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  1. the 212 also has the porting on the back. I'm expecting some boomy tone on smaller rooms with plenty of wall proximity, especially when tilted.
  2. Same here and it’s terrible. I have 2 pedals, and that’s a constant flashing of percentage, event when it’s all completely static.
  3. Check in the Global Settings———>Preferences Check that Joystick Encoder it’s set to Model. This is the original behavior. If it’s set to Selection, it is moving Left/Right while rotating, but you can still select Models if you rotate while pushing.
  4. Yes you can do it. Just remember to set the USB to be Normal (unprocessed), so that it will flow straight to output without speaker/mic/dsp processing. If you want to add speaker modeling or IRs to the output signal, set the USB Mode to Processed If you are playing backing tracks through Powercab Plus, set the USB Mode to Normal to hear them unprocessed
  5. The dedicated USB port and DC IN, both flagged as “Reserved for potential future use.”, might suggest an alternative usage in the future. Wild speculation...:) (my guess it's that they will unlock the unit to work with Native)
  6. This was my first thought too, but does it make sense? The FLAT section, with LF RAW and LF FLAT, they are all set to 0dB, and in fact the volume it's way higher. Also, I see no clipping when raising the speaker dB to around 0. I understand that IRs needs to stay to -18 because they need much more headroom to not clip, but I can't understand why they did similar with speakers. Anyway, there is a new manual for the Powercab, with 212 and all latest things. Unfortunately on the aspect above it's even more confusing than the old version. :)
  7. Confirmed this. The looper button doesnt show its real state, especially between snapshots. Happens that if you flush the loop memory on a snapshot, then you will get the looper ring lit again, on a different snapshot. Also the single button looper doesnt respond correctly on stomps. Pretty random.
  8. PierM

    Grammatico Brt

    Yeah, I do use it A LOT, especially when I need to move some air, and Speaker modeling it's to thin for my needs. But I also have to be honest, and tell you I do mostly use clean tones, so I couldn't say how does it sounds under more saturated signals. Could be you have no high cut in any preset? Dunno, I do set all my presets that are not using mic simulation, to cut around 6K, but no...I have no harsh/fizzy when using LF-RAW. I do have harsh/fizzy when using Amp, no cab and FRFR on the Powercab. There it's clear that the mic/cab simulation is missing from the chain. I guess we are in a gray area here, where there is not right and wrong, since LF-RAW it's one of the "voices" available in the FLAT mode (but with only raw LF), so probably just some unlocked feature they wanted to add without any real specific usage (although only FRFR voice mode it's offering the 20Hz/20Khz needed for the mic/cab/room simulation).
  9. As per title; I don't get why the speakers models are that low on the PC+. This makes all speakers very weak, and even cranking the Powercab all the way up, that's still not enough for gig. If you take as reference the LF-RAW mode (which is set to 0dB), you get way more punch, which is what I'd expect when using the speaker simulation. Anyone has a clue why L6 decided to use that low level? I know I can put them all back to 0dB, this is exactly why I'm curious. At 0dB they sounds SO MUCH better, and the overall volume available it's finally good enough for gigging or monitoring properly during live... so is there something I'm missing here? Any clue?
  10. PierM

    Grammatico Brt

    Nope. You shouldn't use mic simulation with that mode, as there is no driver working, it's just the 12" speaker. You have no full frequency available, only low.
  11. PierM

