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  1. I don't understand what's the point to open a ticket. They say you need a new transmitter. Wrong answer, since I didn't need any new transmitter until that stupid upgrade. So the question is; who's paying for that? Im not gonna accept "me" as an answer.
  2. Yes, the firmware completely destroyed the battery life on both my G10. One, the older, went from average 6 hours, to barely 2 hours of life. The other one does last 3 hours max. After this, it’s all a mess of nonsense red/green blinking while charging.. As for the heat, never had a problem. I upgraded because I got scared by the warning message they spammed everywhere. I cant believe they did a such awful move without properly warning customers. Anyway, who’s paying for the battery replacements?
  3. I have 2 units, they worked flawless for years, now they are both doing same crap as others are reporting. PLEASE RELEASE A DOWNGRADE or set a global refund. This is ridiculous!
  4. Isnt just Germany and isnt just the floor. The price raise is for entire EU, in any store with updated prices, and also rack and foot controller, they all cost more.
  5. There is nothing to desire above 5.5/6Khz for guitar speakers, apart hiss and noise.
  6. It's a dead/abandoned project imho. I have one, and I can't use it anymore as the iOS app it's totally bugged. I can't edit Variax params as it crash, and the app it's just very unstable, crashing randomly. I contacted L6 support, they said they know it's bugged, but they don't know when there'll be an upgrade. As for the firmware, again, I think there'll be no changes as it's a pretty much abandoned device. If isn't Helix, everything else doesn't last that much at L6 these days. Said that, I wish they stop doing devices with editing OS dependent, since that's creating an obsolete device as soon as the OS changes and makes the editing app obsolete and/or not running anymore. I'm sick of that honestly.
  7. PierM

    Helix 2.9

    You can; path 1 mic to xlr, path 2 variax to digital output. Just select Digital in the output on Path 2.
  8. PierM

    Mac Catalina OS

    It’s a OS issue, so must be fixed from Apple.
  9. PierM

    Helix 2.9

    You have no dB level/gain stage on regular stomps, like helix does. And yes, pedals with boost functions are better too have a meter, isnt 1960 anymore. Compressors for sure they’d be better with a meter (MXR, Becos, Keeley, EH, etc...they have a full meter). Loop FX, same story.
  10. PierM

    Helix 2.9

    If metering happen only at output levels, not at each block level, then it’s gonna be pretty much useless. Still, nice to see they are taking care of the aspect.
  11. Isn't a showstopper for sure. I'm a happy Helix user. Started with the Floor, now happy with my Rack, so that's not the point. Point is Helix it's a killer routing machine, tons of inputs, tons of output, incredible routing capabilities. Metering would have been very welcome for me, and other users I'm sure. :)
  12. I remember someone from L6 saying that in the facebook group, don't remember who (group which I abandoned, so I can't check now). Animation of meters in the display was not an option due limits in the hardware, which is not surprising if you ask me. Would have required more expensive hardware and a more complex UI.
  13. Isnt about being pros or not anyway. Metering it’s basics in any device with more than an input and an output, and everyone is free to use it or not. Point is Helix cant have any, because has hardware limits, so let’s not try to make this lack as if it were a smart choice, planned by the engineers. Hardware isnt there, that’s it. Isnt there not because you guys don’t need it. You say you dont need it because isnt there. Amen. ;)
  14. I dont know, maybe most of the helix users arent using to much external routing, or they are mostly playing at home, but in a live situation, metering would be a saver, especially to debug a problem without have to mess with trial and error. For example, I recently had a feedback loop in my chain (which is pretty complex and using basically all the routing available on the back of the Helix), preventing me to raise the volume as there was a really insane squeal. If I had block metering, like Axe FX has, i would have solved the issue instantly, because you would have seen where the loop were happening, exactly at which stage. In my case was one of the S/R routing, going into an external fx unit, so I had to mess with cables and switches for a while, until I’ve found the offender. Again, if I had access to the FX Loop metering (metering send, metering return), I would have solved in 3 seconds. This is just one scenario, but even when creating a patch, would be great to monitor each stage, to either clamp levels to your needs or monitor floors levels along the entire path, and outside the unit (FX Loops). I mean, c’mon, that’s basics in any complex routing setup. They didnt do that probably because there is not enough power available to handle multiple realtime metering rendering on that screen, at proper refresh speed, so I dont think we will ever see that happening.
  15. Save and buy an Axe III. Done. :)
  16. If you have a modeler in any device, even an iPhone, you can link it via USB, and plug the guitar straight on input 1, on the Powercab.
  17. PierM

    Helix II

    As soon as the Axe FX III will drop in value/price.
  18. I wont offer any opinion, just what happened to me with my Helix floor, from 2016 to 2019; 2017: Joystick failure, sent for repair 2017; Joystick failure again, repaired myself (bad soldering job) 2018; scribble strip failure; swapped with a new one (ordered from the British Audio guys) 2019: another scribble failure: same as above Now I moved to a Helix rack with controller: all good for now.
  19. No. We were talking about Link. (read the entire op post, with the edited part)
  20. I tried to explain it here:
  21. There are not Cabs in the Powercab. A cab algorithm in the Helix, it's simulating a guitar cab, with a microphone in front of it, in a room. This is like listening an amp+cab+mic+room in a recording, offline. A powercab it's a a real cab, which can works as it is (using its own speaker), as a speaker simulator (still isn't a cab, but a simulation of a speaker. No mic. No room.). THis is like an amp in the room. Then you can use it as FRFR speaker, and you need a cab in the helix, or would sounds rubbish. Then you can load your own IRs, at this point it's just acting as a IR block in your Helix, going through a FRFR.
  22. Joystick Encoder seems having some random hang when in "model" modality. Sometimes doesn't respond to push, sometimes doesn't respond to model change, sometimes both. Isn't hardware related. More info here;
  23. Ok I've been able to repro, and seems some instability in the code. Basically both click and rotate, to select models and/or to access the model page, are like hanging and/or not responding, but yeah, isn't hardware related; it's code which seems looping somewhere and losing realtime catching on the Joystick status. This problem it's happening only when Joystick Encoder it's set to "model", so I'm pretty sure it's related to the update. (even because the same Joystick works flawless for any other browsing action, outside the patch).
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