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  1. What? I said something about that i whish they would get rid of the fizziness in Helix high gain amps in future updates. And the someone qouted me and said listen to some early VH records. I responded with an explanation that i wasnt reffering to old modded noisy Marshalls i was refering to new amps like Bogner and 5150 ENGL etc. And said that ampbuilders nowadays have done great work to get rid of som nasty noise and fizz in their amps and just take a a look at JVM Satriani model wich include noise gate on all channels just to name one thing how to make a great amp even better there where of course much more to it then noise gate. Which someone pointed out to me and when i gonna answer to him that was just an exampel not by any means have something to do with getting rid of fizziness i got blocked. So plz tell me why i shall bow my head.. No way i do that for that kind of conversation
  2. Sorry, we couldn't find that! [#10340] You do not have permission to view this topic. Need Help? Our help documentation Contact the community administrator I didnt say anything bad or other things that is not aloud in here it was a topic about tube amps so why dont i have permission to view this topic?
  3. placebo :D someone made a post in the FB group after the 2.10 update that the factory presets sounded so much better than before so i had to try.. Only to find out they still suck..
  4. It seems like an "old" way of doing updates also a bit tricky Like it was before line 6 monkey was released.. This is how i do it.. First i save all setlist and as all my favourite IR and those from some bought presets i havge like fremen and chris beaver is already on my computer numbered and in folders i dont need to save those.. Then i dl the latest editor wich also come with the latest drivers and updater then i simply just install that software (on windows it is dead easy to install over the old software) and then i hook up Helix via usb open the updater choose Helix update the fw and do the fs 9-10 Then i simply just reload all setlist But next time if i think i gonna wait for the bug fixes before i update if can do that it might be some fine amps and effects released so i cant wait :) Oh b.t.w sometimes like when fw 2.0 was released i had to reload the fw again as something went wrong the first time but it didnt do any harm to my Helix..
  5. its called epiphone :)
  6. The biggest difference in TONE between those is when you start to fiddle with the volym knob on your guitar and when you change pick attacks in your playing Pod HD didnt respond as good like helix does.. The maker of the video doesnt compare that fact WHY? Also the comparison of the reverb was the worst i heard in my life and make absolutely no sense at all same goes for delay and most of the other effects.. When it comes to pure amp sound running thrue the same IR there is little difference (well there is a difference but not much) And that goes when you compare Fractal and Helix or Pod HD and Fractal so in a sense you can say that Pod HD is equally good as AX8 So at a much lower cost why choose a Fractal because on a record noone would hear the difference anyway But that goes for free vst ampsims aswell if you run them thrue a good IR so why even choose any of those units why not take your laptop or iPad or iPhone Android and run it F.O.H and do records with those and buy a decent expensive guitar instead? This video doesnt gonna HELP anyone to decide it is rather gonna make them AVOID both products So please do it again and do it RIGHT this time If you could do a bunch of good videos when you did your beloved AX8 vs Helix videos so why couldnt you do it this time? So i have to agree with "rvroberts" his agenda seems to be i gonna try make all Line 6 gear sound bad.. If you saw his smile on one of the AXE vs Helix videos 8 more models at 17:30 you would know what i mean Later on Chris said on TGP that the Fractal Marshall JTM45 was based on a modded version and so is their Bassman version Yet Mitch still thinks the comparison is fair? After he found out about the JTM failure on TGP he didnt even respond or bothered to respond about the fact that was the reason why Helix sounded way more like a real JTM45 than AX8 did the AX8 sounded like a plexi so i doubt that dude knows how the real amps should sound if not he should defenetly say so to the viewers.. But no instead he says that Helix doesnt sound like a Marshall etc ect (hence he means that all Marshall should sound the same :) wow he really should leanr a thing or two ytou can go in to a shop and test 10 Marshalls of the same version and they all will sound slightly different to eachother) when in fact it sounded way more like the real deal than the Fractal versaion did.. He also said something about support respond about a bug he adressed to Fractal and compaired that to the fact that L6 dont say what hybrid cab is and the fact he STILL say impulses for L6 cabs says everythingt about that dude.. Helix and Pod cabs are NOT pure impulse responses as you CAN move and change the mic in the cab can you do that on impulses on Fractal? I still thinks Fractal wins over Helix in terms of sound quality especially on high gain sounds but does it really sound more like the real deal? I am not so sure about that. I havent tested so many amps but to me many of the amp sound on Fractal units sound way more polished than the one i tested so much so it is impossible to get that sound on the real deal.. But as i said his agenda is perfectly clear even a child will notice that..
