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  1. If you go that way, I think CME is the only option, as you can plug just the transmitter, without close the loop. Not sure it will get proper voltage and current tho....Never tried. Before to buy all that stuff, be sure you do proper research, or you risk to throw the money out of the window. :)
  2. I see. Shame, as they are very small compared to the competition Anyway, you can go with Yamaha MD-BT01, they do the same thing.... they are just much longer than Quicco.
  3. A MIDI splitter cant transport voltage from the loop, also these are very prone to conflicts and glitches. Without voltage, you wont be able to use a BT wireless which needs MIDI loop to be closed.
  4. These are Quicco Sound mi.1, Rev 3. I believe they are hard to find outside EU, but everything similar is gonna be fine. Yamaha MD-BT01, or CME WIDI Master, or similar....all good stuff, with very low latency.
  5. This is a good device, I have one (it can be glitchy for heavy MIDI traffic and clock). But at this point, for the money, he could just buy two BT MIDI, one for the Helix, one for the H9. Helix will propagate MIDI IN/OUT to both iPad (iPad still used as MIDI Central to bridge to H9) and then H9, which would get the other BT adapter. This is a completely wireless MIDI scheme. No USB needed for this option, no midi cables. Just two BT MIDI and iPad as MIDI Central. I have a bunch of these, they are cheap and they do the job.
  6. Helix has 100% MIDI over USB. I use it every day with my iPad. Since you are using at least one cable, for the H9, Id connect Helix to iPad via USB, and use a MIDI to BT for the H9. At this point the iPad can be used to propagate Helix MIDI to any other device (other than the H9), using a MIDI to BT converter/receiver. I use AUM to propagate MIDI, but there are many options. This solution will save you to buy two BT MIDI devices, using iPad as MIDI Central (MIDI IN/OUT Advertise)
  7. PierM

    128 IRs

    Two goodbye posts....And you are still here...:)
  8. PierM

    128 IRs

    Have you ever edited or created a tone preset in a Fractal unit? Have you ever used their editor? Ever dived into their deep granularity available, for every single aspect of each block? If you think helix is too complex, Fractal might be way too much for you. ;)
  9. PierM

    128 IRs

    Put it on Reverb at the right price, it will go pretty quick. :)
  10. PierM

    128 IRs

    Sell the Helix and save for a device that works for you. Done. :) (not being sarcastic or snarky, this is the only proactive move you can do to solve your problems)
  11. Has nothing to do with the firmware 2.9 or whatever old firmware. It's the way it works, since day 1....and yes, it's erratic (always been) if you need a tempo change on the fly. Using Helix tap tempo on the Helix Control, or even the button on the front panel, gives very erratic results, doesnt matter if you tap 2 or 3 times. To get the tempo you want, you need to tap a lot LOL. Also, almost impossible to easily move from a mid tempo to a slow tempo, without getting fast tempo jumps in the middle, even if you just tap twice, at the correct tempo. Looks like the code isnt waiting a proper tap cycle to be closed, and starts changing tempo first time you tap, counting from the last current tempo bit. Im using an external clock device, with its own tap FS, for that reason. :)
  12. Did the same with my FV500H. :)
  13. Man, you are necroing old threads just to crosspost the same post and link. Believe me, not a good move to grab attention. ;)
  14. A monitor/speaker is not a cab, and a cab it's not a monitor/speaker. An average monitor, has a frequency range of 20Hz/20Khz, with its own response (flat just doesnt exist, but the closer you are to the 0dB reference flat line, the better). An average guitar cab, has a range of 70Hz/5000Hz, with its own response (that you grab in a cab block and/or in a IR). You see that's just a slice of the entire range available. So, why you need 20Hz/20Khz to repro a guitar speaker? You don't, because a modeler it's NOT simulating a guitar cabinet, but a Mic'ed cabinet in a room, so there is speaker response + mic freq response + room response, plus pre and post dynamics and FX. This equation won't fit a 5Khz range of a cab speaker, so there you need a Full response monitor, better if close to a Flat response (ideal, as in real life, does not exist). All this fluff to say size of the speaker in the real cab doesnt really matter (response and range does), as it's like thinking to play a Led Zeppeling album using 2 stack of 4x4 12" speaker set, to grab Page's tone.
  15. PierM

