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  1. i'm not saying anybody did this but i remember someone from line6 posting a caution to ensure that the correct software be installed i.e. podxt bean software = podxt bean; posdxt live software = podxt live and so on. i use podxt as an example because that is the time frame i remember. i often wondered if the problems people were having was installing the wrong software by accident
  3. i take it that your x3 is no longer re-booting. did you try gearbox in normal start up mode? i'm wondering why the message says "this tone". hmm :huh:
  4. the input connection should be labeled with the requirements for the cord. just match it
  5. i suggest removing all line6 software and start over. use the line6 uninstaller program
  6. i was wondering how you can tell the screws are flat rather than a shallow cone shape, i can't see the bottom. anyway, i know home depot carries set screws of all sizes and shapes
  7. just had a lot of fun with it before i logged on ;)
  8. how should i know? might be operator error :) so a world class band wouldn't know or care what equipment they were using. that seems highly unlikely; but that's an opinion. and everybody knows the old saying about opinion... i know your not naive enough to think that recording was a reflection on the sound quality of the stagescape. i think the fact that greenday even considered using it is enough to promote the product. and give stagescape users a twinkle in their eye. i am proud to see that the line6 brand is being used by mega rich bands, makes me feel gooood. if you want to hear stagescape users talk about it just read the forum. namely the post Digital Sound made directly after yours :)
  9. well, i'm sorry i couldn't help. l only know where to find info on a particular subject or if i experience a problem i might stumble across the solution. but i just had another thought :huh: maybe it's the power supply. do you have a way to check it?
  10. Q: How do I reflash in "safe mode"? A: Safe mode can be used when a unit cannot be reflashed using the normal reflash procedure. Hold the four-way arrow key to the right while powering the POD X3 unit on to start your unit in safe mode. You can then reflash the unit as decribed above.
  11. Factory Reset There may be times when you’d like to reset your M13 to its Factory settings. You may want to recall a particular Factory Scene, for example. To do a Factory Reset, first back up any Scenes you’d like to keep (see MIDI Backup on page 2•5), then follow these steps: • Turn the Model Select Knob under LCD 4 until “Rst Fact?†is displayed. • Press down on the Model Select Knob - “Reset To Factory?†will be displayed. • To initiate the Factory Reset, press down on the Model Select Knob again. • All Factory defaults will be reset, including Scene Presets and Global settings.
  12. POD X3 Series: Factory Reset, Reflash, and Firm...May 08 2008 06:31 PM | Line6Tony in POD X3 Q: Can I reset the POD X3 series units directly from the unit? A: Yes. Hold the "home" button for two seconds, then highlight "reset user presets" navigating with the 4-way arrow key. Press save, then hold the save button for five seconds and release....
  13. please give the following info: amp type original issue with amp cable connection from m13 to amp can you perform a reset on the m13? i could be wrong, usually am ^_^ but i've found when something is repaired and then a problem develops in a different area, sometimes it's the repair that causes the second fault. have you tried different effects in place of the m13?
  14. there is an on/off function in the pod set up
  15. well somebody inspects underwear too. i hope they're not used. but seriously i have a sticker on my hd and i'm sure it's new because mine was ordered
  16. i use the device mainly for shaping my tone. i don't record and i don't gig. i can empathize with the people who want more than the pod hd series can do. as for me, if i didn't have it, i couldn't get all of the tones i want without spending a lot of cash. but what i don't understand is why people bought something that clearly doesn't meet their requirements. why come to this forum and beat to death all of the shortcomings. surely when it was purchased and used, those individuals with issues realized this and could then decide to return it. most manufactures or retailers don't offer a 30 day return policy. time enough to find out if it's right for you.
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