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  1. silly as it is... sounds like you need the spitball repair... a tiny ball of paper in the knob hole....
  2. which is not an option for the average person.. i was trying to help the guy... not get his hopes up that things may one day change to fit his desires....
  3. you can always just reverse the numbers in the tone... set the min to the max, and the max to the min.. then it will work backwards.
  4. there's not going to be any firmware for the pod x-series.... they are done. the driver issue is well known... and it appears to be an issue with the apple operating system (the apple beta patch restores sound) however, line6 is working on identifying the issue and will create new system drivers as needed.
  5. im not sure what country you're in.... but if you paid 785$ within the last 2 years for a processor that still uses gearbox... ouch... just ouch.
  6. updated main post to show all submissions since last update.
  7. you'll need to provide a link, if you want your idea posted to the top....
  8. Any legal team will decide on avoiding a risk... even if they think you might win a case if it went to court.... they would surely advise you not to even risk going to court... etc. you might not like it.... but you'll get further calling a senator than you will be laying it down for DI in these forums.... (and the senator is a longshot as well...)
  9. There is a px2 for each region. Same model number same output. Different plug and transformer.
  10. I'm always going to recommend the exactly correct power supply. You are free to use an equivalent at your own risk.
  11. pretty sure you can use any XPS box... just need to use a line6 PX2 power supply.
  12. TheRealZap

    Helix FAQ

    might save money ordering a print and picking it up... you can get it bound to your choosing as well... http://www.fedex.com/us/office/online-printing.html
  13. I think it's fair to say that they "heard" the gripes about the hd500 presets... and made a bit more effort this go around....
  14. there is no editor for helix... yet... i'd try different usb ports and a reboot... (power cycle helix as well) i've flashed many times on yosemite.... but the updater has to see it
  15. yeah, it's just not officially supported on win10 (hasnt been for a long time... officially supported) still works... glad you got sorted.
  16. I had the same issue... you have to try on a non cap machine... i used an old windows laptop i had.... nothing is really ready for el cap yet...
  17. Just don't select Windows 10 in drop down.
  18. what version of OSX? I don't advise flashing with El Cap.... it's given me issues... but it was fine on yosemite. have you tried the obvious? restart... different usb ports?
  19. the x3 live comes with all the model packs... which is why its not on the list..... because its built in for free.... no idea why you paid....
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