    128 IRs

    I dont think this is memory room you could change software side, so it is what it is. :) Said that, 128 it's even to much, as the more Irs you have onboard, the more you waste precious time fiddling around with impulses and then feeling like you're lost in the middle of nowhere. You should find your IRs in studio/home, and then load only those you need to perform. I seriously doubt you'd ever need 128 irs in a row, not even in a single gig, but in an entire life. :)
  16. PreDelay always a good touch for plates, room and studio, and in general when dry is in front of wet. The more the wetness, the less the predelay. For very large ambient reverbs, predelay is breaking things apart (while you'd need exactly the opposite to avoid unwanted resonances) and making the effect pretty messy.
  17. LOL....who's buying a BlueSky to use it as a short plate reverb?. Just do a test using high wetness levels on a old BlueSky (or even better, on a Flint), and then try to do the same with any of the Helix reverbs.....ewwww. Major weakspot for me, is on the wetness (very foggy on the helix), and frequency gates (low/high filters) which seems using a weird algo, since whatever you try to shape, at high wetness, it's mud fest that you want to shut up (at high volumes really it's a torture as makes a very boomy mess). The new reverbs (non legacy) are a bit better, but still clarity isnt there when using high wetness levels (doesnt matter the decay). There is something in the way L6 mixes dry with wetness, that isnt really working good, IMHO of course. Could be the base algo is fine, and they just need to improve the way it does interact with dry signal.
  18. HX Stomp XL FAQ So it’s just… HX Stomp, but with more touch footswitches and all the jacks on the back? For $150 more? Yes. …Why? Because customers asked for more switches. Or kept finding clever—but way less elegant or integrated—ways to add more switches. And it was relatively easy. We’re not going to pretend it’s the most innovative product we’ve ever designed but for some customers, it’s the goldilocks form factor. Thanks, but my personal needs require a Variax input, twice the DSP, and six switches, not eight. Why didn’t you give me exactly what I want? <exasperated sigh> So it’s like the size of two HX Stomps? If you omit the space required for jacks on the side (even pancake jacks), more like 1-2/3 Stomps. It’s 12.5” wide (vs. HX Stomp’s 7” width). Depth and height are virtually identical. Does it add anything else? Hands-free Pedal Edit mode (tweak presets with your feet), 128 presets vs.126, four snapshots per preset vs. three, and you can access the 6 Switch Looper without needing a MIDI controller. Other than that, it is HX Stomp with 5 extra switches. Does it have the Command Center? Absolutely. In fact, a big reason HX Stomp got the Command Center in 3.0 is because we had already done the work for HX Stomp XL. Wait, what happened to the Volume knob? We moved it to the back panel to save room. It’s spring loaded so you can recess it into the chassis to keep your cables from accidentally turning it. Can I use third-party power supplies? Yes. Any power supply that works with HX Stomp should work fine with HX Stomp XL. Can it load HX Stomp presets? Yep, just drag ‘em in via HX Edit. It can also load Helix, Helix Rack+Control, Helix LT, Helix Native, and HX Effects presets, as long as they contain 8 or fewer blocks on a single DSP path.
  19. So, how did you solve? Not really a biggy, but still curious to know why it shows 3 for me, while I've 7 (no bundles).... Borked database?
  20. Best Twin IRs I own are from the legacy Redwirez boxes (9 and 8$ each, cheap for the HUGE library they give you). Sigma also good, but not as much as Redwirez, and the package is way smaller and limited. Fender Twin • Jensen C12Ns • Cabinet IR Library: Fender Twin • JBL D120Fs • Cabinet IR Library:
  21. They are working on new reverbs (a dev said that on Reddit). Im also stuck with Strymon pedals, as Helix reverbs, when used for ambient or similar, are muddy and boomy as hell. (thanks lord L6 isnt listening to much the "is all good" folks over here lol!)
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