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  1. I had been using dual lock for the past several years with my helix, but i was beginning to have issues with the unit falling off my board in some cases. I decided to replace the six screws holding the bottom panel with 1" version of the same size/thread. Seems much more solid. For those interested in goin down this path, the screw size used is M3. Like mentioned earlier, i used a 1" screw to go thru the 1/2 pedal board that the Helix is mounted to....
  2. A similar thought crossed my mind in terms of sample rate. I didn’t think there would be a setting on the iPad GB app to do this, but will have to look. I did however try to change the sample rate on the Helix and didn’t experience and noticeable change in performance.
  3. So I recently upgraded my iPad from an ancient 2 to a mini 2... still old by current standards, but can still accept updates. I just bought the basic lighting usb camera connection kit to use my helix to either record tracks in iOS GarageBand or for looping in loopy hd. In both apps, the audio shows a signal recorded, but plays back at a much faster, unnatural pace from how I played it? Both apps seem unusable... anything seem obvious that I am missing?
  4. The easiest way is to use the Helix as the interface. No reconfiguring patches for recording. All that is needed is to swap input source from the computer... Not sure I understand the hangup...
  5. The only way that I can think of without having the unit in front of me is to do a split before the loop with a volume block after and then merge the signal after that
  6. I know that it was not bypassed. I will have to check which output it was being sent to. I guess I just assumed it went everywhere... I will have to report back with the results.
  7. So I was doing a gig recently where I was running XLR out to a powered speaker. I wanted to tweak some highs and started out with the global eq so I could tweak for this gig without changing the overall preset. Even with the gain dimed and sweeping thru the frequencies, I could not detect any slight changes in tonal character. The global eq was engaged and not bypassed. Toggling between states didn't make any difference. I kinda brushed this off, as I typically wouldn't use this type of functionality. Fast forward to a gig on Friday night where I was running acoustic thru one path and a vocal mix thru the 2nd... I noticed the tonality of the vocal was a bit dark and lifeless. I added an eq block and started messing with the upper frequencies and the same problem happened. No changes despite the state of the fx block or settings within. It would seem as though there may be something really stupid I am overlooking?? I am by no means a noob with gear and have been tooling around with the helix since the new year, so I feel like I am going crazy with this. Thoughts?
  8. So one thing that comes to mind is that you would never get this functionality from one cable from the FCB midi out to the helix midi in. You would need an additional cable going from helix midi out to the FCB midi in (assuming it has one). Even with these connections in place, I'm not sure it this would work the way you want it. I know this would be great if it did, as I use an external midi controller with the floor unit for another guitar player in my band. I will have to try this out in the future to see if I can make it work
  9. As of now, I have 1 preset that I use for pretty much everything. I am more or less setup like a traditional amp / pedalboard and using in stomp mode. I have every intention to eventually go the path of preset for each song, but my situation might only be marginally improved by doing so...
  10. If my understanding of the unit is correct, you could program one midi command from the helix to translate to multiple cc's to the GCX via the event processor. In theory, this would free up the other 5 instant commands. I like the out of the box thinking that you're using to solve this issue. If I were not trying to do everything strictly in the helix, I would be trying to do similar things with my GCX.
  11. This is very cool. On a side note, would a midi solutions event processor be able to handle similar tasks?
  12. I haven't really played the digitech drop pedal for more than 5 minutes or so at guitar center a while ago. I did my like how it seemed to darken to overall tonality of the guitar. I never gave it any more thought after this experience. After reading this post yesterday, I tried the whammy thing on the helix. While it did not change the tone of the guitar like I previously mentioned, it had to much warble to make it useful in any situation. Couldn't get along.
  13. I'd love to see/hear some of these PF videos that you're talking bout putting up. Would be nice to hear your presets in action.
  14. I finally got around to setting my helix back up after Saturdays gig. I've been wanting to load this set list for about a week now. Very impressed with the amount of work that went into this. I did notice that all of the presets were consistently lower than most of the stock and my personal presets. This of course, is a non-issue, but a bit surprising. Great group of sounds. It was kinda nice to hear the echoplex effect in there. I had been mostly using the simple delay for my home brewed sounds. Great work! I love the collaborative nature of this forum, btw... Really separates this place from the other guys.
  15. Sounds pretty good to me from the tone I remember in the original.
  16. I not able to see the video you are referencing...
  17. Not sure if this is a known issue, but I have seen this on my unit (that was used...). It's very noticeable when I have two FS next to each other that share the same color LED. Not really a big deal breaker for me so long as it continues to light up and the scribble strip works.
  18. Check out http://line6.com/support/topic/25582-properly-setting-levels-between-presets/?fromsearch=1 . There's a post wth a schematic to something similar.
  19. That's an interesting thought and creative use of MIDI to get more flexibility out of the switch setup.
  20. Fantastic. Thanks for that info.
  21. Any idea what this tool might look like? Is it a hex wrench of some sort?
  22. Of course would be, but I got mine used without...
  23. Is there any way to loosen the feel of this pedal? I primarily use this for wah duties and find that I can't move the pedal quickly for certain types of FX. I suppose this isn't a huge deal as I don't use wah all that much I guess I am just used to the feel of my crybaby. I could just throw this inline with my Helix, but I got this to be an all in one solution for size and ease of setup/breakdown. Any thoughts on this? I can't be the only one who feels this way...
  24. Awesome. Thanks for this. I read about something like this used on the fractal forum
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