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  1. Impressed with how close they all are to the source. Great video.
  2. I wonder if anyone can decode/program the elusive guitar part that goes through the coda. I always loved it but its difficult to nab.
  3. This was super informative... Thank you!
  4. TLF2007

    Helix Knobs

    I have a very early generation Helix. I ordered a full knob set from a local distributor. A couple I had were damaged. The line 6 distributor was less than perfect - a warning that you should check these guys out. The online channels are maybe often better than a local authorized distributor -it was a hard lesson that took 4+ weeks for them to come in.... anyway, I got 60% of what I should have because the packaging failed but I was amazed at the color difference of what I did get. The set I got was pure black. What I actually have on my helix is pure coppertone. funky.
  5. TLF2007

    Alto TS210 idea

    I use 2 TS210 with good results. Especially as a reference point for how the helix will sound in the PA. I thought about opening up and putting a switch between one of the leads for the compression drivers to try and more emulate a guitar amp speaker setup. This is more or less just for home use and testing. I want to make some patches/global EQ template that more emulates an amp that doesn’t have these compression drivers- if possible. I feel that regardless of where I try to shut this off by hard hz EQ, there is still some bleed. I only think this because when I throw a blanket over that part of the speaker, it sounds vastly more similar to a regular guitar cab especially at higher volumes...thoughts?
  6. ...yup. I've tweaked that since but still the basica structure
  7. I made a usable feedbacker to the point where I dont use my FreqOut at all. But it takes a lot of blocks ( Split A/B->Logarithmic vol->Pitch +12->VTron->10Band EQ->Red Comp->Chamber Rev). The Expression pedal linked to the A/B and Log Volume.
  8. You can do it. I run a rew songs in a set like this. I primarily play bass and do some upshifting here and there as a fill. I also play guitar with some bass pad stuff but like others said, it could be improved. I have some luck with post EQ on the bass emulation that masks the attack transients a bit
  9. Yes... It sounds fine. There are a number of ways to do it. There is a preset called Royal Duo that mimics this but it may be for Bass up to guitar in lieu of what you are looking for. If you look on Customtone, I made a Japandroid template that is a starting block to do this as well. Just search for "J-Droid Base". https://line6.com/customtone/tone/3047449/
  10. I wasn't really captivated by previous L6 stuff before the Helix but I liked the vetta comp for reasons I cant even really explain but was happy to see it in this update and made a couple of patches with it right away. The dimension has a flavor as well and the filters are REALLY fun. There is a more refined Freq out emulation possible in there. It looks like they made one in the "Because we love you" new preset. It still doesn't match the Freq Out but overall a lot of really fun and usable stuff
  11. I gigged with a GT10 for a while. It took me a while to get the sound to 'sit' in the mix well and usually meant an EQ block . But their effects quality is high and they definitely got better with the editor later with the GT100 and the ME80. I have an ME80 now that I use for sit-in's and as a backup. teh things sounds great and it allows me to get real knob tweakin' out of my system.
  12. Digital_Igloo: “If people want me to post here more often, they should get weird.â€
  13. To the OP: These sounded beautiful,sir. Meaning, the execution and use of the tools over just the tools themselves.
  14. Curious how others do this. I have a bunch of patches that I engage the wah or volume or delay feedback etc via position with off all the way up as an example (engage at 3%) so I don't rely on the toe switch and end up using the naming feature via the external controller page and give the toe switch something to do that will have no affect on the patch (Amp channel switch as an example) and then I'm allowed to customize the name of the exp pedal scribble. Am I just dumb? I can't figure any other way to do this. For those patches where I do have the toe switch in use, I'll name it via the bypass assign page ("Wah") but it will after a couple of clicks not be in sync / match the actual bypass or on/off status of the block....Always been kinda a funky implementation. Not a huge deal but...
  15. I appreciate the gifts we get on a piece of gear that met expectation when I purchased it. The intent of the thread at the outset was positive.I'm glad it turned back into being so...
  16. I love the fact they are doing this. I think we all can look at legacy stuff we have that may not now be at a resolution that matches "HD" quality but they have their own flavor or place. This will be a tweakers paradise with the M stuff and the new reverbs will likely fill the "HD" void some people were jonesing for. .. Lastly, I think the tuner is fine** **-I do not work for Line 6
  17. sounds good first in the signal chain with a tweak to gain (down). I found the same as others that it can make some patches sound brittle on the front end. It is good after the ODs in the loop but requires some wiring and redoing patches etc. Extremely expressive pedal. great fun.
  18. Thought it was me... thanks for the post.
  19. TLF2007


    I've never noticed any huge issues with lag other than some bounce back as mentioned previously. How were you monitoring yourself?
  20. I had this same thing happen. the USB displayed "5". funny. I didn't get the other things you mentioned except some squirrelly stompbox rings/states that went away after a reboot...
  21. It should be telling to Product Management (they probably already know) when they see how many people respond so positively to totally different / non classic offerings. I used to love Revalver for the ability to create really different virtual amps out of different things. After I updated I went to the new, unique amps first and didn't hit the Plexi stuff until last.
  22. TLF2007

    New Presets?

    Thanks to all associated with doing this. The Cartographer Preset has a good example of how to use that Stereo width utility as well as the new compressor etc. Good fun...
  23. I think the new editor is cleaner and since I have native, they both are more consistent to me. The new sliders, to me, are way more tactile and give a better view of full parameters. i do think the main blocks window could be bigger/sizable. seems like it 'just" fits.
  24. TLF2007

    New Presets?

    I agree its odd there aren't some showcase presets but how would they accomplish that without some selective backup system.
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