  7. I got the same I hook up my Helix to my audiointerface XLR L&R out and Usb for IR testing and also when i use Vst,s in a Daw and of course when doing updates. I got my Ada MP1 & my Tube amp in the loops of my Helix my Tube amp is hook up 4CM and the Ada just in & out This clicking appear only when i have everything hook up as above and everything is on as soon as i unplug the USB cable it stops.. Also if i turn off my Ada and my tube amp it stops but not if i turn off only one off those and leave the other one on.. It also dissapear if i set helix to say 1/4 out only.. I havent tested to unplug the XLR yet and leave the usb cable hooked up to my computer..
  8. Where have you read NR 3 I never read that they will give anything away for free
  9. I found it odd that someone buoght such an expensive unit without even look up before the purchase if the unit gonna be what he expected.. Before i bought Helix i used to hang at Helix FB site and also here to see what other people said about the product and one of the first thing i saw was that people complain about the lack of polyphonic pitch shifter.. I dont need those effects so for me it wasnt important..
  10. Ah yes i forgot to set it to recall :) Silly me i am old and dont have a great memory anymore I noticed that today when i finally had some time to mess with the "fix"
  11. Only the last 15 presets with snapshot need that fix and you can do it yourself with the plug unplug method I read on TGP that he is sick and havent even touched a guitar in over a month so dont expect an update in a near future I hope he get well soon. Also Line 6 is aware of the bug hopefully they fix this soon
  12. Thanks for the alumfoil tip it saves lost of time
  13. It didnt work to change globals i have to save each snapshot
  14. To bad i did snapshots of all fremen presets and on many moore so now i have to do the cable trick on all of them or wait until Line 6 fix this bug. I think i wait i had to unplug the cable and plug it in the exp2 and do that for 4 snaps on every preset..
  15. No i mean 10-11 9-10 is essential and is a must after every update so is save your setlist and IR before you update.. I have seen many post saying their presets isnt the same as before what happened? And then someone answer and wrote "oh it was the same for me but i did a reboot and held down fs 10-11 as it will rebuild your presets" So i started to do that after i load in my own presets again I dont know if it is needed though but why not?
  16. The first thing i do after an update is 9-10 footswitch of course then i load in my setlists and my IR,s which is nowadays in different folders on my PC i have 3Sigma in one folder Ownhammer in one folder and Redwires in one folder Helix Custom Presets (FB site) and Fremen IR,s in one folder and acoustic IR,s in one folder i also rename them so they start with 001-128 so it is dead easy to change them whenever i like i also have a folder that i use for testing purposes not numbered of course. I also do the 10-11 footswitch which will restore every preset so it works with new firmware and when 2.0 came out i also did the 5-6 footswitch (not really needed as that only restore the globals) and then i change all global settings to what it was before First i make sure pad is on for my guitars and then i use xlr out mic instead of line as it even with the volym on 12 o clock will overload my audiointerface.. I never use global EQ i rather EQ the presets instead.. But sometimes some settings isnt available anymore or changed as the guitar in-z but my guess is that those changes are not really some setting that change any sound. What if i had set guitar input-z to say 70k ohm and NOT do the 10-11 fs when booting up after a firmware update will Helix remember that setting in that preset?
  17. So the wait is over its arrived gonna dl now
  18. Hi i just sold my Pod HD and its loaded with fully loaded bundle but i wonder if something happens with the unit and he might have to load a in new firmware wouldnt that delete the fully loaded bundle? If so how can i transfer my license to the new owner? Is it even possible that the new owner can get my fully loaded bundle licence?
