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    Glenn DeLaune

    I like his patches, and have almost all of the Helix ones. Really he's gotten better and better results over time. Now he uses his own Tone IRs, and they work very well once dialed in with your sound system. I particularly like the way he sets up the fx in his patches.
  2. Thanks for the feedback , and I'm not surprised. Thing is, it's the generally warmer Ownhammer IRs that work best with the Helix. It might be a different story if your setup was using irs in your DAW with a real amp / load box and line out to pc. It's not always down to the quality or accuracy of the irs, but rather, which works best with the Helix which has a tendency towards brightness and fizz.
  3. The official line 6 demo's by that guy always sound fantastic to me. But he puts the helix into a full line 6 PA rig, of about 4000w. You are comparing this to your Behringer wedge. Also you might want a stereo rig for a bigger sound.
  4. I can't help thinking how you've spent all that money on a Helix, but then play it through a cheap speaker. Really it wants at least an Alto TS210 to be sounding good. I think Glenn's latest patches are voiced for his line 6 Firehawk 1500. Certainly I have to change the eq when I record straight into my mixer then PC.
  5. Yeah I just updated to 2.11 on windows 10. I had to uninstall the 2.00 line6 helix software first, before the new software would work. Install to the Helix went perfectly.
  6. Ťry this, cabIR T75s. http://line6.com/support/topic/21352-cabir-t75-with-line-6-elektrik-amp/?do=findComment&comment=188662
  7. I agree with you about the improvements you can get with IRs. But the stock cabs have improved from the firmware 2.00 onwards. If it works for you then its good. My advice is to try 2 cabs. Same cab but different mic on each. You'll love the extra depth of tone. Al
  8. Thanks Markus, Yeah I should have more time to experiment over holidays. Al
  9. alpag

    Happy Helix

    Well said, and a Merry Christmas to you too. I use mine for home recording and just saves so much time. Being able to put Electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar through the Helix and get some great tones is the biggest step forward for me.
  10. Thanks Markus, Here's the cabs I used. Mr-Pin68_Ambient-cab_L_I Mr-Pin68_Cab_mo1_Multi_I The pinstripe 68 cab is my favourite for blues rock. I generally use a multi mic setting because of its warmth. The amp was a Fender Deluxe nrm boosted with a Hedgehog D9. Guitar a Fender strat deluxe Shawbucker. Oh and i reduced the Ambient cab to -18.8 While the other one was stock -18
  11. I generally use two IR cabs. Sometimes the I version with a P (pushed bass) version. The unique and interesting option with CabIR.eu is the Ambient option. You can blend it with a regualar IR. Then just lower the output of the Ambient IR to reduce its strength. As a Marshall user, I like the Honk you get from it. Have a listen to just that, using a boosted Fender amp all in the Helix. https://soundcloud.com/ju287v3/cabir-honk-wav
  12. I have all the Marshall speakers from CabIR.eu and they are my go to IRs. I also have most Redwirez and Ownhammer speakers. The CabIR.eu speakers are very clear, and natural sounding. And if there is any harshness, that's because it was in the original real cab, the 8x10 for example. What works for me is sometimes mixing a CabIR.eu 20w greenback with a Redwirez 20w greenback for classic rock with a Plexi. You get more depth this way. I could post samples, but really its what You can get out of them that matters. Al
  13. Cool review. Glad you're up a running with it so quickly. It took me about a month to get into it, and had some days where I thought about returning it. I'm glad I didn't though, because now I know how to get the tones I love out of it. I now use it for Bass, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Like a mini studio. A fantastic tool for recording with. Al
  14. Thanks Shane. It's a very easy and convenient way to record too. Really since getting the Helix, It has greatly speeded up my recording process. I have a bass patch, acoustic patch and electric guitar patches, which all sound great recorded direct. I used to have to swap amps and speakers, mics too.
  15. Hi guys, just thought I'd share this. I wanted to record my Nylon strung Taylor direct from the Helix. Normally I'd mic up the guitar or put it through a JTM Marshall. I didn't like it through the Helix JTM, so started rolling through the amps until I found one that worked. It was the Soup Pro. I then put a compressor in front and delay and reverb blocks after the amp. So my Taylor is plugged into the normal guitar input on the Helix. See what you think. Al https://soundcloud.com/ju287v3/acoustic-mix-mp3
  16. That's cool. When ever I've tried this with clean boosts, it loads the input too much. Perhaps you are using different amp models to me. I mostly use Marshall's. Perhaps you are using clean Fender models?
  17. Thanks for posting these free IRs. I have many from 3 other companies, but yours sounded the best in this situation. More natural. So anyway, I'm using a real valve amp, my Marshall JMP 1W head, into the fx return of the Helix. Then using your cab, two in fact to allow me to record the amp quietly. Turned out great I think, and will be good in a mix. Al https://soundcloud.com/ju287v3/jmp1-treb-n-basseq-mp3
  18. Thanks Chris, I just download them. Will try them out tomorrow and give you some feedback. Al
  19. Hi guys, just got the new 3rd Sigi's finest collection from CABIR.EU I really wanted to try their T75 for some heavy rock riffs. They are clearer and more detailed than the stock T75 cab in the Helix. Have a listen and make your own opinion. Al https://soundcloud.com/ju287v3/sigis-cabir-t75-mp3
  20. The first thing I do is take out only the 48hz 16bit 200 long IRs. This is the format that Helix can use. If you use the others, they get converted anyway, so that reduces a lot of IRs from the package. That can still leave a lot. And here some recording knowledge is a big help, like speaker type and placement. Redwirez has the most options, and so is better for more experienced studio people, while 3sigma and CABIR.EU have fewer options, but they are well considered ones by experts taking all kinds of measurements for you. Hope that helps.
  21. Sorry to hear this. When/if you get it, you'll love it. Mine is sounding really good after learning how to dial it in.
  22. alpag

    Jtm with CabIR 8x10

    Thanks Markus, glad you like it. The CabIR cabs have really opened up the Helix. They make most stock cabs sound dull. For anyone interested I used the JTM normal channel with bass rolled off to 0. Gain on 4 but boosted by the Rat pedal. The pedal is rolled back to less than parity. A Les Paul with tone on 8 and vol on 9. This smooths out the 0s and 1s (digital haha) Then the 8x10s one the whole cab, the other just one speaker. Finally a little reverb to make it sound live. Al
  23. Hi guys, This short clip is a test of some new IRs I got from CabIR.eu. I find them bright and detailed with the nuances that are sometimes lacking in other IRs. They pair well with other cabs, Redwirez for example. But have a listen to the 8x10 Marshall cab here. It sounds very realistic to me, and I'm a valve amp tone snob haha. Listen to oh well 8x10. https://soundcloud.com/ju287v3/oh-well-8x10-wav
  24. Nice tone and playing. Enjoyed it. Thsnks for posting.
  25. Cool. Nice one Chris. Nice tones there already.
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