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  1. OP is from 2018. Today that list would be way longer. :)
  2. 160€ for a thing that last 2.5hours per charge, I wouldnt really call it cheap. That firmware, that was cheap indeed. :)
  3. Check if you dont have some impedance jump between the two presets. This is from the official notes from L6; "...note that there may be a slight hiccup when switching between two presets with different impedance values for the Guitar Input."
  4. This would require some layering, like the plus pedal does. Would be great, but does require a different algo for the layering, and more params to control them. You should drop the idea in ideascale.
  5. You should buy a Mesa Boogie, Dual Rectifier.
  6. You should update to Helix only if you need a joystick.
  7. I did some comparison between variax detuning/uptuning (not Alt tuning, for the above reasons), and the Helix Poly does seem performing better for uptuning (better tone and attack), whereas Variax (JTV59) sounds to me more convincing when downtuning, even if does warble a bit more for lower drops. Acoustic sim on the JTV is still superior than using the Acoustic sim in the latest firmware imho, but I've seen some youtube using that new block in conjuction with acoustic IRs, and it was sounding just amazing. Still the Variax seems the right choice if you dont want to deal to much with presets and stuff. I dont think Variax is now redundant, at all. Helix can't perform string recognition as the Variax, so I doubt it will ever be a complete alternative.
  8. Well, I sent my floor in Germany (two times) for the joystick issue, and in the service description was described as a soldering issue. The pot base is soldered on the PCB.
  9. Wondering who's/what is doing these soldering at the factory lol. Never seen so many soldering issues as with Line6.
  10. Agree with Zolko. I do have an El Capistan (just a brilliant pedal) and 2 old Oberheim EDPs, because I do really love tape degradation, or digital delay cycle downsampling. Never been a fan of L6 delays/reverb for that reason, they are studio quality, but too cold and sterile for my taste (I said taste, not saying they are bad).
  11. Dont know if does already exist in ideascale, but I really wish they make the rotary pots more dynamic. I mean, it does takes from 40 seconds to an entire MINUTE, spinning that rotary, to assign the max values to some block params (like for example the new poly sustain, or longest delay times). They could just use an EXPonential function that does auto engage if you dont stop spinning the value within X seconds. EDIT; would be also great to have a 100% Wet option on the Poly Sustain block, to play soft in/out drone pads, like I can do with my Gamechanger Plus Pedal.
  12. Anyway, isnt just the PodGo. Even if I connect my Helix Rack (without using amp sim), in front of my Fender Deluxe, it does suck a lot of the original tone and dynamics (other than adding a crazy hiss noise). On the other hand, if I plug my normal pedalboard, with strymon stuff and other pedals, it's all good and flawless. I think there is something on these devices, that these Fender amps are not liking that much....
  13. Works as a toggle, just without the annoying click/clack of a standard footswitch... :) 09-12-20%2C 13 40
  14. I use a Yamaha FC5 straight into the Toe Switch (I dont use a wah so that's a free jack for me). I love the soft clickless feeling, and works fine. It's perfect for stuff like the new Poly Sustain.
  15. I had this few weeks ago, with 2.9x. I fixed resetting Globals. I had/have no idea when and how this started, but at some point I had the left Returns, way louder than right Returns, at impedance parity. Anyway, resetting Globals restored everything to normal.
  16. If you are expecting Helix+FRFR to sound like your Fender amp in your room, sorry, it wont happen in any configuration. What you'll be getting is a tone coming from a mic'ed amp, processed and diffused through FRFR speakers. It wont emulate the amp in the room. So first thing to understand is what kind of tone you are chasing, in the context of your precise expectations. :)
  17. There is NOTHING to rectify or improve in that field. IT IS NOT the joystick that fail. IS A COLD/BAD SOLDERING that breaks, because of joint fatigue that happens when you use the "joystick". That may happen in 2015 or in 2030, unless they do change the front panel design. Would I have preferred the typical four directional buttons instead that joypad? Yes I would have (I do hate that wonky joystick, 2015 or 2020), but it is what it is, and there is nothing you can do, or say, or believe, that it will affect the reality. Hence the looping overthinking. When you send these units for repair, THEY DO NOT replace the joystick (unless you were using an hammer); they do just re-solder the wires with the potentiometer pins over there;
  18. Even the seller doesnt have such information (year of assembly), nor the local distributor. You are indeed overthinking stuff you can't control in any way. There is still the chance you get a rack assembled in 2015, today in 2020, especially if you are in Europe like me, where the distribution has a bit of bottleneck with stocks. IIRC, you are waiting for a brand new unit; just sit, smile, and wait for it. Im sure you'll get plenty of fun as soon as it arrives. Just let it go. :)
  19. PierM

    3.01 Update

    It's in the Download page; Bug Fixes in 3.01 In extremely rare cases with specific blocks in a specific order, audio could become severely corrupted–FIXED In certain cases, the Delay > Glitch Delay can exhibit minor pops and clicks when placed on Path 2, regardless of where its Smoothing parameter is set (that is, not the good type of glitchiness)—FIXED Many other minor fixes and improvements
  20. I dont have a stomp, but Rack with firmware 3.0.1 works perfectly fine with iOS devices, through the camera kit.
  21. At tracking parity (as is now), then should be probably more DSP intensive, since you need to add another set of cycles to add "synthesis". At some point, I believe would be better to use an hexaphonic pickup driving a sound module, if you need real synth patches. Helix isn't a sound module, so all it can do is very basic OSC synthesis, which is really fun, but hard to use in a real context.
  22. That Hog isnt doing what the Helix Poly Pitch is doing. Still apples and oranges....
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