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  1. https://www.globalfulfillment.net/gfsnet/line6/10expand.aspx?ProductCode=98-030-0009 expensive i would try an adhesive like rubber cement. you apply it to both parts, wait until it gets tacky then stick together
  2. well as usual i lollipop up. all this time i've been going back to the amp every now and then. checking lollipop. of course the first thing i did was swap tubes from one position to another...same lollipop. finally decided to bring it to a well recommended tech. jim walton's his name. in the philly area. google him. hell, i thought, one more search on google, a few more checks. swap some tubes and if still no luck i'll call him today. turns out when i swapped tubes the first time i put the exact same lollipop tube back in the exact same lollipop socket. off to get a set.
  3. a parts website called full compass.com might be able to get the part. you will probably have to call them
  4. try this from the manual If for any reason, or just for the sheer mad joy of it, you decide you need to reset your Floor POD Plus’s entire memory to its factory-programmed state, then boldly do this: Simultaneously press the Bank Up and Bank Down footswitches while plugging in the power supply. After startup, the display will show “intâ€, to indicate that the unit has been re-initialized. Disconnect the power supply then reconnect it. You’re done
  5. for the sake of argument, why not use the better equipment. you really don't use 200 amps at one gig, do you? why not convince me once and for all that the pod cannot compete? record clips of each and post them. no coke...pepsi
  6. the more joy you bring, all the more sorrow you leave
  7. the pod definitely can compete with the ax fx. everybody and there mother has compared them. most say they give the edge to the ax fx. but for a fraction of the cost, the pod stays sharp
  8. the firmware version can be found in the pods menu. i'm sorry but i can't remember how to get there. i searched the knowledge base with no luck. the midisport is a midi to usb device, nothing else is needed
  9. just to add to triryche's post, get a m-audio midisport uno. it's probably one of the few xt likes
  10. should be the transformer closest to the power tubes
  11. the transformer supplies power to the tubes for heater and bias. you have to check input and output. i'm just guessing as to what the fault is. could be just a broken wire :unsure:
  12. the wire leading to the tailpiece is sometimes bare. i would do a continuity check to make sure it's connected unless you can see that it is in fact connected
  13. my thoughts are that if the noise stops when there is no input, the pod is at fault, since you have tested another guitar with the same results. suppose there is a ground wire or input plug fault in the pod. this, [Idea: plug your guitar into the Aux input and change the patch input to Aux. If the noise goes away then it's a faulty Guitar Input circuit.] sounds like a good test
  14. when this problem occurred a couple of months ago was there anything that you changed or did it start suddenly?
  15. that guy needs a motherlollipoping lollipop anger management class ;) kind of reminds me of sam :angry: lollipop kinison
  16. yes, i believe it is difficult to pluck harmonics at the 5th fret using the neck only pick up. i experience the same thing with my strat style g&l legacy. i guess that's the way it is. if i switch pick ups there's no problem.
  17. if you have too much treble in the tone, lower the Z. no right or wrong. another thing i noticed is that if you have to much attack when you pluck the strings, separate the right and left channels on the mixer. works for me, this also lowers the volume so just turn it up. seems to me it eliminates that plucky, trebley sound. in my opinion, you just have to learn where all the controls are (there's thousands of combinations) to shape your tone and try them all. i've had mine for 3 years and i still ain't done learnin'. happy tone hunting
  18. i think you should have an output signal from the pod even with the lower current capability of your ps. since it's old, i would try changing the battery. you have to open it up and do some soldering. it doesn't cost much and you can also check stuff on the board. remove the knobs using 2 small screwdrivers to pry them up using even pressure on opposite sides. protect the finish. they can be a lollipop to pry,
  19. on the pod lcd, with the pointer on the amp, hold the view button down a couple of seconds until the screen changes, page over with the nav key 2 or three pages. also access it from hd edit, upper left portion of the window always perform a global reset and pedal cal after reflash
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