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  1. Yeah, that's really a 100% subjective experience. Could be the latency in the Podfarm? Sometimes, for example, I do enjoy a very very bit of latency (few extra milliseconds) while playing complex phrases. This usually make me more precise for some reason, but I couldnt explain exactly why. I guess it's related to how we can improve focus, based on how we do perceive our own playing, while playing. Might be, in my case, that this little lag, does give my brain enough offset to auto evaluate the playing, improving control. Dunno, just thinking loud. :)
  2. Not really my kind of tone, but to my ears, Native sounds way better. The original sounds like a 1Watt amp trapped in a tin can. Shrug. :)
  3. FH1500 is a dead and abandoned product. Welcome to the family. :)
  4. You should read the pinned warnings from L6, about these kind of questions/answers. ;)
  5. ^ I assume it's the default to make the Helix working, out of the box, in any in/out condition. Doesnt mean it's the best option, for specific setups.
  6. I dont have an answer here, but always been like that for me, since day one in 2016.
  7. This sounds like an issue that needs test cycles, a diagnosis, and a repair. If you dont have proper experience, and tools, to do that, I'd say just bring it to a repair depot. Chances you are gonna make it a lot worse, are pretty high.
  8. Yeah, all true, but also dont forget production costs arent really the same for Fractal and Yamaha/Line6. Price delta doesnt translate completely to a quality delta. This applies to everyhing in whatever industry.
  9. It's since march Im using my Iridium (and other Strymon pedals), and parked Helix modeling (imho Iridum plays in a different league). Using Helix primarly as a signal 'router' and to add some exotic stuff that I cant do with pedals. Really great stuff!
  10. Yawn, the internet physics...
  11. None of which would affect the tone. ...miss the days where people weren't so obessed by "new stuff", and youtube reviews... /oldfart Mode Off
  12. If you cant transport in stand position, always speaker face down. This is the less stressful position for the speaker and everything attached to it.
  13. Dunno, but I've the feeling you don't really have a cable/adapter issue there. Probably just something basic and silly, like when you search for your glasses for minutes, then you find out they are on top of your head. Anyway, I'd suggest you to download the AUM app from the apple store. I think it's still free. This app route anything to anywhere, does recognize any device connected through the lighting port with the adapter, and does unlock every single USB channel from/to your Helix, other than opening MIDI i/o talk with it. You don't need this app for your final goal, but if you can't "ping" your Helix with this app, then means the iPhone is probably the problem. I'm an intensive user of these toys. I do have 3 iPad from different gen, and 3 different camera kits. I never, ever, had any problem in any situation. It's a compliant protocol that just works like plugging a light into a wall socket, so if you said your Helix USB works fine in any other I/O task, and your USB cable does just works (really, never seen one of those cables not working), then the isolated variable here it's the iPhone. Model? OS? Time for a reset? Give AUM app a try, and see what happen.
  14. If you have an original apple camera kit, the link it's pretty much straightforward and doesnt need any special setting. USB1/2 will pass through the Helix signal, out of the box. I have 3 Kits, they all works the same. Audio from the iPhone will be routed out of the USB, no matter what app you are using....easy peasy. USB cable straight into the back USB port of my Helix.
  15. This seems a faulty LCD unit, doubt it's software dependant. I'd contact support and raise a ticket. GL!
  16. Blackstar Live Logic MIDI Controller.... Bought for advanced control of a Pigtronix Infinity, and it's just amazingly easy and efficient (and sturdy).
  17. Because they rather you not downgrading than paying a million dollar lawsuit for a unit burning down your house.
  18. I think you can get around 3 hours with units pretty much new, but those which were getting ~2 hours after the 1.05, they'll be getting the same after 1.06, just without glitches during charging, which is good tho. I believe none of them lasts 6 hours as advertised.
  19. New 1.06 update is only for the transmitter (G10T).
  20. They were probably worried about users dealing the old G10 firmware via, yep, pm are gone)
  21. What about barefoot translucent toppers (and setting no led at all for the off-status)? If you can't see those, then it's time for a eye-check. :D
  22. The firmware does only fix the erratic behavior of the G10T when charging under warm environment, whatever this mean. Once charged, the battery lasts the same as 1.05; average 2.x hours.
  23. It's not possible to add Send/Return and Looper blocks within Helix Native. Those are only present when importing an hardware preset (but they do nothing, since there is no hardware for those functions).
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