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    That's cool. I have a towel that lays over any effects in general for gigging/ rehearsal/ at home etc. Keeps dust and spill off etc....Curious, do you call your Helix Precious and hum/talk to it while you are cleaning it? ..Because that'd be weird.
  2. Yeah thanks- Got one and it works pretty good. Latency is actually OK. I did mess around with mostly longer attack and decay/release patches. It triggered one shot samples fine
  3. Just a comment to Line6 that the implementation of the Command Center works really well. I bought the Helx to be used as a simultaneous bass and guitar rig for gigging and it does this extremely well already. Planned downtime to breath means I get to mess with the thing at a higher level. And yesterday, after months of owning it, I stumbled upon a pre-made MIDI template from the firmware and decided to mess around with MIDI note on control for a synth module. I as blown away as to how simple it was to set it up. These types of things from years past could be flaky at best. My mind is racing with how to incorporate this into one of the next gigs just for some occasional sample triggering. Great piece of gear that continues to inspire... I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with controlling an Ipad with the Helix with a USB to Lightning connection kit? Should work...I already have an Ipad on stage for sample triggers and trying to keep things light so would rather not throw a USB / Midi hub to the helix and to the Ipad yada yada if I don't have to. But if I can get that to work, I wouldn't need to keep the Ipad so close stage left / keep it in the backline more.
  4. Yeah I can see that.. I'm thinking maybe dumping your "recent updates" section altogether and maybe just go with a list of downloads? I got to where I needed to because I knew to ignore what was in front of me and do an actual Helix search on available software/firmware to link again to the appropriate forum page. Its still counterintuitive to follow the instructions and use your link for the editor and it immediately shows a 2.00 Firmware and 1.12 Editor under recent updates and that can confuse people. I've been down this road before so I know to totally ignore your link because its a web page of eye candy/product shots and do a Product/Beta search first and then a Product search to get to what I needed. I don't think that experience is the intent.. No worries though- I did get the firmware/software and its very good! Thank you!
  5. This doesn't work. The instructions on the firmware are specific to download the 2.00 editor. If you click this, your website shows the 1.12 editor and unless you initiated you don't know how to get around to find what you need.
  6. For others that follow, please correct the Editor link. It doesn't work.
  7. To Product Management and maybe Marcomm : I don't know how you guys are organized but the website and forum I think could be tied together better. Its confusing because the links the PM uses in the forum instructions ( To the software page) often have different files up there and they haven't made it form the forum page that has the actual downloads to the face of the software website. In the case today the firmware is there but the software isn't and its critical to the install. ( I followed the 2.00 Software link in the forum instructions and the editor still shows as 1.12 on the website.) So, your users that are used to you know they have to ignore what is in front of them and do the usual "is it a beta" search or a "helix" search etc. and dig in to find it as a download on a different forum page...I love the Helix as is so cheers to you. The update worked well. other than one gray/white screen crash while I was really pushing through pages. Hasn't happened again...
  8. Put in a ticket. They are very responsive. If it is a bug, they'll put it in cycle to get it fixed.
  9. That must have been great fun to put together. Very nice!...good luck with your project.
  10. I actually have a whole bunch of presents that " rebuild" at startup. Why is that?
  11. I run the Helix as both a guitar and bass rig at the same time. I usually play bass but for a bunch of songs in the set, I switch to guitar and the key/harmonica takes the bass. I run the minotaur set all the way to no gain as a compressor, an LA comp for some tones, a couple different EQ's the Teemah, and a chorus. I run that DI and also have a 2X10 amp for stage that I can adjust. Sound guy does what he needs to FOH which includes (2) subs
  12. Has anyone reloaded the Factory Presets? Have they changed at all?
  13. Curious if someone can clarify something for me. I did the instructions as noted in the Beta instructions. (1) I saved my presets as a Bundle with the previous application etc. I did this instead of each Setlist separately ( mistake) . (2) I did the global reset with the firmware etc. (3) All my old presets were still there and I assume seem to work. (4) BUT the firmware had an instruction to separately and optionally load new factory presets and If I do so it will wipe it clean. (5) I assume I should have no issue saving my currently installed setlists NOW with the current software etc and then reloading them? Or should I reload the bundle that I just saved before all this still?
  14. TLF2007

    Lots of bugs...

    I had some weird things happen to some patches after the last firmware update. ( missing models that were introduced in an previous update). It required some patch rebuilding so that was a frustrating but not life alterering issue. I think it's good to listen and follow the recommended backup and update procedures of the different major components ( firmware/ driver/ line6 updater/ helix app) Exactly as Line 6 advises. I'm hoping they look to "suite" and bundle a lot of this stuff all in one install package going forward.
  15. TLF2007

    Helix Vs. AX8

    Great write up!
  16. TLF2007

    Odd naming bug

    (1) I was able to somewhat duplicate this bug. So. (2) You are not crazy. I found if I hit clear a few more times than I really should need to ( 2-3 more times after the last character is gone) then it wouldn't come back after I hit save.
  17. Very interesting workflow and interesting comments. I have Amplitube and used its plug in as a re-amp but haven't tried it in the way you describe above. Your comment on being able to make an IR from Amplitubes cab room is intriguing...
  18. I'm in a local, 40 mile radius thing, so I don't fly to gig at all so could see how this wouldn't suit you...Speaking of which, time to pack up! Happy Saturday!
  19. For the time being and because I was in a jam, I ended up going with a standard 25/26" rolling luggage. It's very square and there is a totally separate compartment that is plenty big for my mic, a spare XLR cable, my bass and my guitar cables, back up 1/4" instrument cables, xtra power strip, and the wire harness I made for the helix that has power, 1/4" Out (Instrument in to my bass amp) and XLR out ( Direct to FOH for my guitar). My guitar/ bass bag is a double so that's my backpack. Its not quite one trip but close. I am going to look for one that is similar to the design of the one I have but maybe a bit smaller.
  20. Would agree it looks more like the switch had some sort of trauma... Those are contact points to make the connection. Careful!
  21. The Helix feels great under the feet but the Digitech GNX3000 had the feel plus the ability to set the toe pressure. The GNX3000 was a really great product overall BTW.
  22. I run an Alto TS110A when I'm alone in my studio/ practice space. I play through a QSC power amp and peavey 15's In a low volume direct monitor PA setup for full band practice. It's good because it allows us to hear what our stuff is like as a reference. I use the Helix for bass and guitar and would love to figure out / find a light single 2x10 that could replace my bass amp. Guitar is monitored in that's not a problem.
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