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    I have a patch like this that I jam with a drummer just for fun.. 2 separate paths from the same input. One path has a simple pitch down 1 octave that I turn the bass or guitar on and off with different snapshots and gain blocks. The bass output is 1/4" out to a bass amp. There are other modulation and fuzz things that I turn on and off too on both the guitar and bass channel. The XLR out is the guitar channel and that goes out to a FRFR speaker for the guitar. Sounds huge! You can just send both to a PA as well.
  2. I run bass and guitar through my Helix at the same time. When I play guitar, keyboard/harmonica player takes bass. Main input for guitar and Aux for bass (Active). Volume knob OFF by setting it to the digital output. Left XLR to mixer for guitar. Mic Level. All guitar stage volume is monitor mix/wedges. 1/4 out of helix to bass amp for stage bass and take line out of bass amp (pre amp) to mixer for FOH. No bass in monitors.
  3. I've been trying to emulate the soft clip, round sound and EQ of the Virtual Loudspeaker Emulator in the Mark Bass amps and Super Booster. I know the Helix can do it. Anyone want to take the challenge???
  4. Hi- yes I have a path that has a pitch 12+ block to start as a baseline. I then have a momentary on a switch that takes and increases that to +24. The momentary would go to +24 but on release would shift the block back to -24. Happened on every patch I did this on. Which is manageable once I thought about it - just annoying. I had to save each patch after the re-tweak.
  5. I ended up keeping the update because I think I would have been in the same situation even with 2.12. The new multiband compressor kills.
  6. Just got home and delving deeper into what this update did to my patches. The same problem occurred like last time with some of my patches that had pitch changes with snapshots. Many don't work the way intended and I don't want to go through the rebuilding I had to last time so I will try to roll back. Basically everything on a pitch change snapshot resets to -24. I do a Royal Blood kind of gig where they should start at +12 on Simple Pitch block but now they are all -24. Some that are supposed to be -12 because I use a guitar are -24. Really ironic that my roll back is mostly for bass patches. The Helix is GREAT. I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything but this kind of stuff I never saw in any other MFX. So it continues to be better than any MFX I ever had and also flakier than any MFX I ever had...
  7. Secret Travel is a good patch to start. I ended up putting an amp in front of the AutoSwell and adjusted threshshold to about -40 , Rel offset to -5 (have no idea what this is)...Attack to about 1.1 S and decay around 150-330 ms and linear. a couple delays after that make it pad glory. That particular preset is overload as is and doesn't seem to tweak the autoswell correctly for me as is but it was a good starting point.
  8. Upgrade went well. The oscillators are fun. Boot up solid. .. But "stepping" of Volume knob a bit annoying. Once its set, OK and I turn it off for gigs ( switch it to just Digital instead of Multi since I only use the 1/4 and XLR for gigs/jams) . I've had that hit before when it's on during a gig and it annoyed the sound support -and me.
  9. In my last gig, I had 5 basic presets. I use the same amp in most of them but flavor with effects as needed. Its less about 'exact' tone but more about getting the base signature cover sound but also giving sound support a bed that sits in the mix consistently more than anything else.
  10. Using the high density foam that came in the helix box is a great idea!
  11. This is a really welcome add-on. Just for ease of re-amp track tweaking if nothing else. The noodle factor on dry tracks will be high! I can see a lot of sophisticated live patches coming out from the tweaks.
  12. Nice looking update!! Auto Swell in there now, some free IR's, a heap of bass love and DSP management!
  13. Its super stable as an interface. I use it with the ASIO4ALL driver and FRFR monitor for the helix and my computer speakers/monitors. I use Presonus Studio One 3. Its so good, Ironically, I eliminated using my Presonus Audiobox
  14. ... I don't know how much it is placebo effect but the Archon lead and Litigator amps have totally roped me in. I spent the entire day today in between chores just playing though the Litigator ( stock) with the Lead 80 Cab with either a 1" or 4" 409 Dynamic distance.... So buttery...Your guitar controls really play into these models. I love that....
  15. I'm reposting your site to maybe get it to the top of the thread. Super useful site all - around.
  16. I got pretty close with my Boss GT10. I can get close on the intro but making a patch with the other lead components is where it gets weird. There is a good starting block in a patch on Customtone.
  17. This amp is great right away with little tweaking- nice work! . Sits great with other instruments...cleans up well with volume as someone else mentioned. Stock cab sounded great as is. I don't feel like I need to meddle with L6's predefined cab choices too much.. Except for acoustic IR's. I'm curious how many just go straight to IR's or how many try to tweak the stock or any other cabs before you decide to use an IR?
  18. I see a path to a nailed "How Soon is Now" patch in that...
  19. Confirmed the main fix and the speed process of bridging tip / sleeve of the open end of a cable plugged into Exp 2 to create a loop work as well. Did multiple reboots. Great initial catch.. Thanks again...
  20. I ended up keeping the firmware. TIP: instead of plugging / unplugging your guitar, plug a spare 1/4" in the EXP 2 and create a circuit with a screwdriver across the free tip/sleeve or with a bypass pedal (switch ) that is plugged into one side with a guitar that you engage as you move to the snapshot. ...(To minimize the repetitive "plug/unplug" thing. ) Worked. Went through a lot of the affected patches this way. They are seeming to work as intended...
  21. I use that with the Zen to make a Royal Blood sort of tone. All kinds of range in both of those amps.
  22. Firmware 2.01, USB 2 Port on WIndows 10 computer. Noticed that when connected via USB, the Helix software / driver would disconnect and require a DAW and Helix reboot. The software / computer would say that the hardware experienced a problem, etc.
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