    Grammatico Brt

    Yep. That's using only the 12" speaker in the cab, so you are basically listening the nature of the speaker, without any mic/sim involved. Any amp block sounds good with that configuration, but there is also another motive for that; speaker models are all leveled down to average 15db, so they are A LOT quieter than LF Flat and LF RAW. I've seen that I need my Helix and PC+, both with main volume to twelve o clock for LF-raw, and that's already plenty of juice. To obtain a similar feeling I need to crank up the Helix to max, when using the speaker simulations on the PC+, otherwise any tone would sound much thinner (Fletcher - Munson).
  12. Probably a overall solution, to do before any action on the Helix, could be to install the new Edit package with Helix not connected at all, then reboot the PC, connect the Helix and install the update.
  13. They works correctly here. Helix Rack+Control and 2 ext pedals.
  14. Helix Rack+Control, 2.8 BUG: I don’t have this available on my Globals Pedal Position Indicator Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control A new Global Settings > Displays > Pedal Position Display parameter lets you determine whether the scribble strip above the expression pedal temporarily displays the expression pedal position ("Temporary") or remains visible ("Persistent").
  15. EDIT: sorry didnt see you posted the exact chain. So you are using the USB into the PC for the backing track. I tried the same, and it seems working fine here. Speaker models arent being applied to that. Everything that does go from Helix into the Powercab, whatever the connection between them (link, xlr, 1/4"), will be treated the same way from the Powercab simulation (not immolation, that's a wrong word). The only way I could think, would be to NOT use any speaker simulation on the powercab, set it up as FRFR, and then send the backing track from USB—> Helix to Powercab, without anything in the middle, and another path with your amp and cab, and effects, for the guitar. As soon as the Powercab it's simulating a speaker, everything you'll be sending to it, will receive that simulation.
  16. The point is, for me, that well above 1000, I cant buy a digital amp (the value lifespan of these products its waaaay shorter than a real amp). I love modeling, I love the Helix, but for 1400 Im not buying a line 6 amp, no way. :) Also, I paid 899 for a Fh1500, which is a complete system, dsp, W/D/W, variax support etc... Let’s see if it’s just a spike. For now it’s a no for me. :)
  17. Yes, the update it's just amazing, and to me the new software in the unit does seems more responsive (also the boot it's quicker). It's 3 years, almost 4, I've been using the Helix....and I'm sure it's not placebo, but this update seems producing less latency. Dunno, but I feel like I'm more connected to the instrument during fast playing, which always been a feeling I only had with my tube amps. Could be my head, but don't think so, since I wasn't expecting that much on this aspect. Could be the new core removed some cycle from the calculations, I don't know, doesn't matter, works great! The powercab integration it's really making this a dream rig now. Really outstanding job! The Link seems way more stable than before, no more hanging powercabs, no more disconnections like I was getting before the update with my two PC+. New features like the rotary joystick assigned to left/right movements along the path, are just the cherry on the cake. Great job guys, I'm a proud owner. :)
  18. Yes I confirm the same behaviour. Looks like the communication isn't sending a real PC+ preset change, but it's just editing the preset you are on, when you boot up the speakers. If you ask me, this makes perfectly sense to me, since the Helix doesn't know where those speaker presets are on your cabs (for example, I moved those in different presets, and I renamed them, so they aren't matching stocks), and IF they are there still. The way they programmed this, isn't asking any arbitrary input from the user (you don't have to tell where your speaker models are, like with IRs). So it does just edit the preset you are on, sending and receiving only from that slot, which is probably the only way to make this working.
  19. Hi, you need to go through all the suggestion we posted over here, with patience, and see if it works.
  20. The fact you didn't have the problem, doesn't mean people it's stupid. There is plenty of people (I'm one of those) that didn't get the Helix recognized again after the message, and this ends in a updater stuck at 50%. Try to be helpful, if you can't just don't post. I mean, downvoting a guy asking for help? Really?
  21. Did you restart the unit after you loaded your presets? You need to restart and wait the presets to be rebuilt. After that it should be fine.
  22. What this update does attempt, it's a "hot swap" of the core, so at around 50% of the update, the unit it's being rebooted automatically, which means the device it's being pulled off from windows (and from USB port) and then pulled in again after the unit reboot. All this stuff happen while the updater stays in "listening" mode, waiting for the unit to come back, relink to the drivers, and complete the update. Looks like this process sometimes isn't working, as the unit isn't being pulled back and recognized properly after the reboot, so the updater stays in listening mode forever, or does fail to update at some point. Anyway, go in the above thread and try the solutions listed.
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