA as expression pedal

    Yes, the Morley is an all metal casing so it’s quite heavy. I had it lying around and I saw some YT instructions on how to use potmeter-type volume pedals. So I thought this option should be possible too for the optical type. Did some measurements on how the resistance changes. Now I only have to do the mod on the opening inside tge pedal to get a more linear path.
  13. marco_jacobs1975

    How to pick up and carry the Helix - handles anyone?

    It would for the LT... :) I just used a flightcase to put around it for lifting it up :D :D
  14. marco_jacobs1975

    Helix LT and monitor send

    Check out this video from Richie Castellano: Here he explains how he has set up his Helix for IEM. He uses fx sends and returns to send to FOH and get the signal for his IEM. He also uses extra EQ to get the sound he likes to his ears. Have not tried it yet as I do not have a Helix at the moment yet, but that explanation was the reason for me to replace my POD XT live in the very near future.