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  1. I do have a 2011 (Bought in 2016 as new, from Thomann). Never had a single problem. Played a new one, didnt notice anything different. I dont think new board is doing something the average user could hear or feel. Probably just stuff that makes L6 happier, but not for the sound or for the performance, otherwise we would have seen a marketing lollipop back in 2012. Nice anectode is that, within a collection of +30 guitars (most of them Custom Shop items), this JTV59 is the best companion for my Fishman Tripleplay. Incredible how well the FTP tracks this guitar. Coincidence maybe, maybe not. :)
  2. Helix Stomp has a single Setlist, with 126 presets, subdivided into 42 Banks, with 3 Presets each. This means you can't do what you are asking for, as there is no multiple setlist onboard. Just one. My suggestion is to think per preset, not per setlist. Just do proper backup to avoid losing stuff. Helix Floor/Rack/LT; 1024 presets (8 Setlists * 32 Banks * 4 Presets) Helix Stomp; 126 presets (1 Setlist * 42 Banks * 3 Presets)
  3. My take on this is that Native meters are probably just intended as signal in/out leveling, not for live metering. It's clear there is a much slower response, and a fairly rude quantization. i wouldnt be suprised if they are also affected by buffering. For sure not calling or reading level info straight from DAW.
  4. No. As already explained, you can "remote" the Page <> functions through external FS4 and FS5, to scroll between modes. This will exclude these as Stomp 4 and 5. They will work just as Page/Navigation <> FS prev/next mode. If you want to preserve all FS, from 1 to 5, and avoid the Page nav, you need a MIDI controller, and use that one for snapshots and other stuff.
  5. I do have both, Rack and Stomp. Tone is the same (but DSP is the half, so you cant do same double path things as the Rack), but Rack is still a different beast, for everything but tone. Stomp can be a PITA for patch editing/creation, as well for accessing sub layers of features and commands. I'd say, unless it's a very basic patch, the Edit software is kind of mandatory for Stomp...:)
  6. If I may suggest; for basics like that, google is working great. Then there is Knowledge base, on this same place;
  7. If you want a block bypass to not be stored in any snapshot, select that block, press Action button, and set Snapshot Bypass Off.
  8. That's a multifunction joystick, with rotation encoding, axis and push. It's a 6 pin, and a single broken solder (cold joint) it's enough to stop one of the functions.
  9. Try connecting the headphones to the PA.... ...sorry no idea.
  10. Faulty, needs a service repair. If you do a search, you'll find plenty over here (and Im one of those, twice...). Open a ticket.
  11. From that yellowish color, looks like liquid crystal bleeding between polarizer and matrix, but could just be a bad batch of LCD strips. Stuff for a ticket for sure.
  12. PierM


    Are you that lazy to not find the time to set a proper thread title?
  13. Yep, I abandoned the Link for this reason and also for other bugs when daisy chaining more PCs. The difference in volume between XLR and Link is embarrassing.
  14. ...then it can't be the Stomp itself... Id say it's things after it, or EMI.
  15. I see nothing wrong in that Boogie manual quotes. They are not saying multieffects are too hot. They are saying there are effects, in those devices, that are using a gain stage, which would sound crap in a loop. This is an universal thing. Compressors, Distorsion, and any other similar effect (doesnt matter if its a stomp or part of a multiFX rack), should not be used in the effect loop of anything, as they have a gain stage. They needs to be before the amp. Time effects, modulation etc, they are fine to go in the loop.
  16. There are amps running FXloop at instrument level, and there are amps running loop at Line level....and then there are amps where you can switch between the two.
  17. These noise problems are rarely caused by USB cables, but instead it's typically interferences produced by devices connected to the PC/Laptop, passing through. Try unplugging everything from that PC, apart the Helix, and see if does help. In my experience, many times are PC monitors using HDMI ports, but can be virtually anything using a wall socket.
  18. PierM

    B Stock

    If the sticker is ripped in two, then that's for sure a B-stock, and you should either ask for a discount or a replacement. (also you've the risk the serial has been already registered by previous and unknown owner, if that's the case). If you paid for a new unit, you shouldn't really close an eye on this, imho. ;)
  19. If you don't have super rush, in a couple of weeks (or a bit more), we should see the new G10T II popping out on stores. This one should have proper fix (not just a bad firmware, but also proper communication between hardware logic and battery), and a battery charge lasting more than the ~2.5hrs of the old model (after the firmware). Still, I'd wait some time and wait for real reviews of this new model, before to buy one (you never know....). The G10 is a defective product, with an annoying flashing orange HAZARD RISK on it, so unless you found one for really cheap, I'd return it.
  20. Just took a Zoia (HolY MoTheR Of GoD what a blast!!!!), and LFO does take 0.3% of DSP powa. I'd really love to see LFOs, ADSR, Random and other controllers, available in the Helix. Would bring the device into another level.
  21. I do use Midi Designer Pro 2 for my iPad. I do control my entire rig with it. You just need to setup your own interface and setup commands and controls as you like/want/need.
  22. First thing I thought when I heard this, was "Ok, they're gonna introduce the mic/speaker cone offset to the previous algorithm". This is the only change I can think of, which is not breaking old models (where default would sound as before, I guess perfect centered), and also which would probably fit (almost) all amps, again - assuming they are using the correct math instead arbitrary numbers in arbitrary equations (which is not, afaik) Wild speculation, but would make sense to me...
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