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  1. that mobius rotary is amazing! having said that, the Helix rotary is pretty nice itself.... they were bound to be different in some way or another.
  2. the plugin was removed from the install.. a valid gearbox license will work with pod farm 1.x
  3. they discontinued gearbox plugin LONG ago... it's now pod farm.
  4. wow... that is a pretty standard looking truss cover... nothing exciting or offensive about it... does it's job... but i've not seen demand for any replacement although i'm sure one could easily be made with an exacto knife and an old unused pickguard of your choosing... just by tracing and then drilling some holes.
  5. was everything on one path? possibly you're only utilizing half of the available DSP...
  6. some amps are just different... especially when talking preamp models... since some feed the power amp hot and others don't... all part of how each amp gets its ultimate sound.... dont think there is a specific issue that was addressed, regarding the concerns expressed here... but the latest firmware is recommended for many reasons.... and surely many more reasons and firmware updates to come....
  7. gearbox will never be updated. it's no longer supported and considered legacy. do a search on the forums though, i believe that others have gotten it to work.
  8. more like profiteering people trying to sell for 500$ over retail to people that wont wait.... i didn't see one disgruntled comment on any ads.... and you wouldn't put one if you were trying to sell it anyway... however... i think your pessimistic interpretation is far from true.
  9. pick an older operating system in the drop downs.... maybe even xp... it wont show up under anything that it wasnt tested on...
  10. TheRealZap

    A bit dodgy

    its entirely relevant for technical reasons... you can think it however you want... but the type of firmware and technology are completely different.... it's more like comparing a thumbtack to a pork tenderloin. just saying from a firmware perspective the problems of one is in no way similar to the problem of the other... if you discount all the technology than maybe the results seem similar... but discounting the technology in a conversation about the technology seems a bit daft.
  11. TheRealZap

    A bit dodgy

    JTV's are wildly different than Helix and pods... just stating the obvious...
  12. TheRealZap

    A bit dodgy

    there's plenty of 3rd party drivers for usb/chipsets etc that can also be flaky.... its also important to acknowledge that all usb3 ports arent as backwards compatible as they should be with usb2 devices anyway.... i've even heard of cases where a usb2 hub off of a usb3 port can actually help address these backwards compatibility issues. perhaps the whole point behind the update is to address some flakiness in the L6 unit itself... (?) regardless... the many possible variables in machines can cause a different experience... i don't think that your experience is that crazy... (its technology afterall...) frustrating yes... worrying given the price and anxiousness of playing the new toy... for certain.... but in the end it worked... a giant leap forward from factory install.... onwards and upwards.... i've got 2 macs with the same OS (el crapitan) and the update experience varies GREATLY between them.... and macs are known as being worlds more uniform than any PC platform...
  13. i thought his explanation was spot on... using dual outputs stresses the components... yes you can... no you shouldn't... he's not likely to get into the engineering side of things telling you what values what components would need to be replaced....
  14. the original workbench will never be updated.... the answer lies in getting the correct version of java on your mac, and making the current version work... others have done it. so a forum search may be helpful. i've had no issues with workbench HD.
  15. Don't tell it Windows 8 maybe select vista or similar. The software hasn't been updated or tested with newer Windows, but does work.
  16. you just need to get the right version of pod farm.... pod farm 1.x.. 2.x is not a free upgrade.... but you can download here... (not reason though... if you registered you may be able to download from there site... ) http://line6.com/software/
  17. if you want to use pod farm 2 you will have to buy it.... have you tried gearbox? not sure what your trying to do... but gearbox does most things youd want to do specifically with an XT... and its free.... pod farm will give you plugins etc...
  18. i don't think you're a fool at all... go with what works for you. preference is always part of it...
  19. NO..... you can have your preferences... but the JTV is better... your preferences do not determine whats better.... (nor do mine.... i rather liked my old 600) the improvements in the electronics and capabilities alone make this a fact. that does not take away from the equal fact that older variax guitars are good as well... and all things being what they are, made in japan guitars are known as quality instruments.... no doubt.
  20. pod farm was not part of buying an XT.... but all software that is included with the hardware goes with the hardware.... try pod farm 1 (not 2) the license belongs to the hardware.... not the user... unless you buy the license by itself without the hardware.
  21. That's the software. Of which you can run either one. The guts are newer. The newer firmware Is higher res and takes more gut power Than the older one. The older ones can't run it. So clearly the guts are better on the jtv. Sometimes it's a trade off with tech. Is it not clearly better to pick the version you prefer? For whatever reason...
  22. there's absolutely NOTHING better about the older variax.... NOTHING.... there may simply be some things that some prefer.... but that doesn't make them better.... everything about the JTV's are better by design. you can have and keep your preferences... but make no mistake....
  23. you might need to contact support... because it should just show up in your account, enabling the license manager to take care of it.. there is no activation code.
  24. i have a couple of different macs that ive tried on... the newer one (late2012) with usb3 ports still has issues my older on (mid2010) with usb2 ports works fine. just FYI
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