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  1. i do this in a number of ways when recording... as i suggested with guitar tracks... but i also use drum plugins like toontrack to change drum kits etc... after recording (via midi kit) but yeah... great way to change the whole song up without performing again. and you can record both the wet and dry tracks to different armed tracks.... which gives you a reference
  2. Been around, lurking alot. :) and of course playing the crap out of some Helix.
  3. I like the reverbs myself... but that's why there are many available loops and many available options out there.... have at it. :)
  4. the big thing you're missing, is that you can record the dry tracks and reprocess the entire thing through a while different setup in software.... you can use a dry track and a pair of headphones to create tones from your living room that you can transfer to your helix for live use.... you can also use any of the effects elsewhere in your recording at relative ease... add compression or reverb to the odd track.... but yes.. pretty much what you said at the end of your post. :)
  5. it's still there :http://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=3121 its just never been tested for newer windows etc... so you have to select an older version of windows from the drop down menus... still works fine though....
  6. TheRealZap

    Future of Helix

    more amps... within a more cluttered interface... just make it more frustrating and confusing.... the right few amps=more time to play.... seriously... try not to get to overwhelmed with the technology stuff.... it will hurt/limit/slow your playing!
  7. as far as i know, they have not been officially discontinued.... however, there is no current production either... doesn't clear much up... but i had the similar question a while back and asked....
  8. yes, compatible.... just limited to preset selection within a single bank..... can't change banks, and can't control individual effects on/off or anything else that the shortboard is capable of.
  9. no.... that wont do anything except fry some equipment.... the FBV requires power... ethernet hardware or your amp can be damaged by feeding these connections through it.
  10. you have to buy the model packs to get the rest. none of the tone ports come with everything unlocked. however... you may only be getting the trial version if you have pod farm 2 installed... pod farm 2 is not a free upgrade either... try installing pod farm version 1.x if thats the case and you will get the full standard set of amps and effects.
  11. are you using the latest version of pod farm, or one that came with a disk? also are you using the one you have a license for?
  12. the input is not necessarily the same on all presets... i would look there first.
  13. no problem, you can install on up to 4 devices from one purchase. you're fine. nothing to buy. (unless you want the other packs....)
  14. sorry i misstated that.... you have to do it in the app and not the amp...
  15. you don't you assign them to presets in the amp.. and the express will choose between the 4 presets in the current bank 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D for example.... with the express you cannot change banks though... you have to do that on the amp.
  16. you cant save anything to the board.... its a dumb controller.... you are saving it to the amp... and controlling the amp with the board. you're looking for something that doesn't exist... seems you have the right options.
  17. it doesn't work like that... we're not going to babysit anyone. the polls were abused. would surely be abused again if they were enabled. sorry.
  18. No. the polls were enabled and abused initially. I support Line6's decision to keep them disabled.
  19. you have to be on the device/computer to deactivate yourself... however... if needed line6 support can deactivate for you if you no longer have access... such as change jobs, computer crashes, etc
  20. yes, you can run the license manager, and setup an active license on 4 devices or computers at one time... you can also deactive a license and activate on a different machine at any time. the ilok requires a usb port and the ilok cannot use model packs! its either standard or platinum.... the main reason of course is explained above... you have to move the ilok device and plug it into a single computer at a time.... the pod farm license does not support the ilok computer authorization license.
  21. its this one: http://line6.com/legacy/floorboard/ there is an FBV longboard with 2 pedals... so thats not a good way to define them.
  22. you have to get an older line6 "floorboard" it is not an FBV (if it says FBV on it anywhere its not the right pedal)
  23. the lowdown was a modeling amp as well.... perhaps your settings can be approximated by using the amp that was modeled on the lowdown.
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