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  1. i can guess and say it sets the range of sweep when used with the foot pedal
  2. definitely something i didn't want to hear. listening and watching him was inspiring. still is :(
  3. it was a big issue way back in the xt era. some dude named supersupro even wrote an app to make edit work before line6 fixed the problem.
  4. the singer really has the most talent. it's amazing how you can hear every word he sings, followed by the drummer. his skins are tuned perfectly.
  5. Q: I purchased my internally powered Line 6 unit in a region that has "XXX" voltage, and now I am relocating to a region that has different power. Can my Line 6 unit be modified or do I need to use a external transformer? A: Many Line 6 devices (i.e.rack mounted PODs, Flextone, Vetta) and amplifiers can be internally modified at an Authorized Line 6 Service Center to the power needs in your new region. Spider amplifiers require that the transformer be replaced along with internal modification. Please note that this is a non-warranty modification and will not be covered under any warranty agreement.
  6. Besides, for some strange reason my laptop lists the HD500x as a HD500 where on the computer does it list the pod as a 500 instead of a 500x
  7. do a global reset Q: How do I reset the global settings of the POD HD? A: Press and hold the Left Arrow button on the 4 Way Nav as you power on the POD HD. This reset resets the global settings back to factory defaults and also renames the Set Lists to factory as well. NOTE: This DOES NOT reset the presets of the POD HD. That requires re-installing the flash memory using Line 6 Monkey. (Same as Factory Reset above.)
  8. thanks, you guys, for responding. i'll try replacing that resistor, brazzy. and thanks for the warning, hurghanico. ;)
  9. can i measure voltage in a tube amp with the speakers disconnected? power tubes removed? one tube in the right output is glowing almost as bright as a light bulb. it's a stereo amp so i believe i can compare left and right and come to some conclusion. there is a resistor that looks a bit like it was overheating but measures correct resistance, i thinking when it's on, it breaks down...possible? the amp still works for a minute then the tube starts glowing and then the amp makes random popping/crackling sounds. in the attachment, the tube that;s glowing is v7 in the output section page 1. the resistor is r116 on page3. thanks for looking, frank www.gibson.com_Files_schematics_GA30RVS.pdf
  10. is the power supply ac or dc output? should be 9vac
  11. the ps supplied with the pod is universal. all you need is an adapter plug.
  12. some amps have a very low initial volume. try increasing the drive or volume on amps you can't hear
  13. don't get your panties in a bind. cal line6 or open a support ticket, they WILL help you
  14. http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/pod/pod-20-podxt-family-pocket-pod-floorpods/eprom-upgrade-and-faq-r444
  15. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p3984.m570.l1311.R3.TR9.TRC1.A0.H0.Xbass+pod&_nkw=bass+pod+xt&_sacat=0&_from=R40
  16. if i had a nickle for every time somebody asked...
  17. http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/pod/pod-20-podxt-family-pocket-pod-floorpods/eprom-upgrade-and-faq-r444
  18. if you ask me, i would say that's a good thing. :blink:
  19. I've been to Calabasas and all i got was this lousy T-shirt! :( :D
  20. all but one wrong. i was totally guessing. my hearing is atrocious.
  21. also, you must be in studio direct mode and full amp mode to access amp and cab parameters. using preamp mode in studio direct mode, only cab parameters can be accessed. me thinks!
  22. good info...now let's hear it! :)
  23. i believe the difference is the length of the cable run. jacks for short and xlr's for long. google; http://sound.stackexchange.com/questions/24370/is-there-a-significant-difference-in-sound-quality-between-1-4-jacks-and-three
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