  19. Clearly not my point And my attititude? dont i have the right to critizes anyone? My point was he renamed an old way of making IR so much that now a bunch of people even in the comment even say "imprint IR". Wow he is really something isnt he? He managed to get people to say another word for a technique that almost everyone else say another word for and have done so for over 15 years. I bet that if he say something like (picture a video with nice soft piano music in background and he look in to the camera almost try to go into the room to the one who is looking and also of course leaning the head and almost whispering) And saying this guitar is is my Gold Superior Les Paul ZZG which i made myself (but the one he hold in his hand is really a Fender Stratocaster and anyone can see it) he later then refrase it saying something like it is not really a Les Paul but sort of a Les Paul i simply just add my deluxe pimping thing called now he is in ther camera whispering (The secret is two Paf Humbuckers instead of single coils) i bet then alot of people would say hey his Gold Superior Les Paul ZZG sounded amazing in that video even if they really saw a Stratocaster with two Humbuckers. I have absolutely nothing against he is selling presets it is the way he sell them But then again Chris seems to get less presets sold for being honest about the method he used to make his presets And he seems to sell alot. I guessed people like to be fooled. Thats how i see it and if people get upset about what i think i really dont care but please before that do some reasearch first before you attack me about my statement. "No matter what process was used, the results sound pretty good." Of course it would its the same with Chris Friedman presets some even say they sound better than all other they tried i dont know but they do sound very good. Well how is a tonematched ooops now it is officially called "Custom tone imprint IR" made? Another thing i noticed in the comment is i could even change the preset a little and that made me think well all presets can be changed or cant they? Does he have access to some code and can block people from changing parameters or was the one who comment a noob and thought that if he buy a preset it is not gonna be changed?
  20. Yes i payed almost 1569 $ for mine (yours cost 1590$) but i looked everywhere and found a place that was cheaper than all others i could find But Helix is still cheaper then AX8 in Europe as it cost 1851$ add shipping and exp pedal to that price. In usa AX8 cost less then Helix 1399$ add their own exp pedal (139$) and it is 39$ more expensive then Helix. Even the exp pedal is more expensive in europe it cost 195$..
  21. I would go kemper instead if i decided to switch If i could i choosed an AXE FX (Not AX8) but thats more than double the price and i need to buy their pedalboard and expression pedal aswell add alot more money. Kemper has equally good metal tone as Fractal (well in Olas blindtest it did sound almost as bad as Helix but the profile he did with the maxon was better) I guess a little tweak on the Kemper could make it sound equally as good as AX8 in that test.. With helix it needs alot of more tweaking and adding EQ,s and filters to get a closer tone than the others and still it would have that Line6 fizz character to it. Bias head was impressive as he didnt even used the IR he used in Helix and AX8.. I really hope Line 6 fix those high gain issues soon i dont care about more amps at this moment i hope instead they fix the ones who is already there or work at coding new amps and fix the ones that is already there at the same time.. When i took a look at Fractals firmware release note i saw this. "Tweaked the gain in many amp models to compensate for new modeling and make more accurate" "Greatly improved cathode follower modeling. The cathode follower modeling now varies the amount of distortion in addition to compression. This results in a more dynamic attack, improved feel and more “punch†and “thunk†(since this also creates low frequency energy into the power amp)." "Completely reworked 65 Bassguy model. This amp has a very peculiar feedback circuit that was not fully modeled before. The feedback is now fully modeled yielding the unique voice of this legendary amp. For best results it is recommended to reset the model by selecting another model and then reselecting the desired model." And of course it was alot of added this and that amp We can only hope Line 6 coders work in similar manners
  22. Do you know that in that video he didnt use the same settings on all the tests not even same amps in one of the A/B test or same channel in the Mesa Rectifier test And in one maybe even more preset he had a dist pedal in front of the amp it was in the uber amp i am not sure he had that in the AX8 preset that would make a big difference in tone. He said in the video he dial in a good sound (to his ears) on both units and then A/B them He was using Helix stock cabs without even doing the MUST DO filtering in the cabs in order to get a descent sound To my ears Helix stock cabs will never sound great for metal tones you need an IR to get a good tone and even then you have to struggle alot with EQ and filters. As soon as he run them against the same IR Helix sounded alot better but not as good as AX8 of course that may have to do with the fact of the diffrerent settings and of course different amps and channels also beacuse he used a dist pedal in front of ther amp and maybe not used it in the AX8.. If he had used the same settings amps and channel of amps they would sound more alike but Helix would still not sound as good to my ears it would be brigher and thinner then AX8
  23. Wow cool so buying a Fractal is gonna make you unstoppable? Is it gonna make you a better player? I wonder how people got their tones and their playing skills before Fractal released Axe FX?
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