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  1. there is no amplifi utility for windows... i think you mean the line6 updater... that is on the downloads link in top right corner.
  2. the amplifi TT is class compliant and does not require drivers.
  3. they're usually pretty straightforward "dumb" controllers, i can't recall seeing this issue... but at its heart every switch on it sends a midi command. i would call the support number they might have some things they can walk you through.... http://line6.com/company/contact/
  4. is the usb connected to the FBV? it wont work the amp if its connected.
  5. remove it even IF you recognize it.... put it on your desktop for restoration later.... perhaps this will allow monkey to open.... unless you have a problem with your computer.... thats the likely issue... they arent going to fix your computer for you.
  6. how did you get to this thread and miss the fix... that's long posted.. .and long working..... Follow these step-by-step instructions to temporarily remove the Avid CoreAudio driver: Open the Finder and locate the following folder: Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > HAL Copy the "Avid CoreAudio.plugin" to another location, for example the Desktop. Delete the "Avid CoreAudio.plugin" from the HAL Plug-in folder. Type in the admin password when prompted. Restart your computer.
  7. No. you cannot even use the old firmware on the standards. (taking all the old models...) new models only....
  8. i may be misunderstanding the question... but yes if you hit save after adjusting it will recall the tone as it was saved... the master volume will not be recalled..... that should be the only adjustment you need to make and you're patches should be "relatively" leveled before hand....
  9. you can use pod farm with the VX.... it does not come with a license though... and the license with your UX1 is tied to the hardware.... but if you buy a pod farm license... you can use the VX with pod farm. although i didn't check any numbers... there was no noticeable difference in latency.
  10. you may have to change the input in syspref... (unless its a condensor mic, then you may need phantom power) as far as cutting out the sound.... you may need to check for the latest driver?
  11. Pod farm replaced gearbox long ago. Try pod farm if that's the case.
  12. make sure you have the latest driver.... and the latest license manager.... if you havent already.... http://line6.com/software/
  13. then remove the app, download from the appstore and try again.... step 1 anyway... :) (if you havent already tried it....)
  14. try removing java... and reinstall edit... edit will install the version of java it wants.... will probably work if you update from there.... but it wants that version to start....
  15. well the latest (and final) firmware is free.... so worth a try...
  16. TheRealZap

    topology ?

    no, the standalone use topologies include the preamps... with HD... the topologies just configure the poweramp section.
  17. there is of course other ways... that they are not supporting or releasing.... that's how they rescue "bricked" units in service departments for many products.... typically a set of libraries and a command line app with lots of various switches... i don't expect them to offer any way outside of the current updater utility.... the utility does more than just change the software on your device.... it can also do other maintenance required with a new firmware.... for example modifying existing presets to include new parameters, changing internal settings, etc....
  18. not sure what the issue is... but it's 100% downloadable... they do not ship cd's
  19. No. might try a virtual machine if you dont have access to another machine.
  20. you can search it here: http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/
  21. i never said it was up to you... and that it shouldn't just work... i just said that most would rather try those few easy things i suggested... because they could be alot easier than calling etc... not every issue is the same and maybe yours was different enough.... but no harm in trying a few things....
  22. i've reflashed many times with the :0 code in the corner... being part of the beta.... it does not mean it 100% needs replacement... i can assure you of that.... many things you can try before return/exchange.... other computers... (mac el cap is the worst for this!) other ports, restarting computer etc.... and by all means contact line6 support...
  23. TheRealZap

    Crank it up!

    this is not a matter of "suffering" or anything to do with line6 or any other processor.... it's physics... sound perception changes as the volume changes... fact.
  24. unfortunately.... gearbox is now unsupported and is only available "as is"... the installer hasn't changed... it's your computer that's changed.... i suspect the fix lies there.
  25. to the best of my knowledge... you me or him.... cant add a couple of lines of code to the helix.... which was my point... it doesn't help him